Classic sofa

Classic sofa

The number of sofa models on the web makes the choice difficult, we have selected original couches, colors and materials that you will not find everywhere on the web.

For a unique décor, our guide presents some models that we have chosen to present to you:

  • Baroque sofas
  • Art Deco sofas
  • The louis XV sofas
  • Empire sofas
  • Aviator sofas

The names are enunciating incredible patterns that you will be able to discover by reading our articles on interior decoration.

Leather and aluminum aviator-style sofa

For the comfort of your living room choose a leather sofa with riveted aluminum contours, you will get a vintage style decoration.
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The top 4 baroque sofas

Choose your baroque sofa from our selection of the best solid wood sofas, decorated with sculptures on the frame and lined with the finest fabrics.
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The royal sofa

The royal sofa is perfect for luxurious decoration, there are many gilded carved wood patterns, all are very comfortable.
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Chesterfield sofa

The Chesterfield sofa comes in a variety of fabrics and colours, whether your living room is aviator-style or baroque, and find the sofa that suits your décor.
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Rococo Sofa

The rococo sofa is a solid solid seat made of solid wood, often silver or gilded with gold leaf, it inspires wealth.
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Baroque sofa conforama

A specialist in sofa furniture, clicking clack or relax, in various and varied styles, conforama offers you a wide choice.
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Ikea Baroque sofas

The Scandinavian style was inspired by the ancient decorative arts, the Baroque Ikea sofa with these generous shapes was able to make the most of the history of the moblier.
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