The baroque sofa is a very comfortable old seat with armrests on each side. It is usually placed in lounges to receive your guests. Indeed, the baroque sofa has a particular design different from other styles of classic sofas, which makes it chic and relaxing. It will leave you speechless because of its color and its richly sculpted shape.

Do you want to buy it? Let yourself be carried away by its history, its evolution and everything you need to know before you buy this piece of furniture.

Choose your baroque sofa

The baroque sofa is characterized by its richness in ornaments, colors and the composition of its material. As a result, this is sometimes spoilt for choice, given the many styles and models that exist.

However, you can choose a sofa without appealing to all your genius. But for that, you will have to take into account certain criteria. Whether it's colour, year of manufacture, style and price, nothing should be left to chance.

There are different types of sofas, the most impressive is probably the royal sofa which by its many sculptures recalls the royal furnishings, while the modern couch will be mainly covered with fabric.

Each of these criteria requires a thorough analysis before any decision is made. Also remember that the use of the sofa is one of the criteria for success of a choice.

Decorating your room

Baroque decoration is not the easiest to make. Since the sofa is a retro object, you will have to play, not only on the angle of the sofa' location, but also on that of other furniture. Indeed, the baroque sofa is usually of a large length to allow several people to sit there; it is therefore best to put it in spacious rooms such as the living room, the terrace, etc.

It is also possible to give a beautiful baroque touch in the other rooms of your home. For this, choose antique decorative objects, works of art, vases, candles, mirrors, paintings and cushions. Make no exception to the design of the curtains and ceiling, as they bring a retro style and typical of the baroque look to your décor.

So, whatever the look of your interior, this old style will give a charm and authenticity that will beautify your home.

Your furniture style for the living room

The baroque style will be best expressed by the careful choice of furniture such as armchairs, sofas, but also by the choice of decorative objects and other accessories. However, the baroque decoration can perfectly match modern furniture. However, you have to know how to choose the furniture that goes with your style of decoration so as not to do too much or little ...

Thus, you can play on the colors: purple, red, black and white, which are also the trendy colors of the Baroque style. They can be silver or gold. The baroque look can also be found in other textures such as pink and purple. You can also add a sofa, armchair, coffee table or chair from the same collection to the baroque style of your living room.

For events such as weddings, family celebrations or to create a romantic atmosphere, the white baroque sofa is particularly appreciated. Unlike black and red models, it brings a bright glow and a touch of brightness to your home's décor; ideal criteria for your living room.

Velvet or faux leather?

The choice of your baroque wooden sofa will surely follow a great crush because of the peculiarity of the Baroque style. But this particularity will only be felt if there is authenticity in your living room.

The baroque-style sofa should be the only piece of furniture in your living room where your guests will want to take a seat. The coating of it is therefore essential to attract the attention of your guests.

There are mainly two types of coating for this type of sofas.

The noblest is the baroque sofa in faux leather: it is elegant and warm. It maintains easily and keeps its resistance despite everything.

The most prestigious is the red velvet and gilded wood model. It is soft and thick, but its main advantage is the price, because there are different prices and different qualities. It is also easy to maintain and can be stain-free.

A two- or three-seat baroque sofa?

The size of your sofa will depend on the size of the room in which it will be. If placed in the large living room, the 3-seater sofa will be majestic and will showcase everything from furniture to decorative objects!

If it's in a smaller room, opt for the 2-seater room. In any case, it all depends on the angle and location you prefer. It can be put left or right depending on your sense of creativity. After all, this is your play!

Our selection of baroque sofas at the best prices

Our store offers a wide range of baroque sofas for any type of home, whether modern or contemporary. They are made of solid hand-carved wood, gilded with leaf or silver. You can also buy entire lounges with baroque velvet armchairs, baroque chairs, baroque meridians and Louis XV-style tables.

The blue baroque sofa

Canapé baroque bleu

Blue as ocean blue and majestic, this baroque sofa in gilded wood gives a princely air to your living room. For its manufacture, the designers have used exceptional and authentic materials, offering you a seat that gives you comfort and relaxation.

A couch of this color blends perfectly with the rest of your furniture. Its solid beech wood structure is finely carved. In addition, it is padded by a moss covered with a royal blue satin fabric, with a backrest and armrests designed for the comfort of your guests. It is distinguished by its capacity in terms of the number of seats. Indeed, it is a seat capable of accommodating 3 people.

The baroque sofa in black velvet

Canapé baroque en velours noir

This sofa fits easily into the décor of your home, as it matches the chairs and armchairs in your living room. Made of carved and silver wood, the fabric covering it is made of plain black velvet. At 1.26 m high, its backrest is very comfortable and its seat thick. It makes your stay elegant and can seat up to 3 people.

The baroque grey sofa in silver wood

Canapé baroque gris

Made using ancient art techniques and a solid silver beech structure, this baroque sofa, clad in a satiny grey and floral fabric, is the perfect piece of furniture to bring finesse and luxury to your décor. The seat is made of foam supported by elastic straps for what makes it practical.

The red baroque velvet sofa

Canapé baroque en bois doré en velours rouge

This red velvet sofa is designed for luxury items. It is suitable for renowned hotels and restaurants. Thanks to the richness of its ornamentation, it is imposing because of the materials used for its manufacture. Made of solid wood of golden beech, its fabric is sparkling. It can accommodate 3 people.

This version of the baroque sofa is also adapted to create a retro atmosphere that goes with the trend of the moment. Its seating is as comfortable as that of its predecessors. In short, it's all you need to create a contemporary interior in your rooms.

The price of a baroque sofa

You will certainly understand that a couch is the furniture par excellence that will not go unnoticed in your decoration, whether you are an enthusiast or an amateur. That said, getting a cheap baroque sofa is possible, even on the net. However, it is necessary to be careful not to take a poor quality sofa that will require you to invest in a new one within a few years.

Indeed, the price depends on the size and varies according to the color and structure. Advertising can be flattering, but will not be relevant. That's why we offer you the best cheap sofas in our collection.


  • €649 for 2-seaters
  • €749 for the 3-seater
  • €849 for 220cm sofas

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Now you have an idea of the criteria to consider when choosing the best baroque wooden sofas. Although many think that this type of furniture is overpriced, it is still possible to find some at very low prices. So take these tips into account to find the best rococo furniture at very low prices.