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The baroque furniture of our store is made of solid wood with ornamentation of voluntarily ostentatious sculptures, as before. This style characterizes the Louis XV furniture of this era. In the fine arts, the term baroque describes a fairly complex language, native to Rome, which flourished in the sixteenth century and embraced painting, sculpt...

The baroque furniture of our store is made of solid wood with ornamentation of voluntarily ostentatious sculptures, as before. This style characterizes the Louis XV furniture of this era. In the fine arts, the term baroque describes a fairly complex language, native to Rome, which flourished in the sixteenth century and embraced painting, sculpture, music, architecture and furniture. After the idealism of the Renaissance and the somewhat forced nature of Mannerism, baroque art became a reflection of the religious tensions of the time; especially the desire of the Catholic Church to reaffirm itself in the wake of the Protestant Reformation. It was at this time that many religious buildings and royal palaces adopted this style, adding and creating frescoes and architectural models finely detailed to many buildings, as was the case of the Cathedral of the Incarnation of Granada , the Ettal Abbey or the Scönbrunn Castle in Vienna.

But if the Rococo style was an ostentatious fashion that touched all areas in the sixteenth century, and even in the centuries that follow, this is no longer the case today. Indeed, the barroco in Portuguese is less and less popular with regard to art in general. On the other hand, it remained a timeless style in terms of layout and decoration. Furnishing the rooms of the most beautiful hotels, with baroque dressers, pedestal tables or even Rococo sofas and pieces of the most beautiful houses around the world, with lounges or a dining room table, the model is the style to adopt to signify a certain opulence, or to gain elegance.

Baroque style furniture

Baroque furniture originally had bent feet and legs. Chests and cabinets with inlaid wood panels were also very popular. The cabinetmakers used mainly oak, walnut, chestnut and ebony. Much of the ornamentation was done in rosewood, sandalwood, tulipwood and other exotic woods.

Originally, the baroque furniture was made with a clear coat of varnish to ensure that the structure of the wood remains clearly visible. Because, in most cases, Baroque furniture is made from the best quality of wood. Dining chairs and chairs can be upholstered in fabric or leather, but the wood is always visible in every work. Over time, however, other styles of furniture began to appear. A remarkable style of rococo furniture is the style in which the wood is painted with a golden finish. This style was extremely popular in palaces and mansions and served as a symbol of the wealth and prosperity of the owner.

AnotherThe equally remarkable style was the style where the wood was worked with a type of cracked nuggets. It does not exactly give the furniture a used look, but it is supposed to be in the same rococo style, very unevenly. Often, the cracked finish is white, but sometimes it is also made of gold. The furniture is often considered used only in classic buildings, but that's not always true, because these days, many modern designers have rediscovered the style and use it in their creations. Many rooms, such as consoles, armchairs or baroque chairs in modern colors can also be used in an antique style interior.

How to choose your baroque furniture

Furniture gives off luxury and elegance. In classic sets, these pieces can reach their full potential. In fact, a baroque meridian, a showcase or a pouf will be perfectly in its place if the decor of one of the rooms of your house addresses a rather orthodox theme, while adding a touch of sophistication.

But the barocco style can also be associated with other designs. If you want to integrate furniture of singular style without taking too much space, do not be afraid to mix styles. It is perfectly possible to associate the curvature of the furniture with other elements with straight lines, without patterns, and neutral tones. At theInstead of confronting each other, all the pieces will be balanced and assembled in a cohesive room. Thus, they can perfectly associate with more contemporary decorations, provided they choose the right pieces. Since the furnishings of the Rococo era are full of rich colors and patterns, the combination of a barroco style room with other models that have solid and neutral colors is also a possibility.

The use of white can also be a useful way of toning the expressive tone of the exuberant furniture of this style. The use of soft colors balances the opulence of carved wood and integrates it more easily into a room. With soft colors in the background, the few golden accents usually found in Rococo furniture will give the room an ostentatious expression that will not be too exaggerated. But the key will ultimately be simple. We must consider the art of this period of history as accent pieces, to include some pieces that will combine perfectly with the environment. To stay in a resolutely contemporary design, while enjoying an exuberant style, another option is to choose a single piece and make it the focal point of the room. With our selection give an elegant touch to your decoration. You will find the work that suits each room, whether it is the bathroom or the bedroom with bedside tables.The surrounding style will elevate the room by bringing it into the contemporary world.

Baroque chest of drawers for the bedroom

The dresser is a storage unit that is often placed in a bedroom, these drawers are used to store the clothes we use daily.

Our models are made in the old style with a solid wood structure assembled with tenons and mortises, the drawers are often assembled with dovetails. The furniture thus manufactured is solid and guarantees a long life. They are adorned with gilt or silver bronzes, some are topped by a marble, their facades and sides are curved in the Louis XV style. Large dressers with large drawers offer a large flat surface on their top, often used to put objects of decorations or a television. While small are used as small storage furniture, or as a bedside table.

The baroque console in gilded wood

The console is a support unit with curved legs that are placed in front of a wall, our models are surmounted by a marble top that can serve as a table, extended in height with a mirror. Made of solid wood, their frames are carved with gouge by woodcarvers, as before.

The baroque console is a piece of furniture very representative of this ostentatious style. They are decorated with sculptures representing acanthus leaves,shells and rock style sculptures. the feet are curved in the Louis XV style, the woods are gilded, silvered or lacquered for the romantic furniture. The consoles are rather decorative decorative pieces of art that are useful, but they guarantee a rococo decoration.

The baroque table for the dining room

A table is a piece of furniture with a flat surface, its top is used in kitchens or dining rooms to receive guests during a meal. Our furniture store offers a large baroque table in gilt wood, silver or white lacquered wood. Entirely in solid wood decorated with fine sculptures, it is a piece of furniture both useful and decorative, your guests will be charmed. The model in 180 cm can accommodate 8 guests, to sit you can choose seats of the same colors.

Baroque carved solid wood chair

Baroque chairs with a high seat are mostly used around a dining table, but they are perfect as office chairs. Indeed the seat is strapped and supported by flat springs, padded with foam and natural materials, like its back, this seat guarantees a comfort all day long. The chairs have a carved solid wood frame, the fabric is maintained by nails upholsterer, for a perfect taut.

The baroque armchair

There is a wide variety of armchairs, every era to apwear your style, for all the rooms of the house and all the uses. The royal chair is a living room seat, which you can accompany with a set consisting of two armchairs and a sofa, its low seat is perfect for relaxation. For a more contemporary style, choose the armchair Louis XV or Louis XVI, you will find in our shop sofas 3 seats of the same style. The classic Baroque armchair with a high seat equal to the chairs, can be installed around a coffee table.

Baroque sofas for the living room

The sofa is a long seat with a backrest and armrests, where several people can sit together next to each other.

The baroque sofas are available in 2 or 3 places, with a solid wood structure, they are very solid and decorative. Rococo style patterns are carved on their frames. In order to receive more guests, complete your sofa with seats of the same colors and shapes. The baroque meridians are sofas with a side starting with a lower headrest than their back, they are also compared to chairs used in ancient times by the Greeks and Romans, for long meals interrupted by naps.

Baroque benches and poufs

These are extra seats, they usually accompany couches and seating in the living rooms.

Rococo style furnishing

Rococo is a style of unity to the detailsrich and massive. He favors high volumes, exaggerates the decorations, adds colossal sculptures, and gives a rich style to his interior. Barroco style is a style in which painters, sculptors and architects explore emotion, movement and variety in their works.

The characteristics of the furniture and the eccentric decor include a style in which designers present and display emotions, movements and varieties. The characteristics of the furniture can also involve parts in their entirety, while displaying rich and massive details. They then typically have a style characterized by exaggerated movement, decorative excess, dramatic effects, exuberance and a sometimes pompous grandeur. The characteristics of Baroque furniture include small details to create a massive piece.

Some antique furniture modeled in this style are decorated with cherubim that are prodigiously articulated in a gothic and barocco decor, intertwined with richly detailed crows and hooks, while retaining much of the natural decorative aspects of this art. The creation of a banquette, a chair, a dresser, a baroque console, or any Rococo work therefore requires combinations of gilding, drapery, velvet, frescoes, musical scores and cherubim gathering for creation. unique furniture. By conIt should be said that the characteristics of the furniture imply that the furnishings of art are profusely decorated and very detailed, with sporty gold, marble, nymphs, shepherdesses, angels, mirrors, etc.

In short, a baroque piece of furniture is perhaps the "je ne sais quoi" that is missing from one of the rooms in your house to make it a decorative masterpiece. Indeed, a simple baroque table could be the royal hint that will make the difference in your dining room; Or a baroque armchair could be adding luxury in your bedroom with larger nightstands. Elegant and timeless, stylish furniture is a great investment. In any case, whatever arrangement you choose, be sure to acquire only quality parts, with impeccable finishes, raw materials of choice and certified fabrications without defects. Choose our ostentatious furniture which guarantees you comfort and robustness. Our pieces have been finely chosen to meet very strict quality standards. You will find here furniture with the softest fabrics, the most luxurious woods and the richest models in style and finesse.

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