The royal sofa is recognized as a quality piece of furniture, it is a sofa that provides a luxurious decorative effect. This is the benchmark in terms of artistic design. The royal sofa is one of the cozyest and most eye-catching pieces of furniture.

The first royal sofas were first introduced during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 1820s. Royal sofas are now available in many different styles and materials and are timeless pieces. They are appreciated by royal families and commoners.

There are literally hundreds of different types of salon sets to choose from, so it's easy to find something that fits your style and décor perfectly!

But let's see which model to choose?

Royal style sofa models

When it comes to royal furniture, it is usually baroque furniture. This ancient style originated in Italy in the 14th century. The current spread throughout Europe and influenced several fields of activity such as art, literature, architecture and music. In France, the Baroque style was advocated by Louis XVI. In addition, the ancient royal baroque furniture is fashioned in the image of the Sun King.

The best of these seats is that they are extremely comfortable. Unlike some other types of furniture, you don't need to be a top class person to enjoy a Royal sofa, as they are usually designed with comfort in mind and are now accessible to all.


Thanks to their well-groomed finish, the baroque sofa will add character to your décor. The black and silver baroque sofa, for example, is a piece of furniture much appreciated by high society. You can find it from antiques dealers specializing in antique furniture.

In fact, some professional establishments offer a delivery service. To do this, you need to set a niche and set the delivery time. Your order will be delivered with the utmost care by a moving truck. Payment can be made in cash on delivery. We advise you to choose in advance the room in which you will install the chair.

The faux leather sofa

The royal-style sofa in faux leather is a very elegant style. Indeed, it is a premium quality seat. Its durability lies in its construction based on noble woods such as pine, rosewood and beech. Compared to velvet cushions, leather is an easy material to maintain and clean.

In addition, it will offer a more polished aesthetic of your interior. Its seats, which range in thickness from 16 cm to 40 cm, will give you unparalleled comfort. The old royal sofa in faux leather is available in several shades in antique shops.

The velvet or fabric couch

The fabric seats offer more durability compared to the velvet cushion. Often padded in polyurethane foam with a density of 30 kilograms/m3, it is the perfect combination of quality furniture and well-being.

Some even have cushions for comfort. When choosing your new Royal sofa, just make sure you get one the right size for your interior decoration!

In addition, its armrest and backrest are designed using high-end materials. Combining durability and robustness, you won't be spoiling it anytime soon.

The rococo sofa

The rococo style appeared a few years after the Baroque current. Also translated by the term baroco in Portuguese, it is a free and varied style.

In general, rococo sofas show an unusual aesthetic side. Indeed, his back, armrest and feet are very varied in shape. Some artists opt for animal-footed chairs and reptile-shaped armrests. This type of furniture can be installed in your offices, living room and bedroom. It will bring a touch of originality to your room.

On the face of it, they are made from solid wood and a leather or faux leather coating. Currently, the old rococo-style sofas come in several dyes: pink, light pink, taupe, yellow, purple, beige, light blue, cream, peach, off-white, pearls and black. As a result, you can easily adapt it to your decorating style.

Most royal-style sofas sell for several thousand euros. But Htdeco offers comfortable carved wooden sofas worthy of the largest palaces for cheap, so don't hesitate and choose your color from our large collection of furniture.