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The baroque sofa is a seat or can sit several people, it is also called sofa or couch. It is usually placed in lounges accompanied by armchairs or convivial seating such as the loveseat and the recamier. The models of this period are part of the Louis XV style. They are richly decorated ostentatious sculptures, they are often called in the Rococ...

The baroque sofa is a seat or can sit several people, it is also called sofa or couch. It is usually placed in lounges accompanied by armchairs or convivial seating such as the loveseat and the recamier. The models of this period are part of the Louis XV style. They are richly decorated ostentatious sculptures, they are often called in the Rococo style.

You love the baroque sofas, carved and gilded wood are representative. These seats are unique in their very particular appearance. They shine like the sun, have a luxurious appearance. They are designed with noble materials and can be the center of the decor of a room in your home. You have long wanted to acquire one but do you know where these singular seats come from? No ! Then you will be able to learn about their history, their manufacture and everything you want to know about them.

The baroque sofa in the modern decor

The Baroque sofa is recognizable by others thanks to the richness of its ornamentations. It seems to be designed for grandiose pieces. We find a lot of frills. Although this furniture is imposing, it remains quite light thanks to the many details that compose it. The materials used to build it and the colors are opulent. We are facing an exaggeration of all kinds. The woods are often chiseled and gilded. The fabric may sparkle or have lace inlays or other very staggered decorations. In the design of a seat for 3 people, the oval replaces the circle. The file is marked or even delimited. The fabrics used are rich and bright colors, often bright red, a black purple or even gold or silver. This Rococo style seat is not compatible with an industrial setting. By cons, it can perfectly integrate into a contemporary interior to become a capital piece of decoration.

Black and silver baroque style sofas

The baroque style sofas can perfectly fit into a decor with a modern and refined design. Its frame is composed of a solid beech structure rounded on both sides. Before taking its silvery hue, the wood is finely carved. The fabric covering it is black velvet plain and satin. His file is padded. His seat is thick enough for comfort. His colors and textures are deliberately chosen to magnify this piece of furniture and make it majestic. This 3 seater baroque sofa is designed to seat three people. Its length is 2.20 m. It is high of 1.26 m for a depth of 90cm. The very comfortable seat height is 44 cm. If you are a lover of the barroco style and that kind of sitting. You will also be able to match it to an armchair of the same invoice or a chair in the same collection. These elements exist in Louis XV or Royal style. You can also complete your living room with poufs for more comfort.

Rococo style sofas in gilded wood

Like the black and silver baroque style sofa, this sofa is upholstered in black velvet surrounded by a solid beech structure. This last carved and gilded is quite enveloping. The three places are marked by gilded flourishes down to half of the file. The sculptures are recalled under the seat, on the front of the armrests and the curved feet. In this same collection, it is possible to add this sofa to an armchair with or without armrests or a chair of the same bill. This Rococo style sofa is available in other colors such as pink and silver or other materials such as white imitation leather.

The story of the couch through the centuries

We find the ancestors of the sofa 3 places of the time of the Ancient Greece in the form of bed. This couch is used by the man for dinner. The latter is lying on it. It is then the precursor of meridians. At that time, it is made of marble, silver wood and even metal. The feet are carved. There are animal shapes in bronze. The comfort is already existing thanks to a padding placed on the seat. It is called the Kline which is none other than the ancestor of the meridian. As and when, the sofa takes shapes and becomes more comfortable. There are carved ornaments and rounded feet reminiscent of feminine forms. They are then dressed with luxurious fabrics. Under Louis XV, the Baroque style appears.

The beginning of Baroque art today

At the beginning, the baroque word comes from Barroco, which means in Portuguese pearls with irregular contours. It is used between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries during the Renaissance and classicism. This word then becomes common especially when talking about furniture. It is used to designate a style. At this time, many artists are inspired by the Rococo style to create elements with multiple irregularities. It was in 1580 that style became an important movement in Italy. The armchairs are ventrus. There are also dressers of the same invoice. Late Baroque and Rococo appear.

The most elegant barroco furniture is made for the court of Louis XIV, Charles Boulle is at the origin of furniture with unusual shapes. It is then common to find on some furniture like baroque sofas, inlays of metals like tin, bronze or silver. For the most beautiful furniture, it is also used tortoiseshell or ebony. The sculptures are composed of classical motifs or recall Roman frescoes. The years go by and the rococo infiltrates everywhere. It is found in music, architecture, sculpture, pictorial art and furniture. This current is very popular until around 1730.

The church adopts this style and makes it even more fashionable. It is found in sacred furniture. Today, baroque art is mainly present in the history of furniture. We thus find the Rococo style sofa in our time reminiscent of the seventeenth century but more refined. This style seat is less ostentatious, more discreet than before but it keeps a flared base, warm colors. The Baroque sofa goes very well with other objects and furniture with a contemporary design.

The Baroque style continues to inspire the design of our living rooms, with seating combining the past and the design of today

After five centuries of history, baroque art has continued to leave today true contemporary masterpieces. The great contemporary designers like Philippe Starck or Marcel Wanders are inspired by their various creations. This style of antique furniture goes against the current of minimalism and becomes almost inevitable. Many of these great artists work with capiton, gilding, carved wood. Baroque furniture such as armchairs, picture frames and chairs and sofas can be found here. In many series you can see this style of furniture. Especially in television series in the baroque style of Padrino casa (baroque godfather's house).These furniture are very popular decorators because they are very ostentatious.

You like style furniture or prefer to have a contemporary interior decoration. Your baroque sofa can perfectly fit in one of your living rooms. Thanks to its generous shapes, its warm and bright tones, its comfortable appearance, it will be appreciated by everyone. It will also be a major decoration piece of your interior.

Our shop offers you a wide choice of divans of solid wood frames carved by hand. Discover for your living room sets with baroque armchairs and a coffee table.

You will be able in the description of the product to see the complete information. The dimensions are indicated as cm depth. You can choose one of these sofas and order it immediately so that it is delivered to you as soon as possible. You will be able to see your order tracking in your account.



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