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The Art Deco trend of the 1930s has not lost its charm for almost a century. Antique furniture such as art deco chairs and other furnishings of the same style come back into our interior to bring a luxurious and refined decorative touch. In the living room as in the kitchen, through the bedroom, we find more and more furniture inspired by this a...

The Art Deco trend of the 1930s has not lost its charm for almost a century. Antique furniture such as art deco chairs and other furnishings of the same style come back into our interior to bring a luxurious and refined decorative touch. In the living room as in the kitchen, through the bedroom, we find more and more furniture inspired by this artistic movement in many homes today. Some professional offices such as law firms are even equipped with tables and chairs art deco, not to mention the decorative objects of the time like the lights, statues and mirrors.

If you want to build your house in the old fashioned way, our store specialized in the distribution of antique replicas will guide you in the choice of your furniture of the years 1920-1930. For your living room, dining room, bedroom or office, our collection " art deco chair " has several models suitable for any type of room. The chairs come in different sizes, shapes and colors to create a friendly and cozy atmosphere.

An art deco chair for a vintage interior

An essential element in interior furnishing, the chair has been an integral part of our daily lives for ages, whether in the office, at school and at home of course. Unlike classic models, the art deco chairis distinguished by its clean style, its often dark color, but especially its noble materials, resistant and easy to maintain. In order to create an interior identical to that of the Roaring Twenties, this type of particular furniture will be of great use.

In addition to its practicality, the art deco chair is designed for optimal use. It is equipped with a very pleasant seat, soft and soft, and a reinforced backrest ensuring excellent comfort. The legs of each of our art deco chairs are made of solid hardwood to ensure a high stability and robustness. Every detail counts and favors aesthetics and functionality. You will know the difference when sitting on one of our products!

The peculiarities of an art deco chair

If the design of contemporary furniture focuses on curves and different patterns, art deco furniture plays on sobriety while remaining elegant. Even if it is a current reproduction, our art deco chair does not escape this convention. It must respect certain rules, especially in terms of style. Undulating lines, curves or counter-curves are thus removed to make room for symmetry and geometry, some of the peculiarities of the art deco trend.

As for the structure, it is composed of a solid wood frame, exotic or precious such as beech, acajou, rosewood ... A marquetry with noble wood species comes then cover all to bring to the chair its true identity. Like every furniture from the roaring twenties, the reproduction of our chair is unique and authentic. It is carefully crafted by professional craftsmen and cabinetmakers to give it the soul of furniture of yesteryear as it once was. Each chair is therefore a safe bet for a 1930 style interior worthy of its name.

The seats are lined with noble materials such as leather, sewn by experienced seamstresses, without which the art deco chair would look like any classic model. If the art deco is distinguished by its generally dark shades, you can afford a few fantasies on our antique furniture store by opting for clearer models to harmonize the best your home decor according to your tastes.

Art deco chair in solid wood: discreet and elegant furniture

In terms of durability, the strength of solid wood is no longer to prove. Used frequently in any wood work, this type of material is also used in the reproduction of our antique furniture, including the art deco chair . Worked in a traditional way by professional craftsmen, the solid wood allows to create beautiful pieces which offer an optimal stability in the time. Once completed, the structure of ourArt deco chair in solid wood is then inlaid with precious wood species such as elm or mahogany magnifying glass, rosewood or teak, an exotic wood that seduces by its great resistance to climate change and humidity. For the seat, it is often lined with an ivory imitation leather depending on the model. In any case, each art deco chair in our collection has a discreet look and elegant design that perfectly meets all your expectations.

Art deco chair in rosewood: when robustness combines with aesthetics

Opting for a piece of furniture in rosewood is above all privileging quality and aesthetics. This noble material also hides another advantage: robustness. In our collection " art deco chair ", you will discover different models of solid wood inlaid rosewood chair in the greatest care. Whether it is a four-foot model or less, our replicas guarantee a better stability and an optimal comfort of use thanks to their seat covered with imitation ivory leather. Their backrest is firmly fixed to the frame to avoid any imbalances during use. The hand-applied varnishes reflect a tedious job for an impeccable visual effect. Here is a chair that perfectly meets the requirements of a real furniture of the 30s.

Art deco chair in beech: an alternative to precious wood

In addition to rosewood, beech is also an excellent material for reproducing furniture from the time of Gatsby the Magnificent. With their know-how and great experience in furnishing, master craftsmen use it to create works of art in their own right. Once the frame of the art deco chair is finished, they will mark the structure of prestigious wood species such as maple, teak or rosewood. Just like with other models, our beech art deco chairs receive different layers of varnish applied by hand for an unequaled rendering.

From art nouveau to art deco

Appeared around 1910 in reaction to the current of Art Nouveau, Art Deco is an artistic movement that extends over many areas. It is originally used in architecture through typography and sculpture before being used in furniture and decoration. It was during the years 1920 to 1925 that this style was a great success with the general public during the Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Industrial Modern Paris. First used in Germany and then Holland, the Art Deco style was then installed in France at the time until today.

Art Deco style in all its states

The Art Deco trend wants to be practical, refined and luxurious. To stand out from the habits of the previous movement, artists and pioneers of art deco decided to remove everythingare the undulating lines and curves of their works. The furniture thus takes on a geometrical and symmetrical design in order to oppose the organic lines of the Art Nouveau of the 1910s. Influenced in large part by the so-called "cubist" art, the guideline of this artistic current obliges a simplification of shapes that tend to minimalism as found in our collection of " art deco chair " and in all the remains of our online store.

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Art deco chair

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