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Tiffany wall sconces are wall-mounted wall lamps, they are made like old stained-glass windows, assembled by hand as before with multicolored glasses, the models are very varied. The models vary according to the tastes and aspirations of each individual, of each household. If these illuminations were the prerogative of the most affluent, a centu...

Tiffany wall sconces are wall-mounted wall lamps, they are made like old stained-glass windows, assembled by hand as before with multicolored glasses, the models are very varied. The models vary according to the tastes and aspirations of each individual, of each household. If these illuminations were the prerogative of the most affluent, a century ago, they are today, become indispensable elements for any household, by their utility and their legendary beauty, and became accessible on all the purses . They illuminate our corridors, our stairs and adapt to all our walls.

The category of wall lamps alone is made up of a variety as large as it is numerous. Some models go alone, if others go in series, accompanied by lamps of another category, such as chandeliers and lampposts.These models are intended to adorn the walls, interiors and exteriors of a house. They have been designed to give each room that receives a soothing light. The light is projected on the wall by the lampshade before being broadcast in the room. The resulting reflection is gentle on the eyes and enhances the charm of your interior.

Tiffany wall sconces with handmade colored glasses

All colors and combinations of colors are implemented to satisfy all tastes. The size of a Tiffany style wall sconce can go from 15 centimeters up to 44 centimeters. These decorative objects are intended to be hung on the walls, to emit light, but also and especially to give a decorative and personalized touch to the home.

Each window of a wall lamp is shaped with the traditional know-how of Louis Comfort Tiffany, a great glass artist of the early 20th century. Not only has the manufacturing process remained the same, but the choice of raw materials also persists in reproducing lamps made with the same materials as before. The glasses are of a foolproof resistance, because they are real glasses, treated in the rules of the art, chiselled by hand to realize particular drawings with each lamp produced. Each color that constitutes a wall lamp must be reflected in the light diffused into the room. It is this striking contrast that has made the fame of these decorative objects. Existing in several styles, the wall lamp can dress all the walls of the house. Three lighting effects can be achieved depending on the style of your lighting. There are the ascending wall lights, with which the light is projected downwards by the stained glass window. The resulting light gives your home a soft glow ideal for a relaxed atmosphere. For descending effects, the light is diffused upwards, the lighting thus obtained is clearer and ideal for a background brightness, thus obtaininglight rays on the bottom of the wall. The next variety is the front propagation wall lamp. The light does not pass through the surface of the wall, but is projected directly into the house, the light is brighter, and highlights the beauty of the room.

The recessed wall lights, meanwhile, are directly installed in the wall, they are practical for lighting corridors and stairs and verandas.

Tiffany wall lights, like any other product in our range of fixtures, are CE and RoHS certified. Handmade apart, they are free of mercury and lead. The welds are made manually with tin for the sake of authenticity and safeguarding the environment. The beauty of a wall lamp lies not only in its ability to illuminate, but also and especially in the incomparable aesthetics of its shape which is, on its own, the decoration par excellence.

A stained-glass wall lamp made according to the method of Louis Comfort Tiffany

The stained glass windows are hand-assembled as the American artist used to do. Today the stained glass window is tin-welded, the crimp is lead, very toxic, it has been replaced by tin to meet CE and RoHs standards. Each piece of glass is surrounded by a copper ribbon and then assembled to form the luminaire shape. The glasses used are handmade, they are pleated glasses, hammered, cabochons, with translucent effect, opaline ...

Louis Comfort Tiffany made many luminaries, he exhibited his works among the most famous exhibitions, such as the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1900 or that of Chicago in 1893 where he won 44 medals to reward his work. Its main competitor is glassmaker John La Farge (1835-1910). He created many companies and developed a large number of techniques to work with glass, including the method of "Glass Favrile" or "Glass Drapes" He retired gradually business in the late 1920s. His company Tiffany Studios went bankrupt in 19321, shortly before his death.

Stained glass windows with various decorations, in the art deco or art nouveau style

To illustrate the beauty and utility, the wall lamp Tiffany combines these two functions perfectly. Consisting of two lights installed on a bronze patinated metal support, it is ascending and illuminates the room with a blue color. This light brings a soothing and unreal atmosphere. As for Madrid wall lamp, it has a real glass window in the colors of Spain, bright colors such as red, orange, green, yellow. All contribute to give a most remarkable effect to the reflections projected by the stained glass window. 31 cm long, 17 cm high and 16 cm deep, this wall lamp is a very decorative object.

The wall lampAle Tiffany with dragonflies can make your home a little gem with the color contrasts it can offer to your lighting. Its stained glass window is composed of several shades of green and blue, yellow, but also red cabochons serve as eye dragonfly designs that adorn the upper part. The light that this object can provide will immerse your evenings in a timeless atmosphere where stress and worry do not have their place. This wall lamp set mounted on a bronze patinated metal support. At a height of 16 cm, with a width of 36 cm, this small but elegant wall lamp can adorn any room in your home. In the living room, it will sublimate the beauty of your furniture, in the room, it will offer you an appointment with the romanticism. If you like, this model is also available in series with a chandelier, a lamp and a floor lamp, with the same colors, the same patterns, for a standardization of all parts of the house.

Cheap wall lamps

Tiffany wall sconces, which are a beauty of another era are offered at prices more than affordable, given the hours spent shaping them, treating them and making them masterpieces unique and majestic. Once you adopt a lighting with stained glass, you will not be able to do without this light at the same time fairy, supernatural and haunting. Your houses will be a haven of peaceand tranquility that will prepare you for a better tomorrow. Outside, and in broad daylight, the light is the same for everyone, but at night, at home, opt for the difference with the lighting made like the old lamps with stained glass, spend your evening under the light of a wall lamp and enjoy that difference that is yours.

Tiffany wall lamps can be declined in geometric patterns, flowery or colorful landscapes with birds, dragonflies, butterflies. The light thus diffused can change according to the model which you choose. The difference lies in the design that makes up the stained glass windows of these sconces. A red light is different from a blue one, also a white one. It's up to you to decide on the model that suits you. Thus, you will make your home a place where it is good to live. You will not have to envy either the light or the atmosphere of the neighboring house. Your interior will reflect your peace and well-being.

Come and choose one of the Tiffany wall sconces that our store has at your disposal. All these sconces are supplied with screws that facilitate their installations, you can use a led bulb, more economical and without heat. The light is put at your fingertips, you only have to order, and your wall lamp will be delivered to you in a custom made cardboard box, provided with special protections, you haveensuring a smooth arrival of your luminaire.

Fixtures are made like old lamps, stained glass windows are assembled by hand using hand-made glasses that are soldered together with tin. The methods of making the luminaires are those used in the past by Louis Comfort tiffany's lighting company.

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