Originally this type of baroque gilded wood mirror is made in Venice, Italy and is framed by three carved gold stripes. Each strip is carved with a palmette pattern and the other has elements similar to the plant. The mirror is surrounded by intricate gold sculptures, including large loops and scrolls. The cymatory is a particularly rich sculpture, expressing the richness of the general design. At the top of the carved wood, a large crown adorns the phytomorphic elements.

Louis XV Style

A Louis XV style mirror is an elegant work of art that is carved in the French style. The frame of mirrors is made of gold leaf and has beautiful curves. The mirror itself is made of carved wood with ROCAILLE décor. The mirror is inscribed by Jacques de Malmedy. It was made in the middle of the eighteenth century and is in excellent condition, with some imperfections associated with its age.

The carved gilded wooden frame is beautifully made in the Louis XV style, which is still very popular today. The mirror is built from a single block of wood, with drops of color on its surface. The mirror is in excellent condition given its age, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translations. To avoid possible damage, it should be kept in a humid area and protected from extreme temperatures.

While louis XV style mirrors are no longer handmade, the craftsmanship involved is still quite impressive. French mirror workshops began to draw inspiration from different styles of previous centuries. They began to apply different techniques of cabinets in their mirrors and the richly carved and gilded frames are the characteristics of this style. The carved frame of this mirror is adorned with pieces of turtle and other rustic ornaments.

This large mirror framed in antique gold is ideal for on the coat. The mirror is framed in various shades of gold and has a clear internal mirror. The back of the mirror is also made of wood. This mirror was made in Belgium around 1970 and is in excellent condition. A mirror of this quality is not cheap, but is a great addition to any room. In addition to the gold frame, this mirror has a high-quality design and is an excellent decorative accent.

The Louis XVI style

This elegant Louis XVI style baroque style mirror offers a gold leaf finish and beveled glass and is handmade in Italy. A perfect choice for a classic or traditional interior, this antique mirror is sure to please. You'll find many variations of this style, including antique gold leaf and Louis XVI style mirrors. And because this mirror was handmade by craftsmen, its guarantee of being unique.

The Louis XVI style was developed in France and was popularized throughout Europe. Many of the most durable designs can be found in France today. The style has remained popular for over thirty-five years and was the favorite of the French royal family. Many Louis XVI mirrors are sold more than raphaels painting. They are considered a valuable decorative object and can sell more than raphaels the most expensive paint.

This former Louis XVI-style baroque mirror features a gilded wooden frame and handmade sculptures. This mirror is an excellent choice for a living room or bedroom and is ideal for use in various contexts. A beautiful mirror in any room will add style to a room. You'll love its antique finish. So why wait? Order your today!

Another Louis XVI style mirror is carved with a rock decoration. It features a gold leaf frame with a gold shell on top. The pediment is also beautifully carved and gilded. Its size is about twenty-five of 27 cm. This antique mirror will enhance the look of any room with its exquisite craftsmanship. If you are looking for an antique mirror, this is the perfect choice.

The Louis Philippe style

This Louis Philippe style mirror features a classic frame design with a rounded top corner and is accented with thin cavetto moldings. The outer edges of this mirror are adorned with floral and foliated patterns on textured backgrounds. The mirror beveled glass adds a touch of restricted elegance to the frame. Its antique design makes it perfect for any room, be it a study or a bedroom.

The Louis Philippe mirror adds a relaxed elegance to your home. It features a white finish on a wooden frame and the classic shape blend in with any style of decoration. This mirror is sure to become an instant favorite in any room. The design is reminiscent of the classic style of the French Revolution. You can find this style of mirror in a variety of colors and finishes, including antique gold.

A Louis Philippe mirror is typically large and focal point in a room. The upper corners of these mirrors are rounded, while the lower corners are square. They are usually finished in gold or silver leaf, but they are sometimes made with a combination of both. These mirrors can work in traditional, transient or contemporary contexts. They are also ideal for displaying art collections. They can be hung anywhere in a room and can add a touch of class in a room.

Another magnificent Louis Philippe style mirror is a richly carved and gilded wooden piece with rock décor. It is decorated with a medallion and stylized garlands. It has a return mercury and measures 20 x 27 cm. In addition, the mirror is adorned with gold leaf on the pediment and is very attractive. It has a carved gold leaf frame.

Baroque wooden mirror

If you are looking for a beautiful baroque mirror for your home, you will love the baroque mirror made of gilded wood. These exquisite works of art were made in the late 17s and early eighteenth century and feature magnificent carved woods and rich baroque decorations such as acanthus leaves, masks and tracey. Exquisite Italian work makes this piece of a kind.

The Ancient Baroque Mirrors

Mirrors are a timeless and essential art object. His style varies in each era, from the Industrial Revolution to the Scandinavian style. However, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Baroque style was at its height. You can bring this style back into your home by buying an antique baroque mirror. Below are some of the questions you should ask yourself before buying an antique baroque mirror.

An antique mirror can be very expensive. Its price is determined by its authenticity. Mirrors can cost several tens of thousands of euros. If you want to have the real thing, go to a museum, antique shop or gallery. The price can vary greatly, so be sure to set your budget and set criteria before making any purchases. The prices of antique mirrors are often more than tens of thousands of euros, so you are willing to spend a considerable amount.

To find the perfect mirror for your fireplace, you will need to measure the length of your chimney and the height of the stair rail on the ceiling or wall. You can then decide what genre and style you would like. After knowing these details, you can then start shopping. You can also check out various designs of mirrors for fireplaces, as well as the prices of these unique pieces. You can also search for them online, in galleries and in antiques.

Gilded wooden mirrors

There are many beautiful examples of Dore mirrors for sale, but none are as beautiful as this pair. These mirrors were created in the French style of the louis XIV era. They feature finely carved gold and bronze frames with elaborate decoration. The frame of the mirror features a large cartridge on top depicting a human face with floral headband, which was originally used to prevent evil spirits from entering the building. The mascaron was then adapted as ornamentation on furniture and accessories. It contains an eagle perched on a palmette, a garland of bay leaves and two urns holding floral bouquets. The urns are flanked by a capital with flulue, which is used to create a decorative border.

Baroque style mirrors are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are suitable for many contexts, from the bedroom to the living room. They can even be used as wall decoration, as they blend into various other styles and genres. They are better placed after the neoclassical and Renaissance styles, but they also have a strong Louis XV spirit. So whether you want to create a French-style bedroom or a classic and elegant living room, baroque mirrors are the way to go.

The second-hand gilded baroque mirror

Transport yourself back in time with this second-hand gilded baroque mirror: With its embossed patterns and gilding, this mirror is a true period jewel.
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Cheap gilded baroque mirror

There are many antique shops and online sales sites that offer baroque style mirrors, but to find a mirror in good condition, it is easier to buy a new mirror made of gilded and hand-carved wood.
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Why were the old baroque mirrors with mercury?

Early Baroque style mirrors were usually made from a glass substrate covered with a thin layer of metal, usually silver or mercury. 
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Mirror Louis XV the right corner

Want to buy a Louis XV style mirror on the right corner? Easy follow our tips to find the right deal at the best price.
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A second-hand Louis XVI mirror at what price?

You want to buy a used Louis XVI mirror, but you wonder what the price of your gilded wood mirror will be? Read our article to find the right deal.
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Where to buy a second-hand or antique Louis XV mirror?

Whether you're looking for a second-hand Louis XV mirror or an old mirror, there are a number of different places you can go to find the perfect piece. 
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What is the price of an old Louis XVI mirror?

Antique Louis XVI mirrors are worth more than their mass-produced counterparts. They are often made from wooden veneer and feature hollow screw holes. Some even contain mercury. You can use an online resource to learn more about each style and type. Once you have the type of antique mirror you are interested in, you can begin to determine its value.
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Louis XIV mirror in gilded wood

The Louis XIV style mirror is a very old gilded wood mirror that can be bought from antique dealers, the price depends on its condition, including gilding.
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Louis XVI antique mirrors

The old Louis XVI mirror is probably the most popular mirror of the eighteenth century, made of gilded wood and decorated with ornamentations carved with patterns of water leaves, rows of pearls and billets.
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Mirror Napoleon 3

The mirror in the style of Napoleon 3 is characterized by a frame decorated with golden brass. Different parts of the frame are improved with blackened wooden chopsticks.
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Rectangular gilded baroque mirror

A rectangular golden baroque mirror is a beautiful decorative accessory that can elevate any home. It is often made of gold, wood or metal and dates from the eighteenth or nineteenth century. 
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Louis Philippe Mirror

These mirrors reflect the French style at the time of Louis Philippe, which lasted from 1830 to 1848. During the Louis Philippe era, styles of furniture and decoration were very popular
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Baroque mirror 180 cm

A large baroque mirror in 180 cm is an excellent choice for any interior. It will be an amazing focal point in a hotel, event or venue, and it will surely capture the attention of guests and visitors.
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Black baroque mirror

The baroque mirror of black color is an object of romantic decoration, it is discreet in each room, but knows how to be noticed when you pass in front of it.
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White baroque mirror

The white baroque mirror is a great decorative element, it hangs on any wall of your home.
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How is a baroque mirror made?

Wondering how a carved and gilded wooden mirror is made with leaves, like old mirrors, we will explain in detail the manufacture in this article.
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Golden baroque mirror Ikea

The Ikea Golden Baroque Mirror is a beautiful ornate mirror that will look great in any room. Available in different models, this wall mirror will add a touch of elegance to your décor.
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The different mirrors in gilded wood Louis XV old

If you are looking for a mirror in the Louis XV style with a molded or carved wooden frame, consider that there are a large number of models, depending on the country and styles.
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Where to place a large baroque mirror of 180 cm

Unless they have high ceilings, large baroque mirrors are often placed directly on the floor.
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Gilded molded wood mirror

The mirror with a gilded molded wooden frame, is a decorative object that is suitable for all rooms of the house whether placed on the fireplace of the living room or in an entrance.
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