A large baroque mirror in gilded wood finish of 180 cm

The first thing you need to know before buying a 180 cm gilded wooden baroque mirror is where to put it. This item would look fabulous in a number of interiors, including hotels, events, and venues. This mirror would definitely be the focal point of any interior, as it would look at customers and visitors. It would take some time to figure out the perfect location, so it's essential that you take the time to choose it carefully.

A mirror of the eighteenth century

The eighteenth century is a period of change in European art, but the style of this large gilded wooden mirror is remarkably consistent. It is carved with parchments and vigorous trim to enhance its naturalistic style. The Acanthus is a common motif of Italian Baroque design, and artists like Bernini and Giovanni Paolo Schor used it with great effect. Despite its popularity, many anonymous Italian Baroque furniture has been preserved.

This framed mirror features intricate antique gold embellishments and is a great choice for any room. The large height and width of this mirror allows you to easily see your face. This mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally. It will reflect light and add an air of luxury to any room. Its bizarre surface will frame your outfits and improve the appearance of the entire room.

The glass on the mirror is original, but it is silvered with an amalgam of mercury-tin. The back board of this mirror is large and is held in place with rusty nails in hand. There are also a few brands of tools on the back of the frame. The transom is composed of two pieces of deformed wood and protrudes beyond the main frames. The edge of the view adjacent to the mirror lacks Acanthus fronds, but it is not clear if the mirror has been restored.

A carved wooden frame surrounds the mirror, which is surrounded by a shallow and shaped subframe. Its four large wooden sections are joined to metal plates and screwed into place. The second and third pieces of applied wood feature carved protruding leaves. The upper section is formed by two vertical pieces and a ridge. Interestingly, the glass seems to be original.

An art object

A large 180 cm gilded wooden mirror is a nice antique piece of furniture that will add a touch of class to any room. The beech structure has decorative rolls and floral motifs and is gilded with gold leaf. A beveled mirror will fit perfectly into a large, fluffy interior. Here are some tips for taking care of a mirror.

If the mirror is an antique, the glass is most likely to be covered with a thin sheet of metal, which can begin to oxidize as the mirror ages. Oxidation, which is most visible at the bottom of the mirror, can be caused by several factors, including moisture and moisture buildup. Oxidation is usually a dark spot that is often unsightly, and it rarely matches the rest of the mirror surface. However, some modern reproductions have applied oxidation to add authenticity.

A frame that highlights the mirror

This large 180 cm gilded wooden mirror was probably made in the seventeenth century and is a superb example of the period. Its frame is carved with leaves of Acanthus, the same material used for gilding other furniture. Its glass looks original and silvery with a mixture of gold leaf and mercury tin. The back of the mirror is covered with a large back board held in place by rusty nails by hand. It may have been used to hang paints, as there are many tool marks visible on the back of the frame. The transom is composed of two pieces of deformed wood, which protrudes above the level of the main frame, which lacks carved details.

The frame of this mirror is carved in a manner similar to that of French antique furniture. It is built from four large sections of wood, with a shallow subframe in between. The four sections are held together by four large metal plates. The second and third sections of the wood carved leaves on their sides. The upper section is composed of two vertical pieces of wood, while the rest of the mirror is composed of two horizontals.

The beech structure of this mirror is adorned with floral and scrolling patterns in antique gold and is framed by a beveled mirror. Its height is 147 cm and its width is 103 cm. Its beveled surface is perfect for framing a luxurious outfit and appearance. Its height and width make it a beautiful piece to complement large plush interiors.


If you are looking for a large baroque mirror in a rich, golden wood finish, you have come to the right place. Its finely carved beech structure is adorned with floral motifs, scrolls and gold leaf. This large beveled mirror would be perfect in any plush interior. If you're thinking about buying this mirror for yourself, you might be wondering how much it would cost you. The good news is that there are several places that can offer you a lot on this beautiful piece of furniture.

Henley's 180cm long wall mirror/champagne floor/floor is a good choice for any bedroom or living room. Its heavy ornate frame and champagne finish make it a perfect choice for any interior. This beautiful beveled surface is perfect for framing an outfit, and its gilded bronze gold adds an air of opulence to any room.

Which size to choose?

This baroque mirror is an amazing example of seventeenth-century Italian art. The vigorous sculpture of the Acanthus leaf and the dominance over this mirror will make it an instant conversation. The mirror is a key element of any interior, as it would serve as a focal point for a room, as it would be able to observe visitors, customers, customers, etc.

The glass on the mirror is the original, silvered with a mixture of tin and mercury. A large back board covers the mirror, held in place with rusty nails by hand. The transom is composed of two pieces of deformed wood and extends beyond the back of the main frame. Some of the gilding drained and the mirror was repaired several times.

The frame of the mirror is made of carved wood, which is visually identifiable as poplar or lime. The sculpture is pierced, comprising the scrolling foliage in high relief and incorporating a winged mask among the leaves on the lower edge. The ridge is separate and appears to have been carved as part of the mirrors. The mirror glass is original and the frame seems to be the original part.

The frame of this 180 cm gilded wooden mirror is decorated with antique gold. The gilded frame is adorned with beveled mirror surfaces. These mirrors are perfect for large plush interiors. In addition, they reflect light and add a luxurious touch to the room. You can hang it horizontally or vertically. Its large size will give you a wonderful view of your appearance.