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Art deco sofas are essential in any self-respecting salon. Mounted on a solid wood frame and inlaid precious wood species, this living room furniture is then covered with high quality fabrics, genuine leather or imitation leather to create an interior decoration of the era of the roaring twenties. Our antique reproduction store invites you to di...

Art deco sofas are essential in any self-respecting salon. Mounted on a solid wood frame and inlaid precious wood species, this living room furniture is then covered with high quality fabrics, genuine leather or imitation leather to create an interior decoration of the era of the roaring twenties. Our antique reproduction store invites you to discover a large collection of stylish and luxurious art deco sofas. They are inspired furniture from the 1920s to 1940s with many variations, whether on shape, size or color.

By choosing a replica art deco sofa from our collection, you will enjoy a piece of furniture that is both comfortable and refined. To harmonize your decoration, you can complete your order with a coffee table of the same style depending on the configuration of your living room.

Art Deco sofa: luxury for everyone

Like any other furniture from the 20s, 30s and 40s, the art deco sofa has not lost its charm of yesteryear. With its sleek design and geometric shape, this living room furniture has traveled the centuries to invest the current relaxation spaces. With nearly a century of existence, the art deco sofa is a trendy and timeless furniture that appeals to many lovers of antiques and refinement. It is found in both single-family houses and private clubs, and even in the waiting rooms of hotels.stigious of the moment.

Although it was originally intended for an affluent audience, today it is aimed at a wider clientele that wants to afford luxury at a reasonable price. Even though our living room furniture is replica, it has been reproduced by master craftsmen with exceptional craftsmanship and faithful to the manufacturing methods of their predecessors. The lines are worked with delicacy to highlight the geometric style of Art Deco. The varnished finishes are applied by hand as did the craftsmen of the time. No detail is neglected in order to obtain an impeccable rendering and as close as possible to the original models.

Art Deco sofa: comfort first and foremost

Must-have furniture in any living room of the roaring twenties, the art deco sofa is more than just a furniture of conviviality and relaxation. On our online store of antique furniture, you will surely find a living room furniture that suits you. If you want to create a more rustic decoration for example, you can opt for an art deco inlaid rosewood with a darker color.

On the other hand, if your style is rather urban and contemporary, we will propose you a model adapted to your expectations such as an art deco sofa with an elm burl marquetry. The color of the structure is slightly light with a tapestry in white imitation leather. He is blessedhas a perfectly padded seat with a backrest slightly tilted back to bring more comfort during your moments of relaxation. More chic models than others are waiting for you in our store. Just choose the type of furniture you want and associate it with other furniture of the same style to create a living room in the old as during the roaring years.

Inlaid reproductions of noble wood

The Art Deco style of the 20s, 30s and 40s must be discreet and refined, and the creators of the time and those of today have understood it all. To achieve an art deco sofa worthy of its name, it was necessary to use noble materials. During the post-war years, precious woods such as rosewood and ebony were more affordable. Making a noble wood living room furniture was not a problem. But over the years, the price of materials has increased so much that it is almost impossible to afford an art deco furniture as before.

Anxious to offer everyone the best, current carpenters and cabinetmakers use massive woods to achieve the structure of their replicas. It is then inlaid with precious wood species such as rosewood, mahogany, elm burl, and sometimes exotic woods such as teak. In order for the reproductions to be identical to the original models, the creators use the same methodsodes of manufacture adopted by their predecessors. All the furniture is thus made in a traditional and manual way.

Unique and stylish furniture

One of the particularities of the furniture of the roaring twenties is their authenticity. That is to say that each art deco furniture is a unique model and is like no other. This rule is even more true with our entire collection of art deco sofas. Even if our living room furniture is a replica, it has been made exclusively to ensure an original and chic decoration. Their coating has been sewn by hand by professional seamstresses and respectful of the tradition of the 30s. It is the same for their lacquer finish, which makes them true decorative furnishings in their own right.

If you are looking for a vintage club sofa for example, you will not find it anywhere else but at our online antique store. It is distinguished by its leather and fabric cover with patterns, but not only. It is easily recognized by its elevated armrests at the height of the backrest. With this model, your comfort is fully guaranteed throughout its use. Its four small legs at ground level provide excellent stability. Whatever your style, this model will fit easily in your living room provided you bet on Art Deco furniture more or less dark color.

When real leather comes inthe living room

Leather is a safe bet for interior decoration. It is a durable and comfortable material that symbolizes luxury and refinement. Although its price is often high, it is always possible to offer you this luxury by opting for a replica of art deco leather sofa among the models of living room furniture that we offer. For a tight budget, our furniture reproduction store from the 20s, 30s and 40s provides each of the old sofas upholstered with high quality imitation leather, even very resistant fabric.

If you want to create a modern living room in the old style for example, we have a rosewood art deco sofa with upholstered seat and back upholstered in cream-colored imitation leather. It will fit easily into any living room to bring a luxurious and discreet touch. Darker models are available in our collection of art deco sofas to complement your interior to your taste and style.

Back to the era of art deco

Artistic movement born around 1910, the Art Deco style is a reaction against the current of Art Nouveau from the previous period. He knew a blooming around 1925, year in which the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Industrial Modern was organized in the French capital. In terms of interior decoration, Art Deco has its proclose conductive lines and is inspired by the current of cubist art. The creations were thus devoid of undulating lines and curves. Since then, geometry and symmetry are highlighted on every piece of art deco furniture.

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Art deco sofa