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Baroque chest of drawers

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The Baroque chest of drawers is a low storage cabinet with large drawers, installed in a bedroom, it can store clothes, or just objects. Inspired by a fashion from the Renaissance, the style of these dressers is characterized by its Louis XV style with facades and curved sides, some have marble tops and are adorned with gilt or silver bronzes.


The Baroque chest of drawers is a low storage cabinet with large drawers, installed in a bedroom, it can store clothes, or just objects. Inspired by a fashion from the Renaissance, the style of these dressers is characterized by its Louis XV style with facades and curved sides, some have marble tops and are adorned with gilt or silver bronzes.

With incredibly inventive and opulent designs, rococo furniture appealed to the wealthy of the time. Indeed, if Baroque style furniture was once a privilege allotted to royalty and aristocracy; today they are exceptional pieces of furniture accessible to the general public. Now, it's up to you to acquire a piece of furniture that will be the most beautiful effect in any room of your home. More than just a decorative element, it's above all, in the first place, a storage unit that will allow you to put some order in your home. And its functional side will be combined here with its decorative side. With this furniture, you will add a touch of luxury and royalty to the room for which it is intended. Our catalog of dressers with drawers includes a wide variety of models to satisfy all tastes and fads in interior design.

Baroque chest of drawers in lacquered wood

Our baroque chest of drawers are available in black lacquered wood, white, or whitec motifs in marquetry. The fittings are in gilded or silvered bronze, the tops are in wood or marble. The dressers are made as in the eighteenth centuries with solid wood structures, assembled with tenons and mortises. The drawers are mounted with dovetails, which gives them great strength. Our models are inspired by old dressers and are sometimes updated to suit modern interiors. It is a piece of furniture can serve many purposes. It can be acquired to store documents in your office, a chest of drawers will be useful for storing clothes. It can also be used as a console near your front door, where the drawers are used to store keys or various small items to recover before leaving the house. It can even be used as a bedside table to place a lamp, or a landline phone in a living room, others with a marble have in their center a sink for the bathrooms. Some with many drawers, are called chiffonnier, there are many small things. In short, its use is very varied. But, whatever this practical purpose, it is essential that it is also a decorating piece that integrates perfectly with the style of the room.

Among the most beautiful models of its kind, we have Rococo style models. If you want a furniture with a timeless design that can be integrated into anyA type of interior decoration, a piece of furniture of this style will be a practical and pleasant investment. With voluptuous curves and sumptuous finishing details, a stylish dresser is an exceptional piece that cleverly fills empty spaces. To avoid oppositions in the various colors of a room, we offer various models, whether a dresser white pine wood stained white, or wood lacquered white, black, gold or silver.

Our models tackle luxurious and ostentatious styles of furniture concept from the time of the Renaissance. This luxury is related to the lustrous and brilliant aspect of this storage furniture, but also to fine details of sculpture, and to the very design of the body of the piece of furniture that combines the characteristics of a baroque furniture. Thus, you will observe that our furniture has gracefully curved front legs. The curves are also at the rendezvous at the level of the main structure. As for the ornamentations, they concern especially the handles and the upper corners. With their busy, but surprisingly simple, look, our antique style furniture fits any type of decor. Whether you opt for a classic style with other period furnishings, or for a more contemporary style, our rococo dressers will have no trouble finding a place.

Some will prefer a more classic style toWith an antique stained wood, or on the contrary more modernity, this is why we also propose a modern and design style of storage with 3 drawers in white or white gray stained solid pine.

Baroque chest of drawers in gilded wood

The antique furniture was once gilded with gold leaf, like the Antoinette rococo style chest of drawers. Our models use the same technique to apply sheets that are golden in color, in order to offer you a good value for money we do not use real gilding, the price in this case of sale should in this case of several thousands of euros, but golden foil, the illusion is perfect, and even an expert could be wrong. we can offer luxurious pieces at attractive prices. Dressers in gilded wood are very elegant and were very popular in the Louis XV period, this furniture brings a touch of gold to your decor. You will find in store small and large dressers models in gold or silver wood.

Small baroque dressers for the bedroom

In general, we can classify them into two categories: small and large. The small ones are the ones that are most similar to a bedside table or a pedestal table they are used in the bedroom. Our small Baroque black, white, gold or silver dressers are usually equipped with three drawers. Asmainly decorative element, our baroque small ragmen have a very beautiful finish and are cut in solid wood, which guarantees the solidity of the furniture.

The large rococo style dresser

With large drawers, is a more practical piece, but that is just as decorative. With their larger structure, these storage furniture display details of sculptures and ornaments even more pronounced than the smaller model. With two large drawers, this piece of furniture is perfect for the bedroom. By making your purchases, you can also stop your choice based on the number of drawers, two or three depending on your preferences. Regarding the colors, you can choose models with solid colors or two colors, the second color is observed in the ornamentation and the top of the furniture. But, whatever the beautiful rococo dresser on which will be your choice, you will have a romantic furniture including the color white. Cut from solid wood imported from Northern Europe, the furniture has a solid structure composed of elements with fine sculptures joined together by a traditional assembly.

With our furniture whether it is modern design or old-fashioned, the quality is at the rendezvous. Whatever your choice regarding barroco furniture, we can already predict that it will be the most beautiful effect in anywhat room of your house. At first simple and uncluttered, our drawers are also masterpieces of decoration with details of ornamentation cleverly inlaid in the frame to bring the touch of luxury. They can be acquired individually to be combined with more modern ensembles. But they can also be accompanied by sets addressing the same theme. You will find in our catalog a large number of various decorative items inspired by Louis XIV and Louis XV style. In this way, you can have a complete baroque room to accompany your furniture. For this, find in our shelves the baroque bed and the bench matching your choice of baroque chest of drawers . You'll be able to do the same for any room in your house, and create an interior like a seventeenth century castle that exudes luxury and royalty. We do not offer free delivery, but our prices are calculated at the fairest and are the carriers and the price is decreasing depending on the quantity. Our e commerce store allows you to order online while you browse, but you can also choose your furniture directly at our warehouse.

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Baroque chest of drawers