Baroque chest of drawers

Baroque chest of drawers

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The baroque chest of drawers is a low storage cabinet with large drawers, it is a trendy piece of furniture that can be found today in different styles.

In the design decoration, they are usually made of wood with colors, they are perfect models for a trendy decoration. While for a baroque decoration, they offer a more worked appearance with br...

The baroque chest of drawers is a low storage cabinet with large drawers, it is a trendy piece of furniture that can be found today in different styles.

In the design decoration, they are usually made of wood with colors, they are perfect models for a trendy decoration. While for a baroque decoration, they offer a more worked appearance with bronzes and sculptures. All offer convenient storage for the bedroom. While bringing a modern decoration.

More than just a decorative element, it is above all a design piece of furniture. With this furniture, your interior becomes more luxurious, the rooms are embellished. Our catalog of wooden drawer chests of drawers includes a wide variety of models. To satisfy all tastes and fads when it comes to interior design.

A baroque chest of drawers in lacquered wood

Our baroque style dressers are available in black, white lacquered wood, or with marquetry patterns. lacquered wood makes it possible to obtain more trendy furniture adapted to today's homes.

Among the most beautiful models of its kind, we have the rococo style models. If you want a piece of furniture with a timeless design that can be integrated into any type of interior decoration, white lacquered wood gives a romantic spirit. Black dressers have a more sober inspiration and fit into any décor.

To avoid oppositions in the different colors of a room, we offer a wide range of models and colors, black, white, gold or silver. You will be able to observe that our furnishings has graciously curved front legs, which take up the lines of Louis XV furniture.

We also offer a design or new style. For storage furniture, such as the chest of drawers 3 drawers in solid pine lacquered gray white, or black. Whatever the model chosen to store your laundry, many options are available for your decoration.

Our models are inspired by old dressers. It is essential that it is also a decorative piece that will fit perfectly into the style of the room, lacquer brings modernity. A baroque style chest of drawers is an exceptional piece that intelligently fills empty spaces. 

Baroque style dressers in gilded or silver wood

The gilded wooden dressers are very elegant and very appreciated in the Louis XV era. This furniture brings a golden touch to your décor. Gilded wood is synonymous with wealth, the sculptures highlight them with bronzes that adorn the facades of the drawers.

Gilded wooden furniture brings a touch of elegance and luxury, in any room of the house they will find their usefulness, of an impeccable finish, they are the guarantee of a successful decoration. Small ones have the advantage of being able to be used as a bedside table. Our small black, white, gold or silver design dressers are made of solid wood and usually equipped with three drawers.

The large rococo chest of drawers has large drawers, it is a more practical piece, but it is just as decorative. These dressers offer a large storage volume, and are perfect for the bedroom. As for the colors, you will be able to choose models with solid or two-tone colors for a shabby chic or baroque style.

Unlike today's furniture, they inspire royal times with such prestigious decorations. Decorative and useful, these are perfect furniture for the bedroom. In gilded pine wood, it brings romance and beauty, with such furniture you are sure to have a high-class layout.

You will find in store models of small and large furniture in gold or silver wood.

A Rococo storage unit

The word barocco comes from the Portuguese, also called barroco, it settled in the eighteenth century in all countries, especially in Italy to spread in all the countries of Europe. Rococo has spread to all the arts, whether in architecture, with churches and cathedrals, in painting, music and of course in furnishings.

The bedroom furniture sold in our decoration store is inspired by the most beautiful dressers that can be found in the world, with large storage spaces. The originality of our models guarantees you a unique decoration that will integrate even the most classic interiors with a white color or stained wood.

A popular style

Baroque-style furniture often featured patterns, scrolling floral shapes, acanthus leaves, and carved metal works. In addition, the style often featured exotic woods, carved gilded wood, and lacquer. It was also popular with Victorian and Edwardian owners, who wanted furniture that was as stylish as possible.

The Baroque style was a major development of art from the Renaissance era to the seventeenth century. It was a reaction to the Reformation, and it expanded the intellectual realm of art. After the Trent Council, the Roman Catholic Church took a more propagandistic stance and began using art to expand its religious message throughout the world.

An art that extends from architecture to furniture as well as painting

Baroque architecture embodies the spirit of the seventeenth century and often features radical domes, swivel colonnades, smooth stucco and ornate furniture. These sculptural masterpieces are filled with religious symbolism and use human figures to convey messages and engage visitors' emotions. These works often feature realistic immediacy and use facial expressions and drapery to accentuate a sense of drama.

Many Baroque paintings were influenced by the works of Caravaggio. These painters used real-life people as models for biblical characters, and they often used extreme light and darkness in their works. Tenebrism was an additional technique that added psychological drama to the paintings. Sir Peter Paul Rubens, another Flemish Baroque painter, worked to highlight colour, movement and drama.

With our furnishings, whether design, contemporary or old-looking, quality is at the rendezvous. We can already predict that it will have the most beautiful effect in any room of your home. You will find in our catalog a large number of various decorative objects inspired by the Louis XIV and Louis XV style. You will be able to do the same for any room in your home.

You can come to our storage furniture shop to take your order, so you will have the opportunity to visit our store and see our collection which includes console, desk and armchairs of the same type. Whether your interior is Scandinavian or industrial type, these pieces of furniture are suitable for all decors.

Dressers are furniture that fits into any room, if you lack space we have small models or rag pickers. For the bedroom small models can be used as a bedside table. The design of your home will be highlighted by our items sold at the best price on the web.

The delivery of your purchase will be made within 6 working days after payment. You can save on shipping costs, by coming to our furniture store to pick up your product. 

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Baroque chest of drawers