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The Art Deco armchairs have gone through the years with its timeless style and elegance. Although it originally played a role of headquarters, its use has evolved considerably over time. Not only does it allow you to rest comfortably in the living room, office or bedroom, but it has become a decorative piece of furniture in your home. Of course,...

The Art Deco armchairs have gone through the years with its timeless style and elegance. Although it originally played a role of headquarters, its use has evolved considerably over time. Not only does it allow you to rest comfortably in the living room, office or bedroom, but it has become a decorative piece of furniture in your home. Of course, this type of living room furniture was not intended for the general public during the years of its creation, but to a handful of influential people of the time.

Currently, an original 1930 armchair costs thousands of euros, which remains inaccessible for everyone. In an effort to offer you the best furniture from the 20s to 40s, our online antique store invites you to discover a large collection of reproductions of armchairs of the roaring twenties. You will find a chair in rosewood identical to the model of yesteryear that you can associate a room in the living room with other furniture of the same style as an art deco console.

Evolution of the art deco armchair from 1920 to today

The art deco armchair was created following the initiative of passionate creators and craftsmen who are always looking for a new layout of the interior design. Their goal was to create functional, comfortable, but above all luxurious furniture. They have decided to remove the undulating lines andthe curves of the furniture of Art Nouveau to replace them with geometric designs. The furniture parts of Art Deco play on symmetry, minimalism and luxury. To remain faithful in the style of the furniture of the time, the current creators work on more noble materials such as rosewood, chromed stainless steel, leather as well as other exotic species such as teak.

Art Deco armchairs: refined and elegant seats

The Art Deco of the Roaring Twenties has not lost its notoriety and continues to seduce lovers of antiques as lovers of ancient decoration. With a unique and elegant design, our art deco armchair is not just a piece of furniture for rest and conviviality. Its clean lines that remove all undulations and curves seem to emerge from another universe to make room for geometric designs. Its padded seat upholstered in faux leather guarantees a bluffing visual effect, so much so that it is often confused with real leather. The structure is varnished by hand to reproduce exactly the same renderings as those of the original furniture of yesteryear. Although simple reproductions, our living room furniture was made in the greatest care by professional craftsmen, thus allowing them to assert a new identity in 1930 style.

A practical and robust living room seating

Art deco furniture has the particularity ofto be luxurious and refined. To allow everyone to create a decoration of the roaring years worthy of his name, we have selected the best craftsmen to realize our collection of chairs and chairs from the 20s to 40s. Besides the aesthetic side, our living room furniture has been designed to to offer you an easy and optimal use. The structure is indeed made from solid wood, then inlaid with noble wood species such as rosewood, mahogany, ebony or beech. Depending on the model, our art deco armchair may have no legs to form a single set. In this case, the seat and the backrest are directly integrated into the furniture frame. These are then coated with high quality materials to ensure great resistance to wear and other external aggression.

To each personality, his art deco armchair

Everyone has their own vision of interior design. The style differs from person to person. Anyway, our online antique store offers different models of art seating and decoration. Some are square, others round or cubic depending on the configuration of your interior. Among the musts of the moment is the "art deco armchair for office" with its particular design. It is a mid-raised seat with hanging armrests and two resistant legss and stable. For more originality, you can opt for our "art deco Tulip armchair", whose seat and backrest can rotate 360 °, regardless of its support base. The entire structure of this unique and original model is lined with high quality white faux leather. Geometric patterns are sewn by hand as in the good old days.

Rosewood armchair: a choice of aesthetics

Rosewood is a noble material par excellence. Its use in carpentry goes back for centuries. The creators of contemporary works of art take advantage of its characteristics to integrate it in the reproduction of furniture from the Roaring Twenties from 1920 to 1940. If you are looking for refinement and luxury, our rosewood armchair with its front right feet will be your better ally everyday, in the office as in the living room, or even in your bedroom. Its frame is made of solid wood with a rosewood marquetry. The set is then varnished in a traditional way to ensure an impeccable visual rendering. In addition to the rosewood, our living room furniture is also available in beech, mahogany or elm burl. All these materials have been carefully selected to bring a touch of authentic refinement into your interior.

Art deco armchair: the vintage trend invites itself at home

Our living room furniture like the 1930 armchair is inspired by the modelsThey were post-war years during which their creators were looking for a new way of arranging the interiors of houses. They had opted for luxury and comfort while offering affordable furniture that could fit into salons and clubs, hence the birth of the art deco armchair club . It is a living room furniture whose seat, usually low, is carefully worked to improve the comfort of the user. This model allows to sit comfortably in front of a coffee table while enjoying a moment of relaxation in his living room, alone, with family or friends. You can easily find matching furniture with your club chair in our collection of art deco coffee tables.

Bridge armchair: a complement of a period office

Among our different models of art deco armchair stands the bridge armchair . It is a living room furniture equipped with a seat height that allows you multiple use. In a living room or around a dining table, this particular furniture can be used in addition to a period office. Like the other models of seat 1930, the bridge chair has a padded seat and covered with an imitation leather for optimal comfort of use. As for the color of the structure, it is usually dark, but other lighter patterns are also available on our online antique store.When ordering, we will select for you the shade that suits you to harmonize your interior decoration.

Art Deco leatherette armchair: an alternative to genuine leather

Although genuine leather is an excellent material in terms of quality and strength, its price is often exorbitant. To allow everyone to get an armchair art deco without breaking the bank, we have selected furniture whose seat and back are lined with material similar to leather that is none other than imitation leather. Contrary to what one can imagine, this coating material was expensive at the time of the roaring twenties. Fortunately, it is now more and more accessible and can make beautiful furniture 1930 style while being resistant to wear. On the maintenance side, the imitation leather can be cleaned with a cloth and a suitable cleaning product.

Focus on Art Deco

The First World War had a lot of impact on the global economy, but not only. She had also influenced many cultural and artistic domains such as music, architecture, sculpture, fashion and interior design. For the latter, the decoration professionals of the time were looking for another way to convey their vision of the world by proposing a new artistic movement inspired by cubist art.

Around the 1920s, theArt Deco is starting to settle gradually in Europe, especially in France and neighboring countries such as the Netherlands and Germany. However, it was not until five years later that the Art Deco style came into the open. The notoriety of the movement has been growing since 1925 thanks to the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris. Currently, the trend is back on the front of the stage with its sleek and clean lines.

Reminder of the main characteristics of an art deco furniture

Art Deco imposes its own conditions that every creator of antique furniture must respect. In addition to the absence of undulating lines and curves, Art Deco furniture must be refined and luxurious through straight and symmetrical lines. Whether it is a table, a dresser, a sofa or a seat of art and decoration, each piece of furniture is remarkable for the richness of the materials used: precious wood, chromed metal, leather or high quality fabric ... In all cases, all our art deco armchairs are manufactured according to very strict rules to reproduce exactly the style of the furniture from the 20s to the 40s. Ditto for the other pieces of furniture of our on-line catalog. The dimensions of each piece is indicated as L x h.

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