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An essential reference in interior decoration, the 1930s art deco furniture stands out for its refined and luxurious minimalist styles. They reached the height of their success thanks to the exhibition "art and decoration" organized in the French capital in 1925. Since then, the craze for this new trend of the roaring twenties continues from gen...

An essential reference in interior decoration, the 1930s art deco furniture stands out for its refined and luxurious minimalist styles. They reached the height of their success thanks to the exhibition "art and decoration" organized in the French capital in 1925. Since then, the craze for this new trend of the roaring twenties continues from generation to generation. Many individuals pay particular attention to period furniture, not only to bring a touch of refinement to their decoration, but also to create an interior of original and timeless luxury. Some professionals and organizations also tend to include antiques in their offices to relive the highlights of the past.

1930s art deco furniture: from functional to aesthetic

Opting for a furniture 1930 year is above all to focus on aesthetics and functionality. In our collection "Furniture art and decoration ", you will discover a range of replicas of furniture and various antiques that will meet your needs, even the most demanding. Whatever piece you want to decorate, our art deco furniture has been designed to fit any architecture. From the living room to the bedroom, through the office, our shopn antique furniture offers a varied choice of furniture that looks like you.

If you have a bar or want to install one at home for example, an art deco bar will be an excellent choice. Our vintage furniture shop offers reproductions of furniture made of solid wood with precious veneers. Each art deco bar is equipped with a well-designed opening for quick and convenient service such as a 360 ° chrome steel swivel door. As for the storage space, the furniture has a large space and sufficient to accommodate bottles and glasses with ease.

In addition to the room for guests and relaxation, the office area also requires appropriate furnishings and furnishings to create a 1930s interior worthy of its name. At the time, the office is a privileged space for reading and other professional activity. The furniture is carefully crafted to make it functional as much as possible while emphasizing comfort.

To meet everyone's expectations, our antique furniture store offers luxurious, designer art deco office furniture in a variety of shapes. Handcrafted with precious and exotic woods such as the elm burl , our offices are replicas inspired by furniture from the 1920s to the 1930s. Beyond their robust structures, they have large spaces for storage.trimmed with precious wood marquetry with lighter woods to create a beautiful contrast with their exteriors. The masters of the time have not forgotten the aesthetic side leaving free and flat surfaces, thus combining the visual performance.

The art deco furniture a design of the roaring twenties for your room

The bedroom is a living room in its own right that requires special furniture. In order to create an art deco style at home, our shop specializing in vintage furniture offers a wide range of trendy art deco furniture , as luxurious as functional. Like any other 1930's furniture , our bedroom furniture collection stands out for its generally straight lines, its ease of use, its solidity as well as its sleek forms. It includes various furnishing items inspired by the styles of the roaring twenties. like art deco bedside tables, coffee tables, dressers and the inevitable columns.

Art Deco bedside table: furniture for all tastes

For example, if you are looking for a nightstand reflecting the decor of the roaring twenties , you can opt for an art deco bedside table in our collection dedicated to art deco furniture . In addition to being aesthetic and design, our art deco bedside tables are designed to fit any room. These are current reproductionsantique furniture made from precious woods such as rosewood, beech or mahogany.

On the practical side, they are neither too high nor too low for easy use. Each model has drawers large enough to store your books and other personal effects discreetly. Some items are offered in pairs to fit perfectly your room, especially if it is quite spacious.In all cases, all styles are allowed: the most rustic to the most sober, through the modern design style timeless, there is something for all tastes and budgets.

Art deco dresser: a varied choice of storage units with a sleek design

Through the art and decoration of the years 1920-1930, each room of the house is redrawn in clean lines and the bedroom does not escape this transformation. To decorate your rest area and optimize its storage, the art deco dresser from our art deco furniture collection is an interesting solution that promises a significant saving of space. Know that the sophisticated design of the floral and geometric decorations of each piece of furniture that we offer contrasts harmoniously with the sobriety of its forms to adapt to your interior.

In addition to the aesthetic side, our dressers offer great stability and an optimal lifetime. Made with resistant solid wood, our rangements are carefully inlaid with noble essences to decorate your room with taste and elegance. Our dressers are current replicas of furniture 1930 , and for proof, most of their drawers are equipped with handles in chromed metal and a sliding system just like the models of the roaring twenties .

As for the shape, there is one for all cravings: cylindrical, rectangular in length or width. Music lovers will even have the opportunity to get a guitar-shaped dresser in their room by choosing one of our models. Anyway, our storage has several drawers easy to open and with an optimal depth to slide your papers, clothes or toys of your children.

Art deco console with clean lines for a unique style

Decorative furniture most representative of the furniture of the roaring twenties , the art deco console is a side table that stands out for its slender lines, smooth curves and flat surface. It was used at the time to pose precious decorative objects such as vases or bronze statues. Currently, she settles as well in the living room as in the bedroom to bring a touch of elegance and originality.

As a specialist in antique reproduction, our decoration shop has a collection of mart deco inspired furniture from the 1920s to 1930s, and the art deco console is one of them. It is made in a traditional way using old-fashioned techniques: the marquetry is directly attached to solid wood frames and the patterns and inlaid are then cut and installed manually. The application of varnish is also done in a traditional way so as to reproduce a furniture year 1930 in the smallest details.

By ordering a rosewood console on our online store, for example, you can also buy other rosewood furniture . To harmonize your furnishing and enhance the style of your bedroom, we will select furniture of the same color. Once your order has been validated, your furniture will be delivered to you as soon as possible, without assembly and ready to use.

Art deco style furniture for the living room: every piece looks like you

The furniture of the living room can not be improvised. Every detail counts, including the choice of material, shape and size of art deco furniture . Indeed, the location of your furniture will depend on these two criteria depending on the configuration of your interior. Among the different types of furniture 1930s that are usually found in a lounge style of the roaring years is the incontournable art deco sofa. Our vintage furniture store also offers columns and shelves of the time to meet your expectations.

Art deco sofa straight and geometric lines that rhymes with comfort

Whatever the style, the furnishing of a living room comes first and foremost on the choice of the sofa. In order to bring a style of crazy years into your home, nothing better than to install an art deco sofa. Our online store of art deco furniture offers a wide range of furniture suitable for any type of living room, regardless of its configuration.

Our sofas are exact replicas of furniture from the 1920s to 1930s. Their structures are made of solid wood with veneers of precious and refined woods. Thanks to their upright backrest and their beautiful seat in shagreen or leather, they offer an optimal comfort of use. Their geometric and well thought out armrests as well as their robust legs are as many irrefutable quality guarantees.

Once again, art deco is on the rise and will stay in fashion for a long time. Indeed, the wood finishes of our collection of art deco sofas are neat and delicate. They make us travel around the world and remind us of different movements and artistic styles such as cubism, ancient Egypt, the East or the art of Africa. The teiClear wood species contrast with dark colors. The base of each furniture year 1930 combines modernity and avant-gardism, which allows all desires.

The Art Deco column, an element of decorative art in its own right

If columns are often neglected in modern interior decoration, they are more solicited in salon furniture of the roaring twenties . The Art Deco columns alone are an original decorative and aesthetic element. Among other things, they can be used as a support to highlight various decorative objects, lamps, sculptures or works of art. By choosing an art deco pedestal from our 1930 furniture collection, you will enjoy a refined atmosphere in your interior. In addition, it will be possible to associate it with our furniture art deco made with the same wood species as a rosewood furniture if you opt for a rosewood column for example. Our columns are sold in pairs only.

The art deco shelf offers you a storage solution with practical geometric shapes

Possible storage solutions in a crazy style living years is the shelf art deco. Our Art Deco Collection offers a diverse selection of 1920's bookshelves and bookcases1930. Manufactured in rosewood or elm, our furnishings are inspired furniture to antiques easily recognizable with their round or cubic. Their precious woods and unusual lines make our art deco shelves real masterpieces that reflect the art and decoration of yesteryear. To harmonize your interior, you can complete your purchase with a suitable decorative furniture such as an armchair or an art deco chair of the same style.

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