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A Tiffany Art Deco lamp can dazzle by its beauty, but also for its usefulness. This object is useful throughout the house: in the living room, in the shower, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, outside, in the corridors, in the office. No matter the piece, the light is always indispensable. We put at your fingertips a range of luminaires to perfect...

A Tiffany Art Deco lamp can dazzle by its beauty, but also for its usefulness. This object is useful throughout the house: in the living room, in the shower, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, outside, in the corridors, in the office. No matter the piece, the light is always indispensable. We put at your fingertips a range of luminaires to perfect your interior, from the smallest, to the most imposing floor lamp. Our store will be happy to guide you in your choice and deliver in record time.

Light is a non-negligible element in a dwelling house, as in any other building. Its usefulness is not only functional, but it is also aesthetic. Light is as essential as air, since we can not live in darkness. That's why luminaries occupy a separate section in the Art Deco style.

Art Nouveau lamps and Art Deco fixtures have defied time, and with over 100 years of age, neither their beauty nor their reputation have been tainted. Their usefulness has remained the same and nothing can serve as a substitute for them. These decorative objects continue to seduce and have kept the pedestal on which their creator put them.

A Tiffany lamp made according to the method of Louis Comfort Tiffany

Tiffany lamps are indissociable from the movement during which they are appastreets. The master glassmaker Louis Comfort Tiffany , by creating them wanted to subjugate by the exceptional quality of these objects, which are at the same time decorative and indispensable to the daily life. Indeed, the same initial manufacturing methods have been retransmitted and used to this day, for making replicas that we put at your fingertips. Everything is done to make every piece a work of art. Each Tiffany table lamp is assembled and welded by hand. Real glasses, solid and handcrafted, are used to make the stained glasses inspired by the most beautiful models of the creative artist.

As the manufacturing procedures are identical to those used to shape the lighting of antiquity, these products have CE and RoHs certifications because they are free of mercury and lead and are made with the concern of preserving the environment. They are manually welded with tin. But in addition, they are ready to use, they are sold already electrified and are equipped with switches and blocks son. It's easy to install the light where you want it to be. To learn more visit our page on the manufacture of these lights.

If the light was the same everywhere, we would not have invented the Tiffany luminaires . The difference lies in the way in which this light is diffused in apiece. Tiffany style lamps stand out by the use of glass in its manufacture. These are assemblies of real glasses, with multiple shades, which are manually worked for a more than exceptional rendering of light.

Whether these lights sit in the living room, or they illuminate the verandas, or even they illuminate your bedroom, we can say that they have the power to suspend time, to revive the present romantic atmosphere from the past, that of the crazy years. They are able to transport the past into the present and to bring you a timeless moment.

All tastes can be satisfied because there are as many varieties of art-nouveau luminaries as there are nuances of colors. You will have a very large choice, for small, you can opt for turtle models, those in cherubs, or those in pyramid, or why not the Parrot-shaped lighting, and the list is far from comprehensive. For the biggest, the choice is huge, you can choose between several models such as the art deco lamp or the Tiffany Monaco lamp . If you can not find your happiness in this selection, the medium lights also offers a range of variety as refined as each other. The butterfly lamp can accompany your child's sleep throughout the night. For your office, the desk lamp with glasss orange colors, art deco style will give it a mood worthy of the thirties.

Special feature of old style Tiffany lamps

The Art Deco lamps stand out from the other luminaires by the refinement they have. These lights alone contain all the history of the period of Art and decoration. Unlike Art Nouveau, Art Deco relies on the quality of materials to be used in the artisanal production of works. A Tiffany table lamp may require several hundred pieces of genuine glasses No detail is left to chance during its manufacture. The models available for these luminaires are a range of a breathtaking variety. Everyone can find happiness. It is to reiterate that each piece is unique, you will have the assurance of owning an object that you will not find anywhere else. Colors like shapes are of endless variety, as well as size and functionality. There are hanging lights like chandeliers, which can offer your living room a cozy atmosphere, tinged with exoticism. For floor lamps, whether they decorate your home or your yard, elegance will be at the rendezvous, both for its slender structure and for the adornment they are endowed with. Your home will have nothing to envy to others.

Tiffany style lamps differ from other devices for light, par the design and materials used for its manufacture. Stained glass lamps are the proof. They have been shaped with several hundred quality glasses, worked and polished by hand. This makes it a unique and exceptional product.

Sets are also available in the range of art nouveau luminaires. The Memphis series is in Art Deco style , with opalescent white mother-of-pearl glass and black. Get the beautiful set of lighting, the series Rome bathe your rooms with a multicolored light.Quant to the Alexandria series, a Tiffany lamp , a wall lamp and a cheap floor lamp make it up for a more advanced refinement, worthy of a castle . There are a hundred sets on which you can stop your choice, such as the Toulouse series, the Brussels series or the Paris series. It will be up to you to decide which one will live with you and will keep you company for your Sunday parties.

Lighting   can be declined in all sizes, ranging from a few centimeters to 1 meter 75 for floor lighting. The Tiffany floor lamp, for example, is decorated with stained glass, with motifs of vines and grapes. It measures 175 cm, and is mounted on a metal stand. The materials used for stained glass are real American-style handmade glasses, so we find cabochons, striated glasses, hammered, pasteThe old fashioned Louis Comfort Tiffany and Agnès Northrop and Frederick Wilson, his closest collaborators. Each lighting made is a work of art.

Luminaires are not only used to illuminate homes. They can also serve as lighting for restaurants, public facilities or any other place where light is welcome. The Tiffany Dragonfly Floor Lamp, for example, would serve as a perfect backdrop for a restaurant room, or for private clubs. At a height of 169 cm, with a dome 60 cm in diameter, this very complex lamp is a perfect copy of a lamp made by Louis Comfort.

The variety that our store offers you is composed of a choice that goes on forever. Even for the lighting for the bedroom or living room, you can get a bedside lamp, a desk, lighting Tiffany table lamp, the choice is vast and all tastes can be satisfied. Little more for you, all items are delivered in cardboard boxes with polystyrene and shock, for the safety of your package. No need to have a big budget to afford this object of decoration, to join the useful to the pleasant, from 25 euro, you can buy a lamp Tiffany old style with a stained glass window manufactured as at the time.

Tiffany art deco lamps

TheThe art deco style has left an indelible imprint on art in general. This movement opted for the simplification of form against the excellence of the material. The materials with which Tiffany floor lamps are made are proof of this. From copper, solid wood and precious, through bronze or real marble, these lamps are a perfect decorative element that link in a perfect marriage luxury and simplicity. Everything has been done to make available to all stock markets, which once was a luxury reserved for the better off. The shape keeps the shape of 100 years ago, and the quality is not left out, but the price has become more than affordable for everyone. You can get it at a cheap price at all. The stained glass floor lamps in colored glasses, its steel tinted steel bearing feet. Whether you choose mission, dragonfly or flowers, you will be delivered in 24 hours.

The art deco lamps we offer will meet your needs and give you the choice to make your home a special place where it will be good to live. A place where past and present cohabit in harmony.

The outside of the house can also be illuminated, because there are a variety of these decorative elements that are provided for the corridors, the courtyard, to decorate the windows among others. Light in all its states can be part of your daily life, so do not hesitatetez more, choose the model that suits you and order.

These lampposts are not made exclusively for residential homes. Offices, shopping malls, and other facilities can receive these beads as both functional and aesthetic decoration.

For wall lighting choose an art deco wall lamp Tiffany

We can not speak of light without these decorative objects appearing in the mind. Wall sconces are decorations used as supports for light. They can take as many shapes as they can dress any room in the house. A Tiffany wall lamp can have one, two, or three bulbs.

Our lighting store offers hundreds of models, designed with high quality lenses, that will bring home a unique light, pleasant to the eyes and soothing for the mind. These Tiffany wall lights will add a touch of color to your interior with the variety of colors that each glass has. In addition, the installation of these art deco wall sconces has been simplified since the screws and anchors are supplied by our store.

This decorative element can go alone as it can be accompanied by a bedside lamp and a chandelier. Our store offers sets with similar decorations and colors of stained glass used for their manufacture.

The wall sconces can decorate the living room as well as the bedroom. They can also be used as a backdrop for corridors, porches, lobbies and other rooms in the home.

A living room with a Tiffany chandelier

If all rooms in the house can benefit from ceiling lighting, the main room, the living room, or the living room is the most spoiled of all. The Tiffany chandeliers made available to customers are multiple models. The shapes are as varied as there is taste, and the colors shimmering and timeless.

These ceiling lights will give your interior a unique look. This decorative element that adorns your ceiling will serve as a lighthouse in a house where light is present to showcase the beauty of the rest of the house. It will magnify the other furniture by the clarity it will diffuse, it will illuminate the occupants of the house with a light in the colors chosen by them.

With Tiffany chandeliers, you can safely choose the tones that look like you because the shades of color with which the glasses of these chandeliers were made are of a striking beauty and a great variety. You can choose two chandeliers with the same shapes but with different colors, or choose the same tone for two different shapess.

These lighting for the ceiling can be combined with wall sconces or lamps of the same series, as there is a series of chandeliers, sconces, lamps, and fixtures for the art deco style luminaries in series. table lights.

Matching lights throughout the household becomes child's play and fun. The lights will have the magic power to change the mood of your home, from one room to another: an atmosphere of a thousand and one nights for the stay with a Tiffany lamp Art Deco, romance for the bedroom with the Tiffany dragonfly suspension, and why not a retro vibe with the Baroque Tiffany Floor Lamp.

The Indiana series is composed of a three-light chandelier, a baroque wall lamp, a Tiffany table lamp, a large lampshade and a metal base. The entire series is fashioned with real glasses of assorted colors, giving your interior a friendly atmosphere.

Lighting fixtures are now at your fingertips. Do not deprive yourself. Order from our store for your purchase of lamps and the light will be your ally.

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