Chest of drawers & The Frecnh style

Chest of drawers & The Frecnh style

The Chest of drawers style is modern or classic furniture. They are made from different woods and have unique building techniques and colors. Classic retro furniture is based on different furniture designs from previous styles such as Bahaus, Art Deco, modern and retro Victorian styles. With modern trends in retro furniture design, it incorporates the latest technologies and combines it with traditional styles. With the variety of choices in colors, shapes and finishes, any type of room can be furnished.

A modern or stylish Chest of drawers is a drawer cabinet. Each product has its own style. It's a useful piece of furniture. The room dresser can be particle panel or wood. Whatever the code of your decoration, Empire or even classic, the variety of style of dressers is endless. It was even declined as a map.

The Louis XV and Louis XVI style Chest of drawers

If you are looking for quality and classic furniture, the Louis XV collection is an excellent choice. This line has been around for many years and remains one of the top sellers among the leading furniture manufacturers. Unlike most modern units, this item is available in a variety of styles and finishes.

If you want to buy a Chest of drawers that has an elegant and modern look, there are other options available. For example, you can choose an ancient baroque style. This will go well with many different contemporary furniture styles, as it adds an air of contemporary sophistication that wouldn't be complete without. Due to the unique styling of the Louis XV dresser, it's a great addition to any home.

The Baroque style

Baroque is an artistic style of art, music, architecture, dance, painting and other visual arts that flourished in Europe during the period from the early seventeenth to the mid-19th century. It was an expression of peoples' feelings and aspirations for aesthetic beauty that differed enormously from classical and Impressionism. Baroque artists were famous for their work, which included an immense variety of expressive techniques and used strong images of beauty, fantasy and desire. This movement lasted nearly a hundred years and during this period it had profoundly influenced the artists of Europe.

Reproductions of Louis XV chest of drawers for Sale

The old Louis 15 chest of drawers have become rare and expensive furniture, however it is possible to buy a high quality reproduction at a low price.
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A vintage art deco chest of drawers for a home in the world

An art deco chest of drawers with a vintage look will accommodate all styles in the world, in precious wood for 1930 furniture, or with solid wood for vintage models.
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The Louis XVIII chest of drawers

The louis XVIII chest of drawers is invited in every room of the house, soft lines and ornaments that shine make it an ecxeption piece.
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Baroque Chest of drawers - design

The interior of your home will be transformed with a baroque design chest of drawers, whatever your style, classic or modern, it settles in all rooms.
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The black Louis XV chest of drawers

The black Louis XV chest of drawers is a piece of furniture that can be seen in its baroque, practical and beautiful appearance, and is placed in the bedroom as well as in the living room.
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The rustic Louis XVI chest of drawers

One often wonders what a rustic Louis XVI dresser is and what differentiates it from other Louis XVI and XV furniture of the same period.
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Modern baroque chest of drawers

The baroque chest of drawers becomes a modern piece of furniture to decorate the interior of his house, sometimes it is enough to paint an old piece of furniture to make a new one.
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Cheap Louis XV chest of drawers

A Louis XV chest of drawers in cheap marquetry is possible, the first prices start at less than 200 euros for a quality style furniture.
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Baroque Commode cheap

Buying a cheap quality commode may seem difficult, but following our advice you are sure to make a good deal.
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Second hand art deco chest of drawers

The décor of the Roaring Twenties seduces households of all ages, art deco dressers can be bought used for the latest models and at antique shops for prestigious furniture.
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