Nowadays, the total look is no longer the tastes of the day when it comes to interior design. The current trend is the mixture of the traditional and the contemporary and the effect of contrast brings a unique touch to the whole.

An old chest of drawers inspired by the Louis 15 style is the place to be inspired by industrial and Scandinavian furniture. Now, it's the look that is found everywhere in the interiors of modern decorating enthusiasts. The old chest of drawers on their side are reworked for better harmony with the rest of the items in the house. It remains to choose the model that suits you the most.

Old-style chest of drawers

When it comes to storage furniture, the 18th-century chest of drawers century remains the queen, and has been for several generations. By the way, today we find modern chest of drawers with clean and minimalist lines, but the history of this piece of furniture goes back to the 50s, even before. Since the trend of interior design is retro, these old chest of drawers are once again welcome in our cozy cocoons. Their style inspired by the time brings the vintage side very sought after.

And when it comes to beautiful old chest of drawers, it's hard not to mention the Louis 15 rosewood style chest of drawers that are precisely the reference in this area. It is a centerpiece that all traditional decorating enthusiasts want to have at home. It meets all household expectations from a storage unit. Practicality, functionality, design at the rendezvous, what more can we hope for?

What's more, these antique-style, precious wood veneer chest of drawers have a truly unique value. This is explained by their age and rarity, but also by their unparalleled beauty. Having baroque chest of drawers in its interior allows to emanate a unique and truly different atmosphere. Then it's up to you to choose what kind of old chest of drawers you'd like to have.

A Louis XV chest of drawers cheaper than used

As you will have understood, a Louis XV chest of drawers is the foundation of your modern-old decoration. Indeed, the mixture of all genres characterizes the interior decoration nowadays, so, the old and modern furniture rub shoulders today in the same room without fault of taste.

In this case, dare to place your Louis XV-style chest of drawers with a state-of-the-art Scandinavian armchair without worrying about overdoing it. It may sound cliché, but an antique chest of drawers integrated in style in a modern living room will surprise your guests.

Moreover, the old Louis XV style has been revisited for a few years now, allowing you to get your hands on old chest of drawers with a touch of modernity. It's a guarantee of absolute elegance in your cozy cocoon. What makes the charm of these furniture lies on the fact that the style of the past is wonderfully visible. Thus, it allows you to cultivate a culture of the time.

And the best part of all this is that these old modernized furniture are significantly cheaper than the purely old models, that is, the collectibles straight out of the castles at the time of Louis XV. The fact that the furniture is inspired by the Louis XV style and not a real Louis XV chest of drawers is worth a discount on the price. To find rare pearls, you only have to go to sites specialized in the sale of furniture of this kind.

Which Louis 15 chest of drawers to choose?

Have you finally decided to incorporate an old Louis 15-style chest of drawers into your nest? Be aware that you will be spoilt for choice with the plurality of models available to you in the trade. Therefore, just choose the old chest of drawers whose design will perfectly match the furniture you already have at your disposal. Among many others, you can choose between a convenient Tomb Louis 15 and a chest of drawers Boulle Louis 15.

Commode boulle louis XV

The tomb chest of drawers

The tomb chest of drawers is a true emblematic of the refined furniture in the era of Louis 15. The regency chest of drawers is called a "tomb chest of drawers" for the simple reason that it appeared during the Regency period. Its particularity lies mainly in the fact that it is quite massive, with rows of drawers and curved all faces.

Resting on hyper-short arched feet reminiscent of the Louis XIV style and in opposition to the jumping chest of drawers, it is executed in exotic wood veneer on a solid wooden frame and is usually capped with a marble tray. Its ornamentation is in gilded bronze. In short, the originality is at the rendezvous.

The boulle chest of drawers

The old boulle chest of drawers is very typical with its marquetry taking the shape of the scales of torture. Because of its design, the chest of drawers is like a real work of art, so it will definitely make a sensation in you. In general, the chest of drawers has an opening by two drawers, on its curved façade. As for the marquetry, it is affixed the old-fashioned way through a beech wood frame.

The chest of drawers is endowed with brass, while the imitation of torture scales adds to its charms. Even if the model is reworked, the cabinetmakers make sure to preserve these magnificent animals.

A chest of drawers with 2 or 3 drawers

A chest of drawers is first and foremost a storage unit. So, in addition to being design to accentuate the look of your cozy cocoon, it must be astute as well. It is a piece of furniture that will include all your personal belongings, the more drawers there are, the better.

Depending on your use, you will choose a small chest of drawers as a bedside table and a large opening by three drawers for storage of the bedroom.

That said, opt for an old chest of drawers that opens with two or three drawers and make the most of the functional look of your furniture.