If you like art and antique furniture, you can find a beautiful romantic baroque chest of drawers in a good antique shop. There are many models and types, and you can even paint your own dresser. These dressers are highly sought-after furniture, and they are sold at affordable prices when purchased from experienced dealers. Here are some useful tips for buying a romantic baroque chest of drawers:

An example of a romantic baroque chest of drawers

If you are looking for a romantic baroque dresser that will enhance your bedroom, this style of furniture could be the perfect choice. Inspired by louis XV's dressers, this type of furniture looks elegant in any room, from bedrooms to living rooms. Due to its unique creations, it is one of the most popular types of furniture for interior decorators. These parts are cheap though, so it's important to know where to find them.

Whether you're decorating a bedroom, living room, or an entire house, a baroque décor can be hard to find. For starters, your furniture should have a rounded shape, detailed trim, and a smooth curve. Baroque furniture is not rigid;It can be reinforced with lace or colorful patterns. It should not be too ornate or too minimalist.

The Baroque style is very popular for its beauty, and it can transport your home to a time when the quality of interior decoration was important. When it was fashionable to impress your guests, it was necessary to decorate with the largest possible furniture. Although baroque furniture is not as common as it once was, it is still possible to achieve a romantic baroque look by choosing a few pieces that evoke its timeless beauty.

Buy a romantic Louis XV chest of drawers

A romantic chest of drawers is a piece of furniture rooted in the Baroque style. These are simple chests of wooden drawers such as pine or rubber. King Louis XVI was the first to cut a model of this type of furniture. This piece of furniture subsequently seduced his subjects, which resulted in his mass production. Nowadays, you can find a good collection of these beautiful pieces of furniture at an affordable price.

The Baroque style owes its popularity to the absolutist rulers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Meanwhile, furniture designers began to create elaborate furniture for the monarchies of these countries. From England, Flanders and France, the style eventually spread to the American colonies. Whether you're looking for a romantic baroque chest of drawers or a contemporary version, HTDECO has it.

Repaint a romantic baroque chest of drawers

You can do your own restoration project by painting your old furniture. However, this is not always a feasible option. You can go to a furniture store and find a set that meets your needs. A baroque chest of drawers is available in different styles and colors, including Rococo and Louis XV. It is best to opt for a white buffet.

First, you need to protect the surfaces of your romantic baroque dresser. First, remove the existing wax from the trunk of the drawers. Once you've done that, you can start sanding. The main objective of this step is to achieve a smooth finish. Then you need to thoroughly clean the chest of drawers with a white spirit. Then you can dust them off with a damp sponge. Do it with each drawer of the baroque chest of drawers.