The decoration for the garden

Discover our decorating ideas for outdoor, comparative and good garden furniture plan.

The ancient marble Medici vases

The Medici vases are first ornaments for the parks of bourgeois mansions and castles, if in antiquity they were exclusively stone and marble, in the eighteenth century have made them of iron cast iron.
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Vase Chambord

For a castle decoration, choose the Chambord, iron cast iron vasque made the old-fashioned way, it will be the mainstay of your garden.
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World home medicis vase

Medici vases decorate the most beautiful houses around the world, discover how to find the perfect vase for your flowers.
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Used cast iron vases Medicis

There are a lot of choices to buy a Medici basin at a good price.
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Jardiland Medici Vase

Medici vases are catlets for the garden very popular in all countries.
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