It's hard to know when exactly the Medici vases arrived in our garden, but if we refer to history, they have existed since ancient Greece.

Cut from wood, marble, porcelain or iron, there is something for every taste and style. Fans of classic styles can bet on simplicity by choosing a wooden squall. As for aesthetes in search of a real work of art, it is possible to choose more prestigious models including enriched with bas-reliefs and heads of satyrs carved in marble.

One thing is certain: everyone is entitled to their share of happiness according to their tastes and preferences.

The wooden Medici vase

Most of the Medici vases found in gardens inspired by Roman villas are either marble or terracotta. But wooden vasques also exist. Moreover, at a time when these ornamental items are gradually returning to the garden, the creators are relying on materials that are easy to find and accessible to lambda. Of course, wood is one of them.

More than just a floral medium, it is a true timeless work and a formal artistic piece. It is also found in different forms being sculpted with talents. Moreover, the wood acclimatizes to the environment of our garden and merges with nature.

Having received all the necessary treatments to last over time, a Medici vase can have neat designs and then turn into an exterior ornamentation par excellence. If you want to decorate your garden like no one has ever done, incorporating this antique object into your modern exterior can only be a wonderful idea.

You will see, the contrast between the very old style of the vase and the modern layout of your garden will be magnificent. There's nothing like it to create a Roman atmosphere in your very Parisian garden.

Opting for a wooden Medici squall is a choice you won't regret.

The Medici vase in marble or reconstructed stone

How about a touch of refinery in your garden? It is quite possible to create a magnificent exterior layout by incorporating a basin that dates back to the last century. Several materials used to create such a vasque, but marble ones have all the assets to sublimate your exterior. The marble being very luxurious and prestigious, it highlights your move.

A rather hard natural stone in several colours, marble is usually carved to create objects of value or architectural purposes. It is particularly popular in Greece and is now widely used around the globe. This does not prevent Greece, a marble-producing country for centuries, from being the origin of this work of art.

For information, The Medici vases have been carved in marble since the 15th and 16th centuries to serve as a decorative object. Today, this material is beginning to become a rare gem, but we still have the chance to find it in antique dealers.

The medici marble vases find their place in your exterior. In this case, you can use it to adorn the entrance to a property, but also to support your decorative flowers. If you are still hesitant to throw yourself into the water, wondering if it is not a little inappropriate, know that the Medici marble pots are everywhere in the historic gardens and castles of France, but also in the prestigious villas of the country. So dare to install a few in your garden for an outdoor with great elegance. Alternatively, invite them inside to decorate the lobby or a particular room.

The Medici vase in resin

Have you noticed that natural materials are increasingly invading our daily lives? Having returned a few years ago, they are widely used to create decorative objects. Bamboo outdoor chairs, braided fixtures, and why not a resin garden pot?

At the time of its invention, more precisely in the era of the Roman Empire, the Medici vase was made of marble or iron only, but today all materials are used to embellish and sublimate a garden. Also, it is no longer reserved for imperial residences and art galleries as in its first appearances, but now finds its place everywhere in the gardens of the general public.

In the same look as the trellis, the resin vasques are created in very distinct materials in order to bring a touch of modernity, without giving up their classic base. Ideal for use as a floral medium, they can also be used as a decorative item par excellence, as their beauty is sufficient on its own.

A Medici resin godor is mainly created to add a touch of originality to the layout of your exterior, but it also invites itself in weddings and events of this kind to sublimate the decoration. This time, it transforms without problem into a photophore, candlesticks or vase to accommodate your floral compositions. All this to say that a resin vase always has its words to say when talking about decoration, whatever the occasion.

The cast-iron Medici-style vasque

A garden cathy is a pot for the garden that can be used for planting your flowers or for decoration. With its very old style echoing that of the bell, it adds a little pep's to the exterior layout. It is then possible to use it to dress your estate and thus create a castle-style décor. With the wide variety of choices on the market, you can choose a model with or without a base of a certain height. In addition, some larger models can be transformed into a real garden table where the whole family gathers on the garden terrace.

In other words, an iron cast iron cast iron medicis cacker is widely used outdoors for ornamental decoration of the garden, but also inside to create a unique atmosphere in a room or entrance hall. Grey French style or Venetian style, used in flower pot or just in décor, this gardener will make a splash with its relief patterns.

It's up to you to see if you want a large or small garden cacker, since each one has its own originality, especially since you also have your specific needs. In any case, a black iron cast iron decorative squalor inspired by the work of the old cast iron creates an atmosphere like no other in your home.

Where to buy used Medici vases?

It is impossible to remain indifferent in front of the monumental craters of the vasques. Perceived as a sign of wealth and used to adorn the gardens of the rich Romans, they are now accessible to everyone thanks to the used models available in trade and reproductions.

In cast iron, wood, marble or iron, used cauris are available at low prices online on dedicated sites. Many individuals choose to part with their artworks for reasons and others and sell them on classifieds sites. This is one of the opportunities available to you to find your happiness.

Otherwise, you can buy the vases of your choice from an antique dealer. In any case, the antique dealer seems to be a wonderful idea to get an antique. But for that, you have to expect some price increase.