Wrought iron garden furniture

Wrought iron garden furniture

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A wrought iron garden furniture is a set of chairs around a table, specially designed for outdoor, strong strength wrought iron by the blacksmith will continue in time.

The sun will be coming soon, and it's time to take care of the decor of your garden. Nothing is better than spending time outdoors to forget the daily stress when the weather i...

A wrought iron garden furniture is a set of chairs around a table, specially designed for outdoor, strong strength wrought iron by the blacksmith will continue in time.

The sun will be coming soon, and it's time to take care of the decor of your garden. Nothing is better than spending time outdoors to forget the daily stress when the weather is nice. Admittedly, the garden already looks magnificent with the green lawn, the multicolored flowers, the trees, etc. Nevertheless, to make this corner of greenery a place of life and a true space of relaxation, it is necessary to arrange it. There are many elements that can bring charm and elegance to your garden. This is the case of the wrought iron garden furniture: chair, table, armchair ...

If iron was made by heating the ore with charcoal, before the industrial revolution, wrought iron is a type of hard and malleable iron, which was made under the hammer to remove slag in the ore. It is a very pure form of this material, characterized by its low carbon content, and traditionally obtained from white iron ore in a forge or stamp. Used for thousands of years, wrought iron is mainly related to the work of art wrought iron. Only the ironworkers who have the capacity to transform this metal into an object of great aesthetic value. Furniture adopting this material is particularly adsuitable for the layout of the outdoor area.

The wrought iron garden furniture by hand

The garden is sometimes considered as an extension of the living space. As a result, it is necessary to give it ever more importance and interest. Trendy, solid and endowed with a timeless beauty, the wrought iron garden furniture is the missing piece to sublimely decorate your outdoor space: balcony, veranda, terrace ...

The furniture adopting this style is not only elegant and resistant but also enjoy a charm of yesteryear incomparable. Ideal for landscaping your outdoor space, our range of wrought iron garden furniture is made using purely traditional techniques.

Our garden furniture is made using the traditional wrought iron method, in which the iron is heated to be bent and hammered by a blacksmith. Indeed, among our collection, you will be able to discover tables and chairs of garden, which are manufactured essentially by ironworkers of art in the purest tradition, with the fire of the forge or the blowtorch. Whatever model you choose, you will not have to worry about leaving them outside. These garden furniture do not fear rain, wind or frost. Moreover, it is better to put them away during the winter season because they are not so necessary at these times. If you want to leave themDuring these times, you must refresh the protective layer by repainting or applying a metal protection. Aside from their weather resistance, they are particularly easy to maintain.

A set can be available in three or five pieces, consisting of a garden table with two or four chairs. The furniture of this kind is very practical and perfect for intensive use on the terrace of a bar, a restaurant or in the garden. The majority of them are foldable, which allows them to be stored easily and quickly.

Traditional furniture par excellence and very trendy, the garden furniture wrought iron antique style can create in the garden a romantic or retro, with its elegance and refinement of its grounds. Timeless, the wrought iron living room has gone through the centuries without having any wrinkles. It can last more than 20 years and even be made like a modern furniture.

Wrought iron chairs for the terrace

Do not hesitate to decorate your outdoor space with a wrought iron chair , a piece of furniture that stands up to any test. Whether you want to bring a warm and friendly atmosphere to your conservatory or provide an elegant look in the garden, this type of seat is the perfect ally for your home. In fact, wrought iron is a prestigious material that offers the possibility to chairs manufacturers to create furniturerobust and refined. If the chairs are well maintained, their longevity can reach more than 15 years. It is a type of furniture that can adapt to different styles, from the most traditional to the most modern. It combines easily with all decorations and accommodates any environment. It is even possible to repaint in all colors to be in harmony with your tastes, whether in brown, or in white for a more classic style.

The wrought iron chair is a perfect element to create a retro chic atmosphere or a romantic garden. This is not surprising because it adopts original forms. In addition, it is a timeless piece of furniture that lasts through time.

Many models are available in our collection. Among other things, chairs with straight rectangle grids can be easily integrated into a more traditional garden. However, to bring a baroque touch, opt for dark-colored seating. The light-colored prototypes are more suitable for refined or romantic styles.

Like all wrought iron furniture, robustness is always at the rendezvous. The seats are specially designed to be resistant and to withstand all climatic variations. Easy to work with, they have been treated with a product giving them the possibility of outdoor use.

Several models with v stylesariés are available to dress up your outdoor space according to your desires. Each user to choose the one that best suits his needs. But it is also possible to put a wrought iron seat inside. The furniture using this material can harmonize with different styles of decoration.

Wrought iron tables

Summer has just begun and you want to pamper a relaxing corner in your garden, choose a wrought iron table. Known for its solidity, aesthetics, malleability, refinement and resistance to weather, wrought iron has many significant assets. The wrought iron tables have great strength and excellent resistance. As part of the trendy furniture, the tables using this material can integrate perfectly in any style of decoration, ranging from the most classic to the most design in your garden. Their timeless style blends easily into an outdoor, country-like or romantic-looking space to remind you of the "good old days". Like all the pieces of the wrought iron garden furniture , the tables are also made in the old fashioned by craftsmen. They are created in wrought iron, shaped at the fire of the forge, following ancestral techniques using the hammer or the stamp. Their finish meets the desires of even the most demanding customers. As such, a wide range of colors is available.oposée.

Identical to all wrought iron furniture, tables sometimes represent elegant and refined designs, and are considered as upscale garden furniture. They are entirely designed with a quality material, to be solid and dimensionally stable over time. If you want to keep them in their original state as long as possible, it is strongly recommended to maintain them. But to minimize maintenance, wrought iron tables should be stored indoors during the winter season. Practical, they are foldable, which makes their storage easy and fast while offering you a saving of space. These types of table are ideal for gardens, but also for restaurant and bar terraces.

Outdoor garden furniture

To receive guests during a barbecue, gather the whole family on the terrace or simply relax and read outdoors, opt for garden furniture. No one can resist the charm and splendor of garden furniture, wrought iron bench and garden furniture in wrought iron.

You want to enjoy the beautiful weather outside, garden furniture offers the opportunity to take meals or sunbathing outdoors in style. Our online store offers a huge range of furniture of this kind, made in the old wrought iron. Your wrought iron garden furniture will beso extremely strong and stable. It has no equal in terms of durability and can cope with the most difficult conditions (shock, climate, insects ...). Dedicated for outdoor landscaping, it can be exposed to high winds without any problem. You will have the necessary to receive friends or the whole family around a table. Garden chairs allow you to relax. In addition, these types of furniture bring a more baroque atmosphere to your garden. There is something for all your expectations. Why not crack for these garden furniture if your terrace or balcony has a little space. With the arrival of the beautiful days, good comfortable and convivial moments will thus be invited to you.

In addition to being strong, wrought iron furniture is easy to maintain. Just cover their frame with a layer of liquid wax regularly, at least once every 3 months and they can spend years without a hitch. If rust appears due to moisture on the outside or if the furniture has not been rustproofed, scrub the area with oil. Proceed with the sanding process using a wire brush or steel wool, then cover the affected area with a rustproof paint.

Wrought iron garden furniture is the missing piece of your outdoor space to create a true decorative masterpiece. So let yourself be inspired bythis retro and romantic fashion to make your balcony or terrace a perfect place to relax. Even if garden furniture sometimes seems uncomfortable, they can be decorated with cushions and textiles, depending on the tastes of each, to fully enjoy the weather.

Complement your garden room with other antique style accessories to provide even more charm, such as a Medici vase.

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Wrought iron garden furniture