Currently, vintage furniture is very popular. They are sold at good prices in local second-hand furniture shops.

Chairs from the Art Deco period (1910 to 1930)

Many of you have surely heard of the chairs of the art deco era. What does it consist of? Don't panic. We're here to guide you.

Origins from the Art Deco era

This term first appeared at the international exhibition of modern decorative and industrial arts in Paris. In France, the term art and deco was very popular from 1900.

It was not until 20 years later that this style was much appreciated by people from the upper bourgeoisie.

The specificity of the chairs of the art deco era

Be aware that all the furniture that was designed between 1910 and 1930 emphasizes colors and patterns. Some designers also use floral patterned wallpaper.

They draw inspiration from chromium, metals and wood. For a friendly luxury atmosphere, you can install your art deco armchair in your living room.

Aside from that, the art deco-era armchairs were designed with faux leather seats.

Chairs of Louis XIV and Louis XVI

After the advent of the art deco era, Louis XIV-style armchairs were very popular. As the name suggests, it was the furniture styles during the reign of Louis XIV, that is, between 1661 and 1715.

Louis XIV armchairs

Louis XIV is known as a great art lover. This is what made France famous and praised.

The specifics of Louis XIV's armchairs

Empire chairs are recognized for their imposing styles with perfect symmetry. Indeed, art must be well done in order to be able to appreciate it at its true value. In general, the chairs of this period have padded and imposing backs. To add a touch of glamour, the feet have been designed either as a balustre or as a console.

The material used: they were designed using precious wood: mahogany, oak, almond and others. Sometimes artists use unusual components such as bone, ivory, scales and others.

Also be aware that the most commonly used decorative elements are acanthus flowers and lily.

Louis XV armchairs

Unlike the styles of Louis XIV armchairs, its design is simple. The Louis XV armchairs marked the years 1725 to 1750.

The specifics of Louis XV's armchairs

With its curved feet and in the shape of small animal legs, the aviator chairs marked the period of humanism. The most commonly used decorations are foliage, rockery and rushes. These make the beauty and splendor of Louis XV armchairs.

Louis XVI armchairs

Rococo armchairs marked the years 1774 to 1785. It is recognized thanks to the choice of decorative elements. Indeed, they are more marked by flower patterns. They were designed using solid wood and wrought iron.

The Louis XVI Bergère armchair: a masterpiece

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The toad armchair: a touch of elegance

Immerse yourself in the history of toad armchairs, 19th century treasures that combine functionality and elegance. Discover how these timeless pieces have evolved, from the bedroom of the bourgeois ladies to the prestigious galleries of the Louvre Museum.
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Top 3 Louis XV armchairs

Discover the 3 most popular Louis XV armchairs on, with the most stock. These armchairs are all stylish, comfortable and durable. They are perfect for adding a touch of glamour, elegance or personality to your interior.
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The 10 reasons to opt for a baroque armchair in your interior design

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Art Deco style armchair from the 1950s

If you are looking for a sofa and armchair in art deco style, you have come to the right place. These pieces are classic but comfortable and they are always fashionable. They have an elegant but feminine design. Whether you are decorating a modern or classic apartment, these rooms will bring a touch of class to your home.
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Chic baroque armchair

If you're looking for a chic baroque armchair with a vintage look, you've come to the right place. Our reproductions use hand-carved solid wood structures and quality contemporary fabrics.
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Franciscan baroque armchair

This magnificent Franciscan Baroque armchair is made of solid wood with a floral and hand-carved decoration. Its gold finish is a unique and durable finish that adds a sacred and royal touch to this seat.
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Amazon Baroque Armchair

If you want to furnish your living room with an Amazon baroque style armchair, you've come to the right place. Whether you're decorating a small or large room, this style of chair is sure to add an air of sophistication and glamour to your living room.
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The art deco armchair of Tonneau

The art deco armchair stands out in all styles and imposes its casual style on all decors.
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A baroque armchair in gold

The gold baroque armchair is a seat whose frame is made of gilded wood, its structure is usually gilded wood, upholstered in luxurious fabric.
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Modern Louis 16 armchair

The modern Louis 16 armchair is either a reproduction, or an old armchair restyled after being restored with modernized fabrics, it can be medallion back or classic.
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The Louis XVI armchair with ears

The Louis XVI armchair with ears has along the armrests an extension called ears, which allow to lay the head on the side
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The Empire gondola-necked empire armchair

The Swan-necked Empire gondola armchair is easily recognizable with its sculptures made up of gilded wooden armrests.
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The Louis Philippe armchair

Need a good plan to buy a Louis Philippe armchair? To do this follow our recommendations and place your seat in the best corner of your home for a classic décor.
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The baroque armchair in beige leather

The baroque beige leather armchair is a reproduction of the old seats, the leather brings to your seat an excellent comfort while keeping this antique look.
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The used Chesterfield chair

The British style is highly sought after by its vintage feel, but the chesterfied chair brings excellent comfort in design.
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Empire armchair Price

The price of an Empire armchair depends on several things, including the time it was made, its signature and its condition.
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The old 18th century Louis XVI armchair

There is a wide selection of Louis XVI armchairs from the time, they have seats and backs that differentiate them.
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The consulate chair

The consulate chair is an old mahogany seat that inspires prestige, once it was the armchair of personalities, it was found in the administrations of senior officials.
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Buy a second hand Louis XVI armchair

Enjoy the comfort of a Louis XVI armchair that you bought used, priced and online comparison of the best style seats for the living room.
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The Art Nouveau Chair from the 1880s to the 1920s

Art Nouveau is a decorative style inspired mainly by nature, fauna and flora. It is an art that follows the curves of its subjects.
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Baroque armchair on eBay

On the Ebay sales site, there is a wide selection of baroque armchairs made of solid wood, used models, antiques and reproductions.
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Used baroque armchair

The baroque used chair is often cheaper than an authentic antique, to find the right deal is easy with our guide.
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The 18th-century 18th-century Louis XVI armchair

The Louis XVI armchair is a remarkable and comfortable seat, the padded armrests differentiates it from the classic models.
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Leather and metal club armchair

The vintage style decoration is fashionable in the interiors, the leather and metal club armchair is appreciated for this type of decoration.
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The Empire Jacob armchair

Jacob-stamped Empire armchairs are highly sought-after seats and have a lot of value learn to recognize so as not to miss them.
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The Douglas aviator armchair

Finishes the classic decorations, with the Douglas aviator armchair your interior takes on colors and revives your home with more comfort.
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How do you clean your aviator armchair?

Synthetic aviator armchairs are the easiest to maintain, so follow our tips for easy maintenance.
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The used aviator egg armchair

Want to buy a used aviator egg armchair, but know this design seat model, and do you know where to buy it?
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The red aviator armchair

The red aviator is a design armchair with a structure covered with riveted aluminum plates.
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Brown leather aviator armchair

Choosing a brown leather aviator armchair is a good choice for your living room, but do you know where to buy it?
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Leather and aluminum aviator club armchair

With the aviator model and its riveted aluminium rim, the club armchair becomes a designer living room furniture while maintaining a vintage style.
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The industrial armchair

The industrial armchair has existed since industrial times, designed to work, it is a sturdy wooden and metal seat, sometimes lined with leather on the seat.
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The design armchair

Design chairs have gone through history, there are many models of seats appeared over time made in different materials.
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The price of an old Louis XVI armchair

When buying from an individual or antique dealer, it is important to be able to estimate the value of a Louis XVI armchair, find out how.
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Aviator chairs for sale at HTdeco

Htdeco's aviator chairs are made with hand-riveted aluminum plates, watching our presentation video.
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Vintage aviator armchair

The vintage aviator armchair is often likened to old seats, yet you can furnish your living room with new vintage armchairs.
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18th century armchairs

The 18th century armchair is a unique and historic seat that is an excellent seat for the house, as it is often associated with French royalty and its courtyard.
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Spitfire aviator armchair

The Spitfire Aviator reclining armchair is an extremely durable classic piece of furniture, once made from Sptifire aircraft parts.
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The aviator armchair - Where to buy it cheap?

Do you know the aviator armchair? A very relaxed high-end armchair made with airplane parts, find in with us at the best price.
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Ikea Baroque Armchair

The Ikea Baroque armchair brings a chic décor to your design interior, made of red, black, white or gold wood to the sheet depending on your décor.
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Airplane pilot armchair

The armchairs, made with airplane cabin parts, are rare and quality living room furniture. Find out where to buy it for cheap.
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The rococo armchair

The rococo armchair is a rare and difficult-to-find antique living room piece, but it is possible to buy beautiful expensive ps reproductions.
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Aviator armchair Eye

If you are planning to buy a new chair, you should choose the chair of your dreams with the help of an aluminum aviator eye chair. 
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Vintage leather armchair

Compare the different vintage leather armchairs on the market, for a décor trending to you to choose the style of your living room with our comparator.
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Egg armchair for a home in the world

The egg-shaped armchair is available in different version and style, vintage or design, find for your home of the world, the perfect chair.
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Metal leather armchair

Leather and metal armchairs can come in different shapes and styles, with our comparator, you're sure to make the right choice.
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DC 3 Club Armchair

Do you know the DC 3 aviator armchair ? It is a seat manufactured in the 1950s on a base of pilot armchairs of DC 3 aircraft.
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Antique leather aviator armchair

Choose an aged leather aviator for the vintage decoration of your living room, discover our selection at the best price.
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How to recognize a louis XVI-era chair

The Louis XVI-style armchair is recognizable by its straight shapes, fluted feet and backrest. The frame is usually tinted or gilded beech.
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The old baroque armchair

The old baroque armchair is a hand-carved wooden seat, to buy one, follow our guide to the best occasions.
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The Louis XVI armchair in a House of the World

The Louis XVI armchair has conquered all the countries in the world, every royalty wanted its own because it suits all interiors.
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Leather and metal aviator chair

An alliance of noble material, ensures the aviator chair a high quality comfort, made with parts of aircraft cabins and full leather cow blossom.
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Conforama Baroque Chair

Discover the Conforama baroque armchair, available in different style and colour for a seat with a comfortable armrest.
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Brown leather club chair

The leather club chair is an old seat, which has evolved over time, today it is found in different style, to keep all its beauty it requires regular maintenance.
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The Louis XVI chair redesigned

Refurbished your old Louis XVI chair is easy by following our step-by-step guide, a simple guide to restore your seat.
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The aviator armchair for a house of the world

Depending on your country, there are several styles of metal or riveted aluminum aviator chairs, for industrial or vintage effect.
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A baroque armchair for a world house

The embellishment of the decoration of your interior will be highlighted with a baroque armchair for your home in the world with our deco guide.
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The bridge chair

Discover the bridge chair an art deco seat from the 1910s to 1930s used for the office mainly because of its good seating height
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The Voltaire chair

The Voltaire chair is a 19th century seat, it takes the form of the past to become a comfortable seat with a wide back.
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