As part of the layout of a room, it is necessary to find furniture that meets the personality of the occupants, and adapts to the style of other existing furniture. A Scandinavian armchair or Louis Philippe will find its place in an interior in retro or vintage style. Discover some tips to better buy a Louis Philippe armchair.

The style of the Louis Philippe armchair

The style of the Louis Philippe dates from 1830 to 1848. The armchairs of this style are mounted on simple arched feet, also called crowbars. As for the folders, they take the form of a violin. This type of furniture is made in a massive and comfortable style, inherited from several eras, including the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, as well as the Louis XV style, while adopting a style quite similar to the era of the Restoration. Over time, the furniture begins to industrialize, but at the same time, becomes simpler.

A Louis Philippe furniture can be identified by various criteria, including wood in the first place. For this style of furniture, the builders mainly adopt solid woods, among others, mahogany, cherry, beech, rosewood, olive, walnut bramble, lemon tree, elm magnifying glass or even plane tree. Otherwise, the Louis Philippe armchair can also be designed in maple wood, reddish yew root, exotic woods, sycamore or thuya. This piece of furniture can also be made with wood painted black, and decorated with painted patterns.

The ornamentation also distinguishes the Louis Philippe style insofar as it has few motifs. Made in series, this furniture adopts some frequent styles that characterize it. This can be a frog leg, flowers, animals and landscapes. The most distinctive features of the style turn out to be the doucine pattern on the top of cabinets, dressers and secretaries, flat panels without mouldings, or straight studs covered with rounded corners.

In the same way, louis Philippe's furniture stands out for its armrests, including ram's horn turned to excess and in butt, a double pudding, as well as rockeries and volutes reflecting the second empire. The manufacture of this piece of furniture hardly uses bronzes, but adopts copper lock entries.

Finally, regarding the trampling of a Louis Philippe-style piece of furniture, it is mounted on sturdy feet, turned by machine. The shapes are varied, either straight to balustre, turned in spiral, fluted or column. They can also be curved to form a volute at the top, or even sheath, top, swan collar, lion grate or console with palmette tip.

The Louis Philippe armchairs are very Comfortable, with back feet spilled.

Old armchair or copy, it's up to you to choose

In the present day, the Louis Philippe armchair begins to make a place for itself again inside many homes. In this case, between the authentic old armchair and reproduction, buyers have a wide choice based on it, as each category has its own advantages.

It is possible to find an authentic old chair. A Louis Philippe armchair represents timeless collectible furniture, which can be exorbitant. This type of furniture can be a great treasure enhancing the value of a room, while conferring comfort and robustness.

On the other hand, it is also possible to find reproduced Louis Philippe armchairs. These furnitures have been designed perfectly imitating their honorable ancestors in order to allow a wider audience to have access to these vintage and retro products. The mouldings of these copies are more protruding, and the ornamentation may be less fine, but these details are visible only to experts. These furniture, reduced to their simple expression represent an opportunity to dress its interior differently for followers of old style.

What is the price of an armchair?

The price of a Louis Philippe armchair varies between 500 and 3,000 euros, depending on its authenticity, the manufacturing house, but also its condition.

Fauteuil bergère Louis Philippe

The old armchair

The purchase of a classic and authentic old Louis Philippe armchair can reach 800 euros if it is in good condition, and a pair can cost 1,500 euros.

A pair of armchairs with The signature of Georges Jacob cost even more to purchase, with a cost of up to 3,000 euros.

Where possible, the purchase of authentic antique furniture must be justified by a certificate issued by the seller. Still, the old furniture is recognized by a robust look and exceptional comfort when it comes to Louis Philippe armchair. An old chair may require repair from a professional upholsterer. The wooden structure is then preserved, and the cost of intervention is around 600 euros.


A reproduction of a Louis Philippe armchair costs about 400 to 1400 euros. A copy of this chair costs less, with proper robustness. This results from the fact that the authentic is made with solid wood while the reproductions can be made with other woods, just as robust.

Our store offers a wide selection of seats of different style, our reproductions are cheaper than a louis XVI armchair and are delivered within six working days.

The cabinetmakers design this armchair in accordance with the old principles of the original manufacturing era. This includes assemblies by mortaises and holdings. As for the coatings of the seats and backs, velvet being the basic material of the original period, it is chosen for the manufacture of reproductions.

Where to buy a cheap Louis Philippe armchair?

There are several ways to shop for old armchairs, such as Louis Philippe.

Antique dealers and dealers

Fauteuil dans une brocante

Collectors of antique or modern furniture during moves and other liquidations, antique shops and dealers are the best place to buy a Louis Philippe armchair at an affordable price. Indeed, in this type of place, it is possible to negotiate. Especially since at the flea markets, an exchange is possible for an even small cost.

Empty attics

Otherwise, it is also possible to go around houses or entities that make empty attics. As in the flea markets, the armchair could be in poor condition, and a restoration will be necessary. The advantage of using this method of acquisition lies in being able to invest in authentic furniture.

The classifieds of the right corner to buy a armchair Louis Philippe or Louis XVI

Finally, another alternative is to be adopted. It's about joining the Good Corner platform to peel online classifieds. The purchase via this method also allows to have an opportunity to be notified each time the Louis Philippe armchair is put up for sale, and to negotiate the price in private courier.

The decision to sell is entirely the responsibility of the seller, and this may be on sale on site after contacting the seller and price appointment to finalize the sale. Although the right corner offers the shipping service, if the armchair is used, seeing it on site allows you to test it, and thus check the condition of the seat.