The Louis XVI Jacob armchair is an undeniable symbol of French elegance and refinement. Evoking a time of grandeur and beauty, this armchair is much more than just a piece of furniture. It embodies the exceptional craftsmanship and sophisticated design that characterized the Louis XVI period. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of these iconic armchairs, looking at their specificities, their history, and the reasons why they remain masterpieces in the most distinguished interiors.

The Louis XVI Jacob Armchair: A Masterpiece of Cabinetmaking

Louis XVI armchairs stamped Henry Jacob are known for their sleek design and meticulous finish. Henry Jacob, a renowned cabinetmaker, left an indelible mark on the history of French furniture with his unique and elegant creations.

The Queen Louis XVI Armchair

One armchair to Queen Louis XVI is a particularly refined type of seat, with a straight backrest, often adorned with delicate carvings. This armchair, created under the influence of Marie Antoinette, reflects the court's taste for more geometric shapes and clean lines.

Louis XVI Style Armchair Jacob Beige Trim

Louis XVI Jacob style armchairs with beige trim are very popular for their elegant look and versatility. The beige fabric adds a touch of understated while highlighting the carved details of the wood.

The Louis XVI Jacob Shepherdess: Comfort and Style

The Louis XVI Jacob bergère is distinguished by its exceptional comfort. With its padded armrests and sloping backrest, it offers an enveloping seat ideal for relaxation. The Louis XVI style brings a touch of classic elegance to this comfortable armchair.

Jacob Chairs in Louis XVI Style Made to Measure

Jacob's custom-made Louis XVI style chairs are made to fit perfectly into your interior. Each piece is personalized according to your preferences, guaranteeing a perfect harmony with your decoration.

Louis XVI Jacob Chair Back and Upholstered Seat

The Louis XVI Jacob chair, with its back and seat to be upholstered, offers a blank canvas to express your creativity. Whether you choose a luxurious fabric or a simple upholstery, these chairs fit any style.

Louis XVI armchairs stamped Henry Jacob: a historical value

The Louis XVI armchairs stamped Henry Jacob are highly sought-after collector's items. Their stamp is synonymous with quality and authenticity, adding historical and financial value to each chair.

Marquise Jacob: Timeless grandeur

The Marquise Jacob armchair is a symbol of luxury and sophistication. This spacious seat, often used in noble salons, is designed to provide superior comfort while also being a centerpiece of décor.

Louis XVI armchair - JACOB: a timeless classic

The Louis XVI - JACOB armchair is a perfect embodiment of classic style. With its geometric lines and discreet ornaments, it blends harmoniously into any type of interior, whether traditional or contemporary.

Jacob Oves Louis XVI style armchair: a perfect balance

The Jacob Oves Louis XVI style armchair represents a perfect balance between comfort and elegance. Its ergonomic design and neat aesthetics make it an ideal choice for lovers of beautiful furniture.

Jacob Desmalter Louis XVI Style Armchair: A Tribute to Craftsmanship

The Louis XVI style Jacob Desmalter armchair is a celebration of quality craftsmanship. Every detail, from the carving of the wood to the finishing of the fabric, testifies to the exceptional craftsmanship of the craftsmen of the time.

Jacob Armchair End of Table, Louis XVI Style: Elegance and Practicality

The Jacob armchair end table, Louis XVI style, combines elegance and practicality. Perfect for reception spaces, it adds a touch of sophistication while providing comfortable seating for diners.


The Louis XVI Jacob armchair is more than just a piece of furniture; It is a piece of art that transcends time. With its refined lines, quality materials and rich history, it continues to captivate lovers of classic furniture. Whether you choose a Queen Louis XVI armchair, a bergère or a marquise, each piece brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior. Investing in a Louis XVI Jacob armchair means choosing luxury, comfort and authenticity.


Louis XVI Jacob armchair: Why is it so sought after?

The Louis XVI Jacob armchair is sought after for its refined design and rich history. Designed by renowned cabinetmakers such as Henry Jacob, it embodies the elegance and craftsmanship of the Louis XVI era.

What distinguishes a Louis XVI Jacob shepherdess?

A Louis XVI Jacob armchair stands out for its superior comfort and elegant design. With padded armrests and a sloping backrest, it offers a wraparound seat perfect for relaxation.

How to recognize a Henry Jacob armchair?

An armchair stamped Henry Jacob bears the cabinetmaker's mark, often engraved or stamped on the frame. This stamp is a guarantee of authenticity and quality, guaranteeing the origin and value of the piece.

Why choose a Louis XVI Jacob style armchair with beige trim?

The beige trim on a Louis XVI Jacob style armchair adds a touch of sobriety and refinement. It highlights the carved details of the wood and easily blends in with various interior design styles.

What is a Louis XVI Jacob chair with back and seat to upholster?

A Louis XVI Jacob chair with back and seat to upholster is designed to be customized to your preferences. You can choose the fabric and the filling, thus allowing a perfect adaptation to your interior.

What is the point of custom-made Louis XVI style Jacob chairs?

Jacob's custom-made Louis XVI style chairs are made to fit your space precisely. Each chair is customized according to your needs, offering a perfect harmony with your decoration.