Nowadays in the interiors of our houses, we mix with style modernity and vintage to play with contrast and frankly, the result is always at the top.

That's why Louis 16-style armchairs have resurfaced to become the centerpiece of the decoration of our interiors. A must-have in the living room, armchairs have become ubiquitous in every room of the house by integrating into bedrooms, offices and even libraries.

What style of armchair style Louis XVI revisited?

Have you noticed that the trend of interior design is Vintage? It seems that the traditional style merges with the peculiarity of modernity to create a unique look. And when we talk about old style, it's hard not to mention the Louis 16 style which is precisely the reference in this matter.

The Louis 16 armchairs are once again very popular in homes and in order to meet the growing demands of the clientele, the designers had the wonderful idea to revisit them. As a result, you won't have a hard time coming across a redesigned Louis 16 armchair that blends seamlessly into your contemporary interior.

Fauteuil médaillon Louis 16

The classique armchair

Typical of the Louis 16 style, the solid wooden classique armchair has regained the confidence of interior designers. Its popularity, which dates back to the 16th century, has managed to cross generations and is still relevant several hundred years later. But it's not just that! The truth is that the style is revisited by designers for a better harmony with contemporary furniture nowadays.

Thus, the design is more minimalist, the furniture less imposing so that it can be an integral part of our interiors of the 21st century. In any case, the armchair has lost none of its peculiarities of yesteryear. Seat always wide and comfortable, concave back and especially open armrests. As for its feet, you will have the pleasure of finding the camber pillars for more elegance and even more refinery.

In short, a good design that will not have a hard time finding its place in your home.

The medallion armchair

More than just furniture, the armchair with a medallion back revisited whether it is Louis XVI or Louis XV is the very image of French craftsmanship in terms of craftsmanship. Inspired by the real old gold-wood medallion chair, it allows you to bounce back centuries by its style. This piece of furniture is actually part of Louis 16 armchairs that marked his time. Of course, it is also revisited to be up to date.

The armchair will then make use of its charm to make a place of honor in your interiors decorated in a modern way, in a living room or around a dining room table. Thanks to this makeover, the chair now exists in several shades, painted wood or laqué wood, one as well as the other. As for acidulation, it is also at the rendezvous.

As for the typical features of the medallion chair that make all the difference, they are preserved. Therefore, the solid beech structure with acanthus leaves, the seat with strap and the upholstery springs will always be there.

It's perfect then to punctuate the decoration of your interiors with class.

Fauteuil Bergère Louis 16

The big armchair

Do you know the Louis XVI big armchair, the typical piece of furniture that was a sensation in the days of Louis 16? Well, its popularity has been updated. For a few years now, designers have been working seriously on this style to allow them a new youth. It is for this reason that different models of revisited shepherd's chair are commercially available.

To adapt to the times, there are now more contemporary and comfortable models. This is why it is also found, in addition to its usual remote armrests of footrests and elongated positions. But even in this type of seat there are still variants, such as the Louis XVI armchair with ears.

For the padded seat and the high padded back, they will always be at the appointments. On the fabric side, linen is very popular with its distinctly elegant appearance.

Which old Louis 16 sofa to buy?

Looking around, you're sure that a revival would be welcome to wake up the decoration of your interior? Know that you will be able to give new looks to your cozy cocoon without you having to embark on your big projects. How about an old Louis 16 sofa to bring the little detail that changes everything?

This is a great idea to redesign an interior whose decoration is tarnished by time. And besides, the fact that the 16 style is now in the hands of designers to update it has made the choice multiple. Among other things, you can bet on a reclining shepherd's armchair for absolute comfort.

Here it is revised and corrected, the furniture sports an elegance of another level. But there's also nothing to stop you from choosing other older sofas such as the Louis 16 banquettes or the velvet toad lounge.