Are you looking for a new lamp to illuminate your home? A functional and decorative element for the home, the choice of this fixture should not be made in a hurry. The question is, "What kind of art deco lamp to get?" Among the various options available to you, the antique lamps are among the most appreciated on the market. But you still need to know about antique fixtures. Also, to help you familiarize yourself with this type of lamp, this handy guide is offered.

Cheap design pose lamp

If you're looking for a multi-purpose fixture, opt for a lamp to put on. This type of art deco fixture is a real all-rounder, as you can install it anywhere in the house. It can therefore be a dining room table lamp, a living room lamp or even a bedside lamp. In the living room, this fixture is perfect for providing indirect lighting. In a bedroom, it brings a warm light that invites rest. But the real advantage of this fixture is the embarrassment of choice it provides. Models of several sizes, different materials and design of all kinds can be found.

As for the material, this type of fixture offers a wide choice ranging from wood to glass to plastic. The choice of material depends mainly on the style that this decorative element must bring to the room. If the goal is to provide a rustic and natural style, wood is the ideal material. If it's for a chic design, you'll opt for a glass or metal design. For a classic and warm atmosphere, porcelain remains the material of choice. If contemporary decoration is to be emphasized, the plastic is perfect. For a very large house, stone and marble are to be considered.

Because of this variety of material, these fixtures are available in different colours. But you should know that the choice of material also influences the price. The more luxurious the material, the more expensive the fixture. In addition, the choice of light source is also to be taken into account. It should be noted that this type of fixture can offer incandescent, halogen and LED bulbs. For a cheap model, there are low-energy fixtures. Furthermore, it should be noted that this type of light fixture is generally used as a second source of light and not first.

Finally, the advantage of these fixtures is the mobility that allows it to be moved according to the season and mood. Among the trendiest models are standing lamps with shade and changeable feet.

Scandinavian style bedside lamp

Are you looking for a bedside lamp to light up your room or your children's? Why not opt for Scandinavian style? But by the way, what is scandinavian style already?

The Scandinavian style appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, but did not reach its peak until about 1950. This style is characterized by the emphasis on simplicity and minimalism. As the name suggests, it is a style that comes from the Nordic countries, including Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark and Iceland. Each country has developed the Scandinavian style at its own pace and has added special properties. But the principle remains the same: to create beautiful, simple and practical. The spirit of the Nordic style emphasizes a soft and serene atmosphere. The Scandinavian style is recognized by two distinct elements: colour and material.

The Scandinavian-style fixture promotes the use of white, which comes in all its varieties. The shades of white that are used in general are raw white, pristine white, white pulling on beige and white pulling on blue. The advantage of white is that it easily harmonizes with other colors. But the Scandinavian style is not limited only to white, we can also find other colors that highlight the natural, neutral and pastel side. Thus, we can mention grey and all its varieties such as taupe grey, taupe grey and anthracite gray. Brown is also widely used in the Scandinavian style. These colors have been chosen to create a mix between warm and cool colors, offering a cocooning effect.

On the material side, the Scandinavian style uses mostly wood to provide a natural and soft touch. To create a subtle contrast, wood can be mixed with other metal-like materials. Opting for aluminum is very interesting, because it brings a touch of modernity.

As for the energy source, incandescent and low-energy models are the most practical for efficient and gentle lighting.

Lamp with glass blinds

A light fixture is made up of two elements that are the lampshade and the lamp foot. Opting for a glass blind is very interesting for the style it provides. And when we talk about a stained glass lamp, we think mostly of Tiffany lamps. These fixtures are named after Louis Comfort Tiffany. He is an American artist who is considered to be a mainstay in the manufacture of glass works. It ranges from painting, to furniture to jewelry. In the field of lighting, he is designed to create creations such as the spherical chandelier, the lotus and tulip lamp, as well as the glass and bronze standing lamps depicting flowers.

The use of a glass blind is interesting insofar as it brings class and elegance to the decoration. Glass is a luxurious material that is timeless and depending on the design on offer, it can offer a retro, contemporary or modern style. Sustainability is also the order of the day, as the glass lampshades are resistant. Of course, there is a certain limit to its resistance, so caution remains the order of the day. On the other hand, in terms of maintenance, a glass over-day is convenient, because cleaning is easy to do.

Depending on the model chosen, it is possible to change the elements of the lamp. So you can change the foot while keeping the glass shade. It's ideal for keeping the fixture safe and saving money. On the other hand, you have to choose the foot. The height of the lampshade and the height of the foot must be proportional. To ensure harmony, the shape must be the same: that is, a round foot for a round blind.

An interior fixture must use modern technology, the LED bulb is one of them. So the lighting is softer and cheaper. Our selection of lighting, offers you products that you can use with a bright white adapted to your décor, depending on the data to be taken into account as windows. A customer will find an offer for the appropriate product by following personal advice for each new product.

For every place in the house you need to choose a special atmosphere. Whether it's for the room to use a type of ceiling light or the living room where you need more intense light.

Our blog lets you take advantage of our promotions and special prices for your decorative items, whether you are looking for a bedside desk lamp or to pose for the living room to create a bright atmosphere.

We inform you of the latest products for decorating your home, enjoy shipping costs and advantageous prices with HTdeco.

Art Deco lamp 20s

A beautiful 1920 Art Deco lamp will add an elegant and sophisticated touch to any room. These lamps combine utility and style. You will be able to pass them on to future generations as a legacy. 
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Art Nouveau lamp 1900 Tiffany style

Art Nouveau style lamps appeared at the end of the 18th century, all areas of decoration were inspired by this style, it preceded that of art deco.
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Decorate your home with an art deco lamp from Tiffany

If you have a unique taste for home décor, a Tiffany lamp is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your home. This stunning luminaire is made with many pieces of glass cut and welded by hand and uses Louis Comfort Tiffany processes.
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The Pipistrello lamp by Martinelli Luce

The Pipistrello lamp by Martinelli Luce is a charming whimsical table lamp created in 1965. Its name derives from the Italian word Pipistrello, which means Bat.
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The vintage industrial style table lamp

If you are looking for a unique industrial style lamp, there are many options available. These lamps are available in a variety of colors and can be adjusted for brightness and mood. Many people like the look of these lamps, which are made with steel pipes, cast metal components and large blocks of dark wood. Some
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Which Tiffany bedside lamp to choose for your room?

The colors of a lamp for the bedroom are as important as the style of its lampshade, they bring a relaxed atmosphere to your place of rest.
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Which Tiffany lamp to choose to illuminate your living room?

A Tiffany lamp is not only a lighting solution for your living room, its mosaic lampshade is in itself a decorative object.
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Where to buy a cheap Tiffany lamp?

It is easy to find a quality Tiffany lamp at Htdeco at the best price, delivery is done very quickly in 24 to 48 hours.
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Can we buy a tiffany lamp directly in China?

When buying on the internet, we often look for the best price, buying your Tiffany lamp directly in China is possible on some websites.
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How to clean a Tiffany lamp ?

Do you know how to clean a Tiffany lamp? Otherwise, this article will give you a brief overview of the task. After reading this article, you should be able to easily perform the tasks required to maintain and clean your lamp.
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Buy a Tiffany lamp on classifieds sites

Can we really buy an authentic old Tiffany lamp on classifieds sites? And is it possible to get delivered, is the fixture insured? Find out all the answers to your questions.
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Italian vintage glass and metal lamps

Many vintage Italian lamps from the 1960s to 1980s are collector's items, their bright colors illuminate the interiors with cheerfulness
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A Tiffany lamp for a home in the world

Whatever your décor, you will find a Tiffany lamp for a house in the world, the different colors of the lampshades offer a great possibility of decoration. 
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Choose your bulbs for your vintage Tiffany lamps?

Depending on the room of your home and the fixture you use, you will have to choose the right bulb, so for a vintage lamp with a Tiffany blind, the bulb will be different from a desk lamp.
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A Tiffany lamp assembled by hand

The assembly of a Tiffany lamp is done as before, the stained glass made of colored glasses is assembled by hand and then welded to the tin
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Vintage lamp to lay in the 1970s

The vintage lamp of the 1970s is one of the must-have fixtures for design enthusiasts. these lights are in orange and blue.
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The ceiling lamp

The ceiling lamp, suspension or chandelier can take different shapes and styles, the modern and vintage are often competing to illuminate your home.
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When are Tiffany lamps sold at discount prices ?

Sales are a great way to buy an inexpensive Tiffany lamp, but when are the discounts? Here are the dates and the best products that will be on sale.
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Tiffany Lamps delivered in UK and Europe

You want to be delivered to England with your Tiffany lamp, no worries Htdeco delivers you all over Europe in express, all vintage lamps and art deco are in stock.
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Vintage Industrial Lamps

Industrial lamps naturally have a vintage look, it is now a trendy and chic decorative object. Old lights and lamps can be found in reproduction.
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Tiffany shop lamps

Copies of Tiffany table lamps are made using the same techniques as at the beginning of the century with quality materials and assembled by hand.
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Tiffany Lamps Price

Wondering how much an authentic Tiffany lamp or reproduction costs, follow our guide to find out.
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Can we buy a Tiffany lamp at a flea market?

If you buy a Tiffany lamp at a flea market, chances are it's a copy, follow our tips for getting a bargain.
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Vintage Tiffany Lamp - Our selection

The most beautiful vintage Tiffany lamps are presented among our selection, prices and deliveries, you will know everything to buy a cheap vintage fixture.
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Clara Driscoll

Clara Driscoll was the director of Tiffany Studios, she designed the most beautiful Tiffany lamps with the Tiffany Girls.
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How Thomas Edison Influenced Louis Comfort Tiffany

Before electricity and incandescent bulb lighting was done with insusctive lamps, such as oil or oil lamps.
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Tiffany's old and modern table lamp

Old and modern table lamps are not very different, only the difference in price can sometimes differentiate them.
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How do you know if your Tiffany lamp is made of glass or plastic?

Glass or plastic blinds, not easy to tell the difference to the naked eye, but we'll give you the tips to make sure your Tiffany lamp is glass and not plastic.
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Tiffany lamps for sale the best price !

If you want to buy a Tiffany lamp at the best price or on sale, you will need to take the time to know the right addresses and different types of lamps.
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Reproduction authentic antique tiffany lamps for sale

Our store of lighting, offers a large collection of reproduction of Tiffany lamps, inspired by authentic models.
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