How to find the right lamp, according to the room to light?

A domestic fixture must use modern technology, the LED bulb is a part. So bright lighting is more soft and economic. Our selection of lighting, offers products that you can use with a bright white, adapted to your decoration, according to the factor to be taken into account as the windows. A customer will find an offer for the product following a personal advice for each new product.

For each area of the House needs to choose a special atmosphere. Be it for the room to use a type of ceiling or the lounge where one needs a more intense light.

Our blog makes you enjoy our promotions and special prices, you are looking for a style for the office or living room lighting. We inform the last delivery for the decoration of your room.

How do you make the stained glass window of a Tiffany lamp yourself?

Learn how to make a stained glass window like Louis Comfort Tiffany, following our guide you can to create less your light.
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Dale tiffany lamps

Dale is a manufacturer of reproductions of Tiffany lamps in the United States of America, since 1979 at La Mirada in California.
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Lamp to lay cheap design

Design fixtures evolved from the 1950s after the art deco period appeared this new style that seduces with its modernity.
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Tiffany lamps Amazon

Our selection of Tiffany lamps on Amazon. Where are the best prices? Check out our guide to buying a lamp, lamppost, chandelier or Tiffany applique.
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The world's most expensive Tiffany lamp

How much did the world's most expensive lamp sell?  The Tiffany Lily Pond lamp sold for $3,372,500 at auction on December 13, 2018 at Christies.
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Lights from 1910 to 1930

The art deco movement of the 1900s allowed the most diverse artists to express their art. But the lighting was undoubtedly the biggest upheaval in the world of decoration.
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Tiffany lamps ebay uk

What do you need to know before buying a Tiffany lamp on Ebay? Follow our tips for getting a good deal and avoid all the pitfalls of sites like Ebay, Amazon and Cdiscount.
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The top 5 Tiffany lamps you have to buy!

Here's our selection of the finest Tiffany-style table lamps you've got.
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Tiffany lamps with an English style shade - Cheap fixtures

To have an English style in your home, choose a lamp with a Tiffany stained glass window.
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Antique liberty lamps

Want to buy an original Liberty lamp? We will give you all the useful information.
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