Illuminating your living room in a modern and trendy way is all that is extraordinary. With Tiffany lamps, the effect will still be magnificent. Not only do they play an important role in the lighting of the room, but they also create a completely unique atmosphere. It is not surprising that these lamps are considered today as the must have of a very successful decoration. What else do you need to know?

Choose a lampshade in the style of your interior

The original Tiffany lamps were born thanks to a great character Louis Comfort Tiffany who even gave his name to this precious object. They were true works of art that immediately knew how to keep an important place in the different pieces of decoration. Indeed, the works of this great artist continue to seduce many lovers of elegant and unique decorative objects. It is mainly thanks to their entirely atypical design that Tiffany lamps have been all the rage since their existence. Tiffany lampshades are mainly assembled by hand and with material glasses, a small tin solder is required. This is indeed the method used by its very creator, due to the complexity of the stained glass windows of the lamps.

Today, the glass lampshade holds an important place on different luminaires in the rooms of a house, especially in the living room. It exists in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Its existence in the middle of your living room only reflects a vintage and trendy style. It is also an idea that can provide a good atmosphere throughout the main room. If you're thinking of bringing more light to your living room with a completely unique lamp, opt for the stained glass lampshade with pieces of colored glass or mosaic of a handcrafted Tiffany table lamp. These are real works of art It is usually composed of a metal foot that serves as a support for the dome.

The different styles of Tiffany lamps

Also known as "Lanterns of the Gods", Tiffany-style lamps are ideal for contemporary, neo-retro, classic and vintage decorations. Whether your living room is decorated in an art deco, country or futuristic way, the Tiffany lamp will always find its place on the table or a sideboard. Currently, this decorative object enjoys an increase in popularity and is invited in most modern homes.

Thanks to its completely stylish design, the Tiffany lamp knows how to provide refinement to the living room. It can indeed display several themes (butterflies, flowers, foliage, dragonflies, turtles and others). From the cutting to the discoloration of each glass that composes it, the design techniques remain the same so that the lamp is a perfect auxiliary luminaire. The Tiffany lamp is now available in several forms: Tiffany art deco lamp, Tiffany Flower lamp as well as the High-end Tiffany lamps.

Tiffany art deco lamp

Lampe Tiffany style art déco

This type of Tiffany luminaires is very ideal for both table lamps and bedside lamps. It is also very decorative, once put in a good corner of your living room. The Tiffany art deco lamp can perfectly adorn the main room while providing a little freshness and a touch of originality. Their very particular design in green and blue dome will give a sober and cozy atmosphere in your interior. It has a base on which emerge bowl leaves reminiscent so well of life in water.

Tiffany Flower Lamp

Lampe Tiffany fleurs

From the base to the lampshade, this lamp model is entirely decorated with flowers. It sports bright colors that will perfectly sublimate all the patterns worked. Tiffany Fleur lamps are quite ideal not only to decorate the living room, but above all to bring the light that the room needs to shine. If you are more of a country atmosphere, this model is preferably recommended.

High-end Tiffany lamp

It stands out mainly for its quality and tree design. In the shape of a dome, the lampshade is also decorated with branches and glass leaves. The whole is dotted with several glass beads reminiscent of fruits. This style of lamp has as support a cast iron tree trunk which is beautifully decorated with two birds. If enhancing the decoration of your living room matters to you especially for its comfort, this model will do well with its very chic and elegant note.

Fast delivery

If you want to have a Tiffany lamp delivered to you that you ordered, know that the delivery is fast. You are on average delivered within 24 hours just after the order is made. Htdeco buys its luminaires in China directly from a Chinese factory, but all products are shipped from its warehouse in France. However, it is always best to place the order 11 hours before so that your package is then shipped within the day. For the delivery method, your Tiffany lamps, as well as small packages (less than 30 kilos) and other bronze statues, are usually sent by DPD.

To be more reassured, a tracking number is made available to all customers so that they can track the status of their order until delivery. Whether at your home or in another place, a signature will be required upon receipt and delivery. Indeed, you are completely free to choose the relay point that suits you best. And for the safety of your Tiffany lamps, carriers and delivery people will know perfectly how to go about preserving their quality. An email will then be sent to you once the package arrives at its destination. This saves you a waste of time.