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Medici vase without base

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Want to sublimate your exterior of a beautiful element of decoration, why not opt for a Medici cast iron vase ?

The Medici vase without pedestal is an essential decorative object to decorate both the exterior and the interior of your property. It is perfect for beautifying your garden or driveway. To put on the furniture of entry, in the corner ...

Want to sublimate your exterior of a beautiful element of decoration, why not opt for a Medici cast iron vase ?

The Medici vase without pedestal is an essential decorative object to decorate both the exterior and the interior of your property. It is perfect for beautifying your garden or driveway. To put on the furniture of entry, in the corner of your living room or your office, nothing is also worth its Florentine charm. Discover from our collection the incomparable beauty of your Medici cast iron vase to be part of your retro style decor. Our shop offers a wide range of models with or without pedestal to decorate with elegance different places of your home. With their timeless beauty, these types of washbasins can harmonize with any room in the house. Medici vases without base are available in several sizes and in various patterns. Enhance them with a pretty plantation. The bottom of your garden pot is pierced with a hole to be able to evacuate the water. Know that the antique decorative key is necessarily present where there is one.

A cast iron Medici style vase for the garden

The Vase Medici is actually a crater in the shape of inverted bell, equipped with two annular handles glued to the basin with heads of satyrs. The satyr is the famous mythological character with hairy body, endowedtwo long, pointed ears, lipped lips, goat's beard, little horns growing from his forehead. Statues or masks of this demigod among the Greeks and Romans are often used as decorative motifs in ancient art or sixteenth century.

A cast iron planter looks like a large bowl, decorated with small decorations, finely carved by professional craftsmen on all contours. It is a support of aesthetics to compose thus an object of essential decoration. In fact, the primary use of a cast iron Medici vase is to accommodate flowers or floral arrangements. In some rooms, it can serve as an empty-pocket. Nevertheless, he can simply remain as such as an art object.

The Medici vases, besides being utilitarian, are also very decorative. Their Florentine charm is one of the highlights of the decoration of your garden. What makes these objects unique. Made of marble, these ornamental containers will elegantly dress European gardens; in terracotta, they will enliven the sumptuous gardens of the south. Patinated, they recall the old grandeur.

The Medicis basin without pedestal will go perfectly both outside, in the gardens, the driveway, the balcony, etc. only inside like amphorae. Nevertheless, since it is made of cast iron, it can be very heavy, so it will perfect the decoration.we have gardens. These materials will be more resistant to weather and temperature changes.

Medici vases without pedestal, a style inspired by the Renaissance

The Medici cast iron vase is of an age-old style. The model has already appeared around the 1st century BC. At that time it was used to mix water and wine. But its origin back to the noble Medici family in the sixteenth century, which gave it its name and prestige. She invented the style and its bell-shaped form. The Medieval style vase was first discovered in 1598 during the inventory of the Villa Medicis in Rome. At that time, it was named the "marble pillar telling the story of Iphigenia". From 1780 until now, it is deposited in the Uffizi Gallery of Florence. In Roman times, these pots are made with stone or marble to adorn the gardens. Nowadays, the Medici cast iron vase is filled with a heavy and long past which makes it both an object of art and history, as well as a piece of eclectic decoration. To dress your garden with a Castle style decor, a Medici cast iron vase without base is your perfect asset. It is even a true highlight of the Greek gardens thanks to the trellises and the magnificent sculptures of deities of Greek mythology.

Beyond elegance thanks to its black color, this vase hasntique has been studied and designed in the details to bring authenticity into your space. The precise design of its forms recalls the great ancient gardens of the emperors, a royal touch that will elevate your decoration and transport you to the era of Roman power.

Medici cast iron vases incorporate a certain imprint that can change a place dotted with flowers and covered with shrubs into an authentic paradise. They have all the necessary assets to decorate your garden, your veranda or your terrace with the charm of yesteryear. In addition to being decorative thanks to their patterns and their shape, they will be the perfect ally of your plants by protecting them from the many gastropods.

A Medici basin without pedestal antique style at a low price

Currently, many vases seem to be inspired by these monumental amphora vases or ornamental vases of antiquity. The pot garden in cast iron is one of the most famous models inspired by the Renaissance from the XVI century. The crater-shaped conical shapes or the presence of the handles are proof of this. It is a decorative vase faithfully imitating flared shapes. It can easily find its place in a house of classic or contemporary style.

A vase without base will allow you to sublimate your outside but it also serves to accommodate your plantations worthily. Unlike other materials (ceramics, stone, resin ...), the Medici cast iron basin does not need special maintenance, despite its constant exposure to weather changes. Be it the sun, the rain or the frost of winter, the weather will provide even more a patina that will give it a vintage look. For this purpose, he can settle outside your home throughout the year and constantly keep its color and aesthetics.

Robust and solid, made of iron, this Medici vase without base has the capacity to retain better moisture than other materials. It is a nice option to allow you to properly maintain your plant without bothering to water frequently. The small hole in the bottom of the basin will ensure the evacuation of the water accumulated when watering.

Find out now in our garden radius perfect reproductions of Medici vases in cast iron, which are made using the same methods as smelters nineteenth century. For a neat finish, moldings and reliefs are retouched by hand. Which makes it difficult to distinguish the reproductions except on the price. Several models of different sizes are available in our shop: the black or green cast iron pot for the garden, the Medici vase in Venetian cast iron, the bowl with cherubs ... Each cast iron Medici vase will decorate your property with cHarme. Make your orders and your container will be shipped by express parcel in three days (on average). The choice is yours. Discover among our collection of planters that suit you.

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Medici vase without base

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