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Essential to sublimate the garden or embellish the interior in a vintage way, the Medici vase is a decorative object with the appearance of a bell-shaped crater, made of neo-Attic marble. Appeared in the middle of the first century BC, it was used in ancient times to mix water and wine. It is originally designed by the Medici family in the sixte...

Essential to sublimate the garden or embellish the interior in a vintage way, the Medici vase is a decorative object with the appearance of a bell-shaped crater, made of neo-Attic marble. Appeared in the middle of the first century BC, it was used in ancient times to mix water and wine. It is originally designed by the Medici family in the sixteenth century, in which he held his name, who imagined the style and the bell format. It was noticed for the first time in 1598, during the inventory of Villa Medici in Rome, under the title of "marble pillar telling the story of Iphigenia", although it still seems difficult to trace its exact location in ancient times. In 1780, the Medici vase entered the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, where it is still present, except from 1800 to 1803, where it was moved to Palermo to flee the French troops. To dress up your estate with a Château-style decor, choose a Medici cast iron vase with or without base. Find in our articles a wide variety of Medici cast iron vases, reproductions of an old model that will adorn your property with elegance and charm.

A medici garden vase made as before

Apart from the Borghese vase, the Medici vase is one of the oldest and most popular vases of the modern era. It can dazzle as well by its beauty as its charm. Thisobject is very useful inside and out. Rediscover the timeless beauty of Medici cast iron vases, whether for an ornamental decoration of your gardens or for your exteriors. We offer you a wide range of models, available in different sizes and colors, but the quality is always the same. Whether you choose large vases or small, each has its particularity to be used according to your needs and inspirations. Medici cast iron vases may be accompanied by a pedestal or not. We will be at your service in our stores to guide you in your choice and deliver your item quickly.

Aesthetic and functional, the Medici vase has resumed the classical shape of the inverted bell crater with two looped loops, attached to the vase via satyr heads, which are at the bottom of the belly. This calyx look, christened Medici, is inspired by ancient styles. The crater's upper rim widens into a molded rim. Installed on a square base, the Medici vase exhibits an entirely carved surface with pretty voluptuous motifs in bas-relief. Today, this object has recognized different movements in its form. Its motifs can be pleasantly composed of fruits, acanthus flowers or garlands, which look, even if they are more simplified, to those found in the Roman gardens "horti marmorei" de the ancient times.

If the Medici vases are originally manufactured (in the sixteenth century) Marble, today there are models of cast iron or stone or reconstituted resin. The Medici cast iron vase is made from the work of cast iron, which appeared in 1850 and launched by Baron Haussmann, a collaborator of Napoleon III in designing the famous Wallace Fountain. Each model has incorporated the same process used by foundries nineteenth century in creating moldings and reliefs cast iron, retouched later by hand to get a perfect finish. Between 1900 and 1913, the French architect Hector Guimard took over the concept by making the metro entrances cast in Art Nouveau style.

A Medici decorative basin of timeless beauty

Since the Renaissance, when the use of large antique vases has grown, the Medici vase is among the best models that inspire the decorative style and are widespread throughout Europe. To this end, in the seventeenth century, all the gardens of European palace are decorated with more or less perfect garden pots of these monumental reproductions. In Versailles, for example, are replicas carved by Jean Cornu, made of marble, each of the two vases used to decorate the parterre of Latona. This is the model reused until today to produce vaseMedici made of porcelain, terracotta or cast iron.

The Medici style washbasins are usually made of cast iron, guaranteeing solidity and stability, even under the vagaries of the external environment. They can thus continue in time.

Due to the timeless beauty of this garden vase, many works of art borrowed it as a decorative subject. Such is the case of a work of Stefano Della Bella in 1656, showing the young heir who was to become Cosimo III de Medici sitting near the vase drawing it.

Medici vases are available in different sizes depending on your needs. You have the option of installing them on an entrance wall or column. The presence of a Medici basin brings a touch of luxury and elegance to the steps, stairs or pillars. A large cast iron flowerpot will give your exterior a new dimension. Other more spectacular models bring to your home a real appearance of the eighteenth century. In a small format, the Medici vase in old-style patinated cast iron harmonizes perfectly with your interior decoration once installed on your desks, consoles, furniture of entry even your plans of kitchen work. Very ornamental, it can be placed in the center of table for a refined decoration. But its charm is not negligible outside.

Depending on its size, as cache pot or vase ofApproval, each basin cast iron garden will find a suitable location, whether in a corner of your living room, in the veranda or on your terrace.

Medici cast iron vases are excellent on an alley or a pitchless location. They will offer your landscaped space an antique decor, often adopted in the castles parks, to make the place spectacular. They are usually accompanied by a base, specific to each model, but you can install them on a support of your choice for a touch of flea market, which particularizes your decoration.

Medici basins are perfect as a garden vase . It is enough to decorate them of a beautiful plantation to put them in value. Just give free rein to your imagination in terms of decoration. These cast iron pots will certainly enhance your plantations by welcoming them with charm, but they can also be used as empty pocket at the entrance, the office or in a kitchen with these bowls decoration.

Lay out your outdoor space like the Luxembourg garden with huge Medici basins filled with chrysanthemums. Their colors intertwine with those of plane trees with red and golden leaves of autumn to make the place more extraordinary. It's really beautiful to see these flowering wreaths of impressive size, which harmonize perfectly with the immensity of the site.

Dress up your motherwith a Medicis vase in the style of a castle

In ancient times, cast iron pots in the form of enlarged and monumental craters were reserved to decorate the gardens of the most affluent Roman clients, such as marble gardens or "horti marmorei". Still made of marble at the time, these large vases are accompanied by other ornaments to reflect the adventures of Achilles and Ulysses. They are also found in the garden restored to the Bardo Museum, a marvel of heritage in Tunisia. The vase vase jardiniere was reproduced from the elements recovered in the excavations of the ruin of Mahdia.

In general, the Medici pot weighs very heavy. Thanks to their components, these objects are dedicated to be installed outside, like old fonts. They are specially designed to be weather resistant, which will even give these garden pots a patina giving them an antique look. Available in different sizes, they can be set up on a wall or a column. You will only have to choose what suits your needs. It is possible to choose models with a base or not. Medici cast iron vases on a pedestal are used to dress along an alley or entrance, they will transform perfectly your outdoor garden. Planned to accommodate plantations, they have holes in the bottom to evacuate the water.

According to the models, these vases ofgarden are embellished with different engravings. They have a marble base, although there are many variations of components: stone, cast iron and terracotta. These are copies of the famous ancient Medici vase, which carefully respect the characteristic elements of the basic model, with quality materials. In reissue, our Medici vases know how to keep the authenticity of these objects of ornaments, discover our novelties of May 2018.

For the entrance of your property, it is better to buy a Medici basin in pairs. You can leave flowers there if it is reserved to decorate your garden, as in the gardens of Versailles or all the castles of France.

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