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Tiffany ceiling lights - Pendants

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Each Tiffany ceiling light from our store is a unique fixture made as before. A light source can be placed at any location according to the clarity that the user requires. The American designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, for this purpose, has exploited all shapes and sizes possible and imaginable, to offer you a complete and varied range of lighting...

Each Tiffany ceiling light from our store is a unique fixture made as before. A light source can be placed at any location according to the clarity that the user requires. The American designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, for this purpose, has exploited all shapes and sizes possible and imaginable, to offer you a complete and varied range of lighting.

A Tiffany ceiling light for subdued lighting

The ceiling light is a suspended ceiling element in the center of a room for central and general lighting. It is an element of decoration in itself, which the day is part of the furniture, but in the evening, brings a magic touch to those around him. The ceiling light Tiffany is a sign of elegance and beauty, refinement and distinction, its lampshade diffuses a complete light on your interior.
This element is not only useful, but brings an element of undeniable décor to the interior of the house. All the practical aspects of good lighting are very important for enhancing your interior and making it more functional. Nevertheless, do not damage the decorative aspect. The pendant is a great piece of decoration and lighting. It is a sign of distinction and elegance. These two traits are obtained from your choice, in form, color, material.
Old style ceiling lamps are available in all colorss possible, with innumerable shapes and sizes ranging from the smallest to the most monumental.

Our store offers you to accompany your lighting sets of lights, a table lamp, and can complete your suspension or your wall, the same stained glass will harmonize the diffusion of light in the room.
In other words, all tastes can be satisfied, and all scholarships will be able to afford.

Tiffany pendant lights stained glass made as before

Tiffany fixtures have made a name before this century. These hundred years of existence have only increased their reputation in the world of elegance, luxury, and refinement in interior decoration.
The ceiling lamps, like all other art nouveau fixtures of this style, are made in the purest tradition of the Louis Comfort Tiffany glassmaker. The manufacturing process, which is traditional, has remained the same from its origin to date. The materials used also remained the same as those which constituted the first models. In this perspective, a current achievement, which is a replica, has nothing to envy to that achieved a hundred years ago.
The stained glass that makes up the basin consists of real glasses. These glasses are processed and crafted. They are crimped and then manually welded with tin.
There are two kinds of pendant lamps. There are those whose lightis turned to the ground, with only one chain as suspension, and those turned to the ceiling, suspended with at least three chains. The first forms the light directly on the entire room, while the second floods the ceiling with a light that then spreads to the rest of the room. Whatever the ceiling height you have you will find fixtures that fit in terms of brightness and space, if height 60cm is the average of a ceiling lighting, our models with chain can be modified to be lengthened or shortcuts.
The pendants lamps are present in both forms. The Rome series for example has two ceiling lights whose colors are similar, the morphology too, but the first is suspended with a chain, and the bulb is at the bottom of the decorative glasses, and the second, the bulb is above the Tiffany glass basin, the whole is suspended by three chains balancing the basin-shaped bowl.
Colors are in the spotlight when it comes to art nouveau lighting. They are the first distinctive signs of Tiffany lamps. The shades of colors used for the manufacture of the chandeliers were chosen so as to sift the diffused light. The clarity offered by a pendant lamp comes from the height, so it floods the whole room. The glasses are there to soften this clarity and give a soft and soothing reflection.

A pendant lamp with three branches

Our store offers a chandelier with three lights. It is a baroque ceilling lamp in the Indiana series, consisting of three small bowls of handmade glasses set on a bronze patinated metal stand. The glasses with which this decoration was made are of multiple colors, as monumental as each other. The scattered light is projected to the ceiling before spilling over the entire room. The clarity thus obtained plunges your living room into an atmosphere of Arabian Nights. A light, both near and far, live without being blinding. A touch of romance is added to the atmosphere you created with your furniture. the suspension is a bit of a Tiffany style lamp hanging from the ceiling.
The light will conform to the style of the rest of the house, as Tiffany ceiling lights are timeless and add a special touch to the entire household.
This baroque three-light lamp from the Indiana series is medium in size. With a wingspan of 70 centimeters, the length of the chain being modifiable, the height can vary from 75 to 117 centimeters according to the height of your ceiling.

Eight-light Tiffany hanging lamp for grand lighting

The height of luxury, our store offers it through the eight-light Tiffany Monaco hang lamp . This little marvel of elegance is composed of a large cup of 41 centimeterse diameter, and seven small cups of 21 centimeters gravitating around. This Tiffany hanging lamp is worthy of a castle by its artistically splendid design and its imposing size. The colors that have been chosen to accompany this masterpiece are most captivating. The white colors mixed with different shades of cloudy blue have finished making this jewel that will be the centerpiece of your home.
The chorus of 8 lights through quality glasses will eventually banish the darkness of your home and to install serenity and voluptuousness in an atmosphere worthy of the big living rooms of the past.
This legendary chandelier can be purchased with other lamps of the same series if you want to standardize the light in all rooms of the house.
The package in which you will be shipped this jewel is shockproof to ensure a smooth arrival of your package.

For a 1930 style, the Louis Tiffany lighting fixtures offer stained glass art deco hanging Tiffany lamp

Since the style of the American artist has survived all the tendencies that marked the previous century, he also took advantage of these movements and printed in his luminaries the passage of some of them. The art deco style is one of the trends that luminaries have not missed.
Several lamps, ceiling lights are art deco style. It's a particular style that has kept all theattention of Louis Comfort and his collaborators.
The Tiffany art deco ceiling light is a stained glass chandelier adopting iridescent and pleated geometric shapes. The diameter is 50 centimeters. The height is changeable at will, and can go from 70 centimeters to 107 centimeters. The suspension chain is delivered with the hanging lamp and the installation screws. The colors of the glasses that make up this chandelier go from pearly white to opalescent white. It is a more or less neutral color that will allow you greater flexibility in the choice of colors of the furniture. Moreover, it is the color par excellence of elegance and refinement, which from there, will be an integral part of your household.

Do not wait any longer, treat yourself to this affordable luxury, order your old-style chandelier today on our site, we do not offer free shipping, because our prices are calculated to the fair and whatever the quantity the price of transport will be adapted, for this think of refreshing your browser when adding a desk lamp or ask, for example. Live your evenings in an atmosphere that only Tiffany ceiling lights can provide.

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Tiffany ceiling lights - Pendants