Tiffany Lighting - Montpellier Series

Tiffany Lighting - Montpellier Series

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You go art nouveau with this series of lighting, the stained glass windows represent dragonflies in the style of the time.

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  • Montpellier Tiffany Lamp - Tiffany style lamps -
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    Montpellier Tiffany Lamp

    The Tiffany Montpellier lamp is made with a stained glass window made of real hand-assembled glasses, soldered with tin on a metal frame in a traditional way.

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  • Montpellier Tiffany chandelier
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    Tiffany ceiling lamp Montpellier

    Utility and decorative, the Tiffany ceiling lamp Montpellier is perfect for your home thanks to its windows of different colors and elegance.

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  • Floor lamp Tiffany Montpellier - Glass floor lamps
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    Floor lamp Tiffany Montpellier

    The floor lamp Tiffany Montpellier is fashioned following the ancestral method of a great glass artist, with stained glass windows hand-assembled and soldered with tin, on a metal base.

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  • Wall lamp Tiffany Montpellier - stained glass wall lamp -
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    Wall lamp Tiffany Montpellier

    The wall lamp Tiffany Montpellier is a model of the 1900s, consisting mainly of stained glass windows assembled by hand, and soldered with tin with a shade of colored glass.

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  • Lampe de table Tiffany Montpellier
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    Tiffany table lamp

    The shade is supported by a bronze-coloured foot, its standard size makes it a lighting for every room of the house that is as useful as it is decorative.

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Tiffany Lighting - Montpellier Series