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Large rectangular gilded baroque mirror

Large rectangular gilded baroque mirror

Create a luxurious and sophisticated ambience in your home with a high-quality gilded baroque mirror, available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your decorating needs.
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What are art deco luminaires?

What are art deco luminaires?

Art Deco is an artistic movement that marked the beginning of the twentieth century. It is characterized by geometric shapes, stylized patterns, bright colors and noble materials. Art Deco has influenced many fields, including architecture, furniture, fashion and lighting.
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The furniture of the Louis XVI era

The furniture of the Louis XVI era

Furniture from the Louis XVI era is often admired by those with an eye for luxury and elegance. With its symmetry and clean lines, Louis XVI furniture is timeless and will complement most contemporary interiors.
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A world of art furniture and decoration

A range of furniture and art deco lamps for the pleasure of enthusiasts

The art deco furniture collection carefully and meticulously reproduces old and trendy furniture from the previous century. Whether you're looking for an office to fit your workroom, a dresser to put in the master bedroom or a table to be able to reunite your whole family. Made in the purest art deco style, these furniture perfectly represent the 20s and 30s. The manufacturers abroad with whom we collaborate design everything in a very artisanal way and you can enjoy hand-cut marqueries. As wood, manufacturers use only veneer sores such as rosewood, rosewood, elm and walnut magnifying glasses, lemon and amaranth. The whole thing is varnished by hand with a tampon as before. All of our products are reproductions and are new which we import from Egypt or China made in carefully selected companies.

A collection of quality baroque furniture

In the category of baroque furniture, we offer the greatest choice for a baroque décor, with rococo furniture and seats. Thanks to them, you will make a leap in history and you are sure to decorate your home with class and passion. Thanks to the baroque furniture that awaits you, you can establish a cheerful, harmonious, trendy decoration. When designing your baroque furniture, you can enjoy the most precise craft techniques with old-fashioned, carpeted and sculpted furniture. You will have nothing to envy the decoration of the palaces and castles that you have visited in your life. You can complete your baroque sofa with a beanbag or sublimate your dining room with a superb display case where you can store your dishes.

A range of stylish furniture to plunge back into the era of the Sun King

If you love period furniture, then this category of style furniture will surely delight you. Exact reproduction of the furniture of yesteryear with the same manufacturing processes. We will make everything possible to make buffets, consoles, pedestals, sofas, mirrors or dressers that will reflect your personality. Whether you're looking for Louis XV bedsides or windows dating back to Louis XIV. Our reproductions are made in companies selected abroad for their know-how, who make their furniture with cabinetmakers who create the markstware patterns cut by hand in precious veneer woods. They use precious wood, boxwood, amaranth, rosewood or violet wood to make your style furniture. They respect the rules of the art by offering you a traditional polishing. And for the decoration of your furniture, real bronze, traditionally cast to sand or lost wax.

A beautiful Tiffany lamp to light up your home

Our collection of Tiffany lamps perfectly reproduces high-quality antique fixtures. Crafted in the old-fashioned way in China, the production follows the technique of master glassmaker Louis Comfort Tiffany to the letter. We offer Tiffany lamps of small, medium or large size; Tiffany appliques; Tiffany streetlights, but also Tiffany chandeliers that will embellish your hallway or sublimate your veranda. The stained glass window is very sturdy and made with real glass plates. We make every effort to ensure that every piece produced is a true work of art. Several models are available on the site: Tiffany lamps in turtles, angelot lamps, pyramid lamps or Tiffany Parrot lamps.

A baroque décor or an art deco fixture at the best price

Our furniture and decoration store, looks for you the items you dream of, but always at reasoned and quality prices. You can discover lamps with stained glass from thirty euros, a rococo seat for less than one hundred euros. HT deco en offers only products in stock in its warehouses for sale.

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Art deco console
Art deco console
Console art deco style rosewood with nobreux storage in the center.
Je suis très satisfaite de cette console sur laquelle j'ai posé mon écran de télévision qui est exactement de le même...
Ce client a posté un avis pour sa commande du 2023-01-31.
Modéré le 2023-03-24.
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