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Baroque style in Italy

Everything about the art and baroque style that began in Italy, sculptures, monuments and furnishings.
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The art of the table in the Baroque period

During the 18th century, the baroque furniture for the dining room was completed with extraordinary ceramics.
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A universe of art and decoration furniture

A range of furnishing and art deco lamps for the pleasure of enthusiasts

If you are one of those who do not appreciate modern furniture and design, then this section will please you. The collection of art deco furniture reproduces with care and meticulous old and trendy furniture of the previous century. Whether you are looking for an office to be able to arrange your workroom, a dresser to put in the parental room or a table to be able to reunite all your family. Made in the purest art deco style, these pieces are perfect for the 20s and 30s. We design everything in a very artisan way and you can enjoy hand-cut marquetry. As wood, we only use precious wood veneers such as rosewood, rosewood, elm and walnut loupes or lemon and amaranth. The whole is varnished with stamp very artisanal way.

A collection of quality Baroque furniture

In the category of baroque furniture, we offer baroque benches, sofas, chairs, dressers, consoles, armchairs, tables or windows. Thanks to them, you will make a leap in history and you are sure to decorate your home with class and passion. With Baroque furniture waiting for you, you can establish a joyful, harmonious, trendy decoration. When designing your baroque furniture, know that you can enjoy the most precise craft techniques with furniture decorated, upholstered and carved in the old. You will have nothing to envy of the decoration of the palaces and castles that you will have visited in your life. You can complete your baroque sofa with a pouf or sublimate your dining room with a beautiful showcase where you can put away your dishes.

A range of stylish furniture to plunge back into the era of the Sun King

If you love vintage furniture, then this category of stylish furniture is sure to delight you. Exact reproduction of furniture of yesteryear with the same manufacturing processes. We will make every effort to make you buffets, consoles, pedestal tables, sofas, mirrors or dressers that will reflect your personality. Whether you are looking for Louis XV bedside tables or windows dating from Louis XIV, skilled and professional craftsmen are at your disposal. In fact, cabinetmakers will create hand-cut marquetry patterns in precious veneer woods. We only use rosewood, boxwood, amaranth, rosewood or violet wood for the manufacture of your furniture style. We respect the rules of art by proposing a traditional polishing. And for the decoration of your furniture, we only use genuine bronze, traditionally cast with sand or lost wax.

A beautiful Art deco lamp to light your home

Our art deco lamp collection perfectly reproduces high quality antique lighting. We follow literally the technique of master glassmaker Louis Comfort Tiffany. Indeed, the glasses are soldered with tin to respect the nature and especially the health of the employees. We offer lamps of small, medium or large size; art deco wall lights; floor lamps, but also chandeliers that will embellish your corridor or sublimate your veranda. All our products without mercury and lead guaranteed and are assembled and welded by hand. The stained glass is very robust is made with genuine glass plates. We strive to make every piece produced a true work of art. Several models are available on the site: turtle lamps, cherubs lamps, pyramid lamps or Parrot lamps.