Series of luminaires with Tiffany lamps

Series of luminaires with Tiffany lamps

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Manufactured according to the processes of the designer, Louis Comfort Tiffany , these lamps are of solidity to any test. The glasses used for their manufacture are of quality and the manufacture guarantees a good resistance. The windows are fused with tin and the assembly is done manually. The refinement is at the rendezvous with the light prod...

Manufactured according to the processes of the designer, Louis Comfort Tiffany , these lamps are of solidity to any test. The glasses used for their manufacture are of quality and the manufacture guarantees a good resistance. The windows are fused with tin and the assembly is done manually. The refinement is at the rendezvous with the light produced by these lamps through the choice of lenses used: a lamp can provide up to several shades of color, bathing your interior in a halo of light as pleasant as indefinable. Several styles and categories are at your disposal for a perfect and personalized touch.

The particular designs of these lamps enliven the light they provide through the house, diffuse the light to decorate significantly all the rooms. Your choice can be on a small, medium, or large lamp. The small ones can decorate the coffee tables of the living room. But they can also serve as night lights, or, why not light your office. These objects are both decorative and customary. You have the choice between different models as attractive as each other. The lamp Paris, a height of 61 centimeters is, for example available to you. But it can also be part of the Paris series, with a chandelier and a lamppost. It is a lamp of great beauty, which alone, combines several colors on a white backgroundopalescent. It is mounted on a patinated metal foot, bronze color. The stained glass that makes up the lampshade, with a diameter of 40.5 centimeters, is of the highest quality, and artistically modeled. You will not want to go without the light it will emit.

The old Tiffany lamps have traveled back in time to illuminate your interior. These lamps will make you relive an era never gone. The art deco style combines modernity and vintage in the same light reflection. Even though the old style of the lamp, the light it offers is from an era to come for a harmonious cohabitation of the present, the past, and the future, all united in one and the same lamp. What are you waiting for, order from our store, your satisfaction is guaranteed otherwise you will be refunded.

Tiffany floor lamp to challenge the darkness and accompany your lighting

The floor lamp is an element of decoration both inside and outside the house. It is a decorative element that was born in the twelfth century. Originally called a street lamp, it was used to light the streets. They then invested inside the courtyard, and managed to become embedded inside the houses.

The varieties offered by our store are declined to infinity. Several styles, as well as multitudes of colors are at your disposal. Tiffany floor lamps can carry your homeison in another era while giving you an atmosphere never equaled. The colors used are charming to wish, not to offer a blinding light, but rather to give you a relaxation without equal during your evening with family or friends.

The Tiffany floor lamp, with its stained glass window adorned with vines and grapes, will give you a light that is both lively and subdued. The light provided by the bulb will be reflected on quality glasses, in different colors, before being projected to the ceiling, bathing the room in a friendly light. With a height of 175 cm, it has a metal base. Perfect stability is ensured by a heavy base, avoiding the risk of falling. The basin, composed of stained glass, has a diameter of 38 centimeters and is ready to receive a bulb of 60 W.

The last, but not least, is that the lamp, with our collection, became accessible to the general public. If the manufacture and raw materials reflect those of a hundred years ago, the price has fallen to allow everyone to afford this refinement and beauty of light.

Visit our stores, and find your happiness with the light in all its states.

Tiffany wall lights to follow a diffusion of the same light on the lighting of the walls

We can not say that the walls have remained the personal domains of the paintings, because the lights also have their homes onthese surfaces. Several forms are to be discovered, but the functions and aesthetic varieties are not left out. There are different types of sconces: those with ascending lights and those with descending reflections, and finally there are the lamps intended to propagate the light, not on the walls, like the first two, but directly in the whole room. The fourth variety is recessed sconces, intended to illuminate corridors and stairs.

Appliques to ascending lights are provided with a lampshade where the light is diffused downwards. In this way, only part of the room is lit giving a cozy and intimate atmosphere. As for the second, the appliques to the downward reflections, the light is projected from bottom to top as the process of the lamppost. With this style, the clarity is much higher because the ceiling helps, it gains more ground. It's up to you to choose the best way to see the light take possession of your interior.

Tiffany wall lights are listed and matched with other lighting models, belonging to the same family. Series of fixtures are available to offer you sets of wall, chandelier and table lamp. The London series, for example, includes a floor lamp, a chandelier, a table lamp that can also serve as a desk lamp. The stained glass is yellow mandarin. It's a series of art deco lampsreference that reflects the British style in home decorating. The series aims to provide a romantic atmosphere worthy of a fairy tale. The ancient arts can relive through Tiffany wall lamps that we offer to embellish your home as desired.

Tiffany wall lights adorn your home with bright, shimmering light and a thousand colors. The lights that these sconces provide will enhance the rest of your furniture and make your home a place where the past meets the present, refinement functionality, and will make your daily life an eternal discovery.

Tiffany chandeliers illuminate your rooms by accompanying your other lighting fixtures

The pact between the glass window and the light has not finished marveling you. If the light comes from the wall for the sconces, and they come from a little lower with the lamps, with Tiffany's chandeliers, they come from the ceiling to flood the entire room. The chandeliers have this beauty that even time can not tarnish. Like the elements of the other ranges of the glass artist, the chandeliers are handcrafted. The glasses used, which are real glasses, are polished, cut and processed manually, crimping is done piece by piece, because the manufacturing process must imperatively be modeled on the old-fashioned method of Louis Comfort Tiffany, artist-creator .

The chandelier has been for a long time, from its creation to the present day, reserved for the most affluent people. Only those wealthy people could own them. This case is forever forgotten because our store gives you the means to get these decorative items worthy of kings at affordable prices, even at low prices. The replica of a work that has earned more than 250,000 dollars, can be granted for 100 to 200 euros only. At this price, why this private? Luxury is finally within the reach of all budgets. You order, we deliver and you will become one with the light, the one you have chosen.

Several models are available to you, including the chandelier Tiffany Brussels. The colors that govern this chandelier, as well as its almost irreversible floral decor will give your interior a chic and art deco atmosphere. The length of the suspension chain is adjustable according to your convenience. This chain is patinated metal bronze. This chandelier can like other models taken separately or in series, accompanied by a table lamp, a wall lamp and a floor lamp in the same tones with the same decorative motifs. The models are very varied and each period, as every city in Europe is represented in the collection. If the series Brussels does not delight you, Toulouse, London or Rome remain at your disposal to better enlighten you. The right light should never be extinguished, which is whyDo not miss out on this opportunity. Our store offers you, and cheaply, quality fixtures to flood your home with clarity where the light is surreal and unique atmosphere.

The light coming from the Tiffany luminaires has nothing to envy to others. On the contrary, it is both unique and original, but the tones it has to offer and infinitely breathtaking. Warm and bright colors will filter the light bulbs to bring you romance or time travel, the choice is yours. The light of the bulb remains the same, the difference remains in the way of diffusing it. This is where the magic of lighting comes in. With these luminaries, the light becomes captivating, romantic, real and timeless.

The series Tiffany lamps marked a decisive turning point in the artistic life of Louis Comfort Tiffany, since apart from painting, writing and pottery, it is in the field of glass that he excelled. The replicas of the series that we put at your disposal reflect the overflowing creativity of their creator. They have the power not only to illuminate your interior, but especially to offer your everyday an exotic side in a mixture of colors as many as varied. You will not have to choose between chandelier and lamppost, or even wall lamp or lamp, all can be acquired by offering a single series.

Do not wait, visit oure store and order for the series that suits you and dress your house with colors to make your neighbors pale.


Series of luminaires with Tiffany lamps

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