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A Tiffany floor lamp is a very decorative floor lamp, its lampshade is made of stained glass American glass. He can combine several functions, including lighting a corner of the living room for a private discussion, or spread a dim light for a quiet reading late evening. Its slender shape gives your living room, or why not your lobby, a certain ...

A Tiffany floor lamp is a very decorative floor lamp, its lampshade is made of stained glass American glass. He can combine several functions, including lighting a corner of the living room for a private discussion, or spread a dim light for a quiet reading late evening. Its slender shape gives your living room, or why not your lobby, a certain style. The Tiffany floor lamp lenses, in addition, offer you the possibility to create mood lights to highlight your furniture, a particular corner of your home, or a painting hanging on the wall. Luminaries embody finesse, beauty and creativity. The glasses provide a spectacular light where butterflies, dragonflies, fish, landscapes and other motifs are reflected in your home to offer an atmosphere like no other. An atmosphere that invites relaxation, daydreaming and rest.

The light diffused by a Tiffany floor lamp gives importance and also a little mystery to certain objects of the room. The darkness born of this targeted brightness creates the mystery around the furniture of your home, giving a retro and vintage look to every corner of the house. If the light was the same everywhere, Louis Comfort Tiffany would not have invented Favriles glasses. The manufacturing procedures of Tiffany luminaires, including the street lamps, follow the methods instituted by the creator ofthe brand. The use of real glasses is de rigueur, it takes hundreds to make the stained glass of a single lamp. Each piece is set with a copper ribbon and each set piece is assembled to another by a tin solder. The final piece obtained is of proven solidity, and the light piercing such a window is all the more beautiful. The floor lamps were born in the seventeenth century in France. Fed up with rapeseed oil, they replaced candle lanterns. These devices were intended to illuminate the streets in the evening. Then came those walking with manual ignition gas. Streetlamps powered by electricity only appeared later. Nowadays, these jewels of the night, which were once reserved for the outside, invite themselves into our gardens, and even settle inside our houses.

A floor lamp with stained glass assembled according to the method of Louis Comfort Tiffany

The stained-glass windows of the lampshades are hand-assembled as formerly by the firm Tiffany Studios. Nowadays stained glass windows are soldered with tin, the very toxic lead has been replaced by tin to meet CE and RoHs standards. To assemble, each piece of glass is surrounded by a copper ribbon to then be welded with the others, to give the shape of the lampshade. The glasses that are used are handcrafted, they are pleated glasses, cabochons, hammered, smoothed, with an etranslucent or opaline effect ... The artist Louis Comfort Tiffany created many lighting and decorative objects, he exhibited his works among the largest exhibitions in the world, he presented these creations at the World Fair in Paris in 1900 and that of Chicago in 1893 where 44 medals were awarded to him to reward his work. His competitor the glassmaker "John La Farge" (1835-1910), with whom he worked in these beginnings was much less known. He developed many techniques for working glass, including the method of "Favrile Glass" or "Draped Glass". He retired gradually from business in the late 1920s. His company Tiffany Studios went bankrupt in 19321, shortly before his death.

Tiffany floor lamps with art deco lampshades

Street lamps can take many forms and colors. It's up to you to find the lighting that will make you happy by transforming your interior into a haven of peace, you can find in our collection different styles, the master glassmaker proposed mainly themes art deco and art nouveau, our range in takes again the most beautiful models. Light is a significant factor for a perfect decor.
For example, the Tiffany floor lamp with dragonflies is mounted on a metal stand, and a very heavy cast iron base that guarantees its stability. It measures 170 centimeters. The stained glass is bell-shaped, and measures 25centimeters in diameter. The pattern is composed of dragonflies and cabochons, other colors, such as blue, and the yellow come complete the set to make your evening by the fire a moment of relaxation in a cozy atmosphere.
Little more, it can be purchased in series, consisting of a Tiffany lamp, a chandelier and a wall lamp. The set is designed in the same style, with the same colors and the same patterns.

If your interior is rather vintage style, the best is to adopt the Tiffany floor lamp art deco. This lighting object is a luxury and refined decoration that will illuminate your living room with its soft color reflections.
At 165 cm high, with a lampshade of 50 cm in diameter, it is provided with a bronze metal foot, stability is ensured by a heavy cast iron base. The lampshade of this art deco floor lamp is composed of two colors only: pearly white and brown. Class and refinement are at the rendezvous with its iridescent geometric shape and pleated. This model is the sign of excellence in a perfect touch of decorative lighting. Your evenings are likely to continue under the auspice of a calm and delicious atmosphere.

Colorful lighting with Tiffany stained glass windows

As the choice is infinite, other models with other patterns and other colors are available for you to decorate your home withn custom style. The Tiffany Floor Lamp from the Indiana Collection is an exceptional piece that unites elegance and beauty. He combines in his stained glass warm and attractive colors such as green, red, yellow and white. The pieces of glass that constitute it are innumerable. The beauty of this dome is breathtaking even without a lit light. Once lit, this lighting will flood your home with a multitude of colors as attractive as each other and you will enjoy a surreal atmosphere until the end of the evening. This magnificent luminaire measures 165 centimeters, the shade has a diameter of 41 centimeters. The support foot in metal, patinated bronze color. This model can be accompanied by a lamp, a wall lamp and a chandelier from the same Indiana collection.

The Tiffany floor lamp model Hirondelle is the ultimate in elegance and simplicity. The stained glass is composed of only two colors, white and red. The arrangement of these two colors gives the floor lamp a simple but proud appearance. This lamp measures 169 centimeters and the shade has a diameter of 40 centimeters. The foot is metal, stability is provided by a heavy base. The particularity of this lighting lies in the shape of its lampshade. Opalescent white lenses give off a bright light without straining the eyes. As for the red color bordering the stained glass window, it gives atouch both timid and glamorous to the clarity obtained. This floor lamp will help you to make your home a place where worry and stress do not have their places. Quietness and peace of mind are largely favored by the clarity provided by its brightness. While having a floor lamp is not essential, it is nevertheless an element that values the aesthetics and style of your home. It is a sign of good taste in decoration. It helps to stand out from others. Almost everyone uses lighting, but only those who are passionate about beauty and refinement have a lamp.

You too, be one of those people with a taste for luxury. Come visit our store and purchase a floor lamp with a stained glass shade that we put at your fingertips. Several models are available, and you'll be spoiled for choice. It's a luxury you can afford by ordering it from us. We will be happy to guide you in your choice, according to the style with which you want to dress your interior. In addition all models can be part of a series and will be delivered with a table lamp, a chandelier and a wall lamp of the same style.
Do not wait, luxury and refinement are at your disposal through a Tiffany floor lamp . Your house will now be a place where conviviality will be mingled at all times with a chic atmosphere.

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