Style desk

Style desk

The office is a work piece, it is possible to find it in different styles, which have evolved according to the times. The smeubles were often inspired by the previous period to make the transition.

  • Baroque
  • Louis XV
  • Louis XVI
  • Empire
  • Louis Philippe
  • Industrial
  • Aviator

We will present you with a wide selection of styles, and give you the best plans for your interior decoration.

Used art deco desk on the right corner

Can you buy a used desk on the site of the right corner, and are there sites to find the right deal? Vintage or art deco find the ideal office.
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Art Deco style furniture from 1900 to the present day

After the Art Nouveau period, designers and architects innovated in decoration with clean and geometric lines to create more modern object furniture.
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Art Nouveau Desk

An art nouveau style desk is inspired by nature, fauna and flora, the furniture is then all curved, as can be a tree or a flower.
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Louis XV desk revamped

Giving a new look to an old Louis XV desk, allows to reconnect the old style with the world of today, it is sometimes enough just a little color.
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Buy an Art Deco desk stamped at an antique dealer

Buying an authentic Art Deco desk from a renowned and stamped artist requires a certain guarantee that an antique dealer can bring you.
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Buy a used Louis XV desk on the right corner

The Louis XV desk is a piece of furniture decorated with gilded bronzes in marquetry, it is difficult to find period, but can be bought one used on the right corner.
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The Louis Philippe desk

One often wonders what type of wooden furniture to buy for its workspace, if you like solid wood furniture, the Louis Philippe desk is the perfect piece of furniture.
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A baroque desk for a home in the world

Every house in the world enjoys the baroque desk, available in white or black depending on the country and style.
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The Directoire desk

The Directoire desk is a transitional piece of furniture between the Louis XVI and Empire eras, its allure is sober but functional.
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Napoleon Desk

It is easy to recognize the different Napoleon Desk, following our guide you will easily recognize each type of furniture.
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Office louis XVIII

The Louis XVIII style includes different periods of furnishings, usually this concerns the office furniture of Louis XV to Charles X.
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IKEA Baroque Office

Discover the baroque office for the Ikea-style home, the kit furniture specialist.
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