The Directoire desk is a functional and practical work furniture. The desks of the Directoire furniture at the time is in a sober and classical style. It consists of 3 drawers placed under a tray and 2 side shelves. The tray is made of wood and the underhand is made of emerald, green, red or black leather. Furniture made from cherry is easy to maintain. They are easy to maintain with a soft cloth.

Today these are rare antiques sought by collectors and businessmen for their office.

The history of the Directoire desk

The Directoire style dates back to the period from 1795 to 1799. It is defined as a transitional phenomenon between the Empire and Louis XVI styles. During the reign of the monarch Louis XVI, designers initiated a movement that advocates an imitation faithful to ancient models.

The Revolution of 1789 gave a boost to the movement, which then grew rapidly. Several Directoire-style furniture is inspired by representations identical to those of bas-reliefs and antique vases. The luxury arts are integrated into the production of the Directoire desks. They sometimes display extravagant archaeological and symbolic ornaments. The shapes are simplified and combine straight lines and discrete curves. Revolutionary emblems and allegories adorn the furniture.

Over time, the ornamentation becomes more sober. The bronzes are more refined, the stucco patterns are in bright colors. Geometric patterns such as diamonds or hexagons are used on lase furniture. The discreet curves and straight lines without any rigidity combine in perfect elegance.

It has a rather peculiar symbolism. It has an important hierarchical positioning role. In the collective memory, it is used by the professions of knowledge such as presidents, board members, notaries, lawyers, magistrates, clerks or teachers.

The materials used in the manufacture of this furniture

Mahogany is the most widely used wood in the manufacture of the Directoire desk. The wooden Directoire desk, however, is a more aesthetic value. It is used to have cozy and nice furnishings. Warm tones such as brown oak, walnut and light oak harmonize for all styles.

The wood allows for perfect and clean shapes. It is durable and comfortable. The Directoire desk is made from beech, mahogany, ebony, lemon or maple. Bronze is used to shape the footings.

Porcelain and marble are used to make the trays. The Directoire style, known as the neo-classical style, perpetuates not only the English influence but also the ancient inspiration. The materials used herald a return to simplicity and sobriety. The feet of the Directoire desk are round, straight, in columns or fluted. They are decorated with streaks. The Directoire desk therefore has no shortage of refinement and elegance.

The different types of desk Directoire

There are several types of 18th century desk century, here are some models:

  • The first of the lot is the 8-foot mahogany desk. It is large and has five drawers. A ingot is used to belt the tray. It is distinguished by an aesthetic bronze trim.
  • The second model is the flat desk Mahogany Directoire desk 19th. This flat desk is made of mahogany. It is visible on all sides with four drawers and two side shelves. The third model is the large mahogany desk. It opens through 4 drawers located in front of which a double cash drawer.
  • The 18th Century Age Milling Slope desk is a type of furniture in the form of donkey backs. It has a marked felling door located on the front.
  • The small Directoire Secretary is made of massive and plated Cuban mahogany. It's an elegant mahogany flat desk. It is decorated with beautiful gold bronzes of better quality. Bulls are represented on the sides and heads on the back.
  • In the sale of antiques, there is also the Directoire-style desk in blackened wood. It has a garnish of golden bronzes. This desk is distinguished by its double face with 3 drawers located in front.
  • The other model is the large walnut desk. It has two side zippers and 4 drawers. The feet of this piece of furniture are finished with bronze clogs. The tray and zippers are covered with blue-grey leather. It is made available to customers the board desk Directoire dating from the late 18th century. It's a large, stylish mahogany desk. The 4 feet are straight and decorated with bronzes.
  • There is also the mid-period flat desk Directory. It is made of Cuban Mahogany bramble veneer. It opens through 2 deep drawers on the left in front, a wide central drawer and a cash drawer.

Very aesthetically pleasing directoire-style furniture

The furniture of these years is sober and simple. These are common pieces such as tables, secretaries, armchairs and any type of furniture inspired by the time. They actually date from the time of the Egyptian expedition.

The Directoire style has undeniably left an indelible mark on the history of furnishings and decoration. It is ancient aesthetic. The Directoire furniture is inspired by the representations that appear on Greek vases with red figures. The compliant copies of these types of furniture were discovered through excavations in Pompeii. The ornamentation is more sober compared to the Louis XVI style. The pretty patterns appear on directoire-style furniture. These are revivals of Roman, Egyptian and Greek motifs such as sphinges or swans.

For a better design, the materials used are wood, stucco, mahogany and bronze for the design of the footings. The Directoire desk derives a new refinement from its multiple materials. Several new models are invented according to the style of the period. This is the meridian chair, curule or low buffet. The curule seat or chair is inspired by Ancient Rome. This headquarters is originally dedicated to personalities of Roman origin, namely consuls and edifices. It is equipped with the imperium. The shape of this seat is a recovery and update of the model inspired by the Directoire period. The meridian is a model of furniture very fashionable in ancient Greece.

The folders of this piece of furniture are reversed with uneven or identical sizes depending on the model. It is used in desks used by great personalities. It is practical and blends perfectly with any interior decoration. It can be painted as you wish. Colors and patterns of any kind can be used to decorate Directoire furniture.

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