Art Nouveau is an art that is inspired by the form of nature, trees, leaves, flowers, or also animals, such as insects. A style that has endured and timeless until today. Indeed, in terms of desk, if you want some things classy, original and refined, nothing beats an art nouveau style desk.

Art Nouveau style furniture and architecture

Tired of the style of the time, Gothic and ancient architecture, in the nineteenth centuries, the artists decided to bring a renovation in art. They wanted to bring renewal, to finally put an end to this style that was inspired by nature after the war or paintings and sculptures that highlighted famous personalities or emblematic scenes of religion. And this is where the art nouveau style is born.

It is a style that will inspire him more with the beauty of nature. A piece of furniture in the art nouveau style is indeed a piece of furniture that will take over the structure of a plant or an animal, unlike a piece of furniture such as a art deco desk which has straight shapes, in the Louis XVI style.

Very often, furniture in this style is easy to recognize, because it usually takes up the curves of a growing plant, a tree trunk, branches or also leaves; or insect wings. Art Nouveau came in many forms, but a large majority was mainly inspired by this style.

Moreover, it should be noted that the artists were inspired, but not only copied nature. They started from objects found in nature to create new and original forms. They just wanted to break the codes and bring something new, with unlikely structures, they played with the lines and broke the conventional and the strict. And this is precisely what made all the charm of Art Nouveau. This depth and originality that was found in each work of an artist, it contrasts with art deco, are many artists will produce both styles.

In metal or wood, the furniture created in this style has a unique charm and directly brings class and a lot of finesse in the decoration. Especially for the desk which is often linked to a strict and conventional world. Furnishing your desk with a vintage art nouveau desk will bring a classy, luxurious and original touch to your office.

Décor Art Nouveau

Marquetry and wood used

Artists used different types of materials in the design of their artwork in the New Arts era. Always in this perspective of wanting to break the codes, they even renovated in the materials they used in the realization of their work. If we mention only glass and slit or native woods of light tones such as plane tree, sycamore, walnut and maple that they appreciated very much in sculpture, coffee tables. Apart from rosewood, and other noble woods, some artists also used native woods in the manufacture of their work.

As for the design of the furniture, they favored marquetry and wood. Indeed, when we talk about furniture in the art nouveau style, our mind brings us directly back to furniture with marquetry, these geometric designs and ornaments on the surface of the wood. Cabinets, desks or chairs, or dining room tables decorated with beautiful marquetry representing a plant or insect.

For furniture, they mainly used wood and marquetry, but they also used bronze a lot. Moreover, some artists of the time even created ironwork for the design of decorations of furniture and architectural objects inspired by Art Nouveau such as wrists or locks in the shape of a leaf or insect ...

How much does an art nouveau desk in the 1900s period cost?

Art Nouveau was for a long time a sign of luxury, at the time, only the wealthiest could afford to order antique furniture in the Art Nouveau style, such as a butterfly bed, or a water lily desk.

An art nouveau buffet in his living room was indeed a great sign of prestige at the time. These pieces of furniture are indeed of great value, because you should know that the design of a piece of furniture in the art nouveau style takes a lot of time, because it requires meticulous work. It can take several months or even years.

Coming across a piece of vintage art nouveau is indeed a golden opportunity. And like anything rare, furniture in the art nouveau style is extremely expensive.

An old art nouveau desk can cost in the 2000 euros or more, depending on its size, the material with which it is designed, but also the rarity of the room. Like any collector's item, old art nouveau style desks are very expensive. Especially since the trend today is towards recuperations. Vintage furniture is at the forefront of the trend of the moment. Moreover, vintage style is back in force, whether in interior design or even in the world of fashion in general.

And in addition, it remains quite difficult to get hold of them, because they are luxury pieces. However, for a few years now, there have been industrialized versions, whether for furniture or others. It is indeed possible to get furniture in the art nouveau style cheaper, but you can imagine that these products will not have the charm and authenticity of a real vintage art nouveau furniture of the time.

Certainly, it remains pleasant to look at, but for the finesse and class that this style brings, nothing beats real artistic furniture designed by hand by the artists of the time. The great enthusiasts will confirm it.