How to find the right lamp, according to the room to light?

A domestic fixture must use modern technology, the LED bulb is a part. So bright lighting is more soft and economic. Our selection of lighting, offers products that you can use with a bright white, adapted to your decoration, according to the factor to be taken into account as the windows. A customer will find an offer for the product following a personal advice for each new product.

For each area of the House needs to choose a special atmosphere. Be it for the room to use a type of ceiling or the lounge where one needs a more intense light.

Our blog makes you enjoy our promotions and special prices, you are looking for a style for the office or living room lighting. We inform the last delivery for the decoration of your room.

Vintage Tiffany Lamp - Our selection

The most beautiful vintage Tiffany lamps are presented among our selection, prices and deliveries, you will know everything to buy a cheap vintage fixture.
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Clara Driscoll

Clara Driscoll was the director of Tiffany Studios, she designed the most beautiful Tiffany lamps with the Tiffany Girls.
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How Thomas Edison Influenced Louis Comfort Tiffany

Before electricity and incandescent bulb lighting was done with insusctive lamps, such as oil or oil lamps.
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Tiffany's old and modern table lamp

Old and modern table lamps are not very different, only the difference in price can sometimes differentiate them.
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How do you know if your Tiffany lamp is made of glass or plastic?

Glass or plastic blinds, not easy to tell the difference to the naked eye, but we'll give you the tips to make sure your Tiffany lamp is glass and not plastic.
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Tiffany lamps for sale the best price !

If you want to buy a Tiffany lamp at the best price or on sale, you will need to take the time to know the right addresses and different types of lamps.
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Reproduction authentic antique tiffany lamps for sale

Our store of lighting, offers a large collection of reproduction of Tiffany lamps, inspired by authentic models.
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Accessories for Tiffany lamps

You can equip your Tiffany lamp with many accessories, with LED bulbs, feet of stall or resin lamps and mount them with sockets of different materials.
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Used Tiffany lamps

Where to buy a used Tiffany lamp? Check out all our great plans to buy cheap lamps.
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The designer lamppost

For a modern decoration, choose a designer lamppost, it will allow you to illuminate in a bright way.
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