A Tiffany lamp is made up of an often metal base that does not pose any difficulty cleaning, but its lampshade that is welded to the tin in glass stained glass requires special care when washing.

How do I clean the stained glass blind from a Lamp lamp, lamppost or Tiffany chandelier?

Cleaning a Tiffany fixture is actually quite simple if you follow some of these guidelines. You don't have to spend thousands of euros to learn how to clean a Tiffany lamp, you need to know how is assembled a Tiffany lamp to know how to take it apart.

For a quick cleaning of the stained glass without dismantling:

Simply pass a duster over the stained glass window on the base and the offal will clean the dust deposited each day on the fixture. For a deeper wash use a soft cloth slightly moistened. you can also use a small dust vacuum with a specific tip. This type of cleaning is perfect if you do this every day, dust does not accumulate, and small bedside lamps.

For a thorough cleaning of your Tiffany style lamp

  1. First, unplug your fixture
  2. Discover the Tiffany lamp, on our lamps, just unscrew, the tip or square that screwed, keeps the lampshade.
  3. Place the lampshade on a table under a cloth
  4. Dust the stained glass with a feather duster
  5. Using a microfiber cloth gently rub each piece of colored glass, if you have a large thickness deposited on the stained glass, you can take a damp soft cotton cloth slightly moistened with a neutral soap.
  6. Unscrew the bulb to clean it
  7. Clean the base with a damp cloth
  8. Pull it together

What equipment do you need to wash your Tiffany blind?

  • A feather duster
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A slightly moistened cotton cloth
  • Neutral soap

The products not to be used:

  • Bleach
  • ammonia
  • Do not use corrosive products

Art Deco-style lamps are easier to clean than art nouveau models, as the design of the geometric shapes of art deco is made up of larger pieces of glass, making cleaning easier. Louis Comfort Tiffany has invented beautiful lamps for the house, their maintenance must be regular so that it keeps a sparkling brightness, especially for the one with transparent lenses.

Do not use any other products containing acids or other harmful chemicals. It is also important to note that you should be careful when working with glass to avoid any damage or scratches to your lamp. You should always use appropriate safety precautions when cleaning the glass.