A bedroom can be illuminated using a ceiling lamp or suspension. The luminaire will diffuse optimal lighting thanks to a positioning in height. But, you can also adopt a bedside lamp to convey a soft atmosphere at night. To do this, there are Tiffany bedside lamps. They integrate the category of table lamps and play a complementary lighting role.

The original Tiffany lamps are iconic. They appear for the first time at the end of the nineteenth century. They were created according to an idea of Louis Comfort Tiffany. He collaborated for a long time with the founding father of light bulbs (Thomas Edison).

In a way, it was the American businessman who gave him the inspiration for the work of art. The manufacture of the luminaire requires several hours of assembly. It all starts with the choice of handcrafted glasses to end up with a setting with a copper ribbon to keep the stained glass windows in place.

Choose the size of your lamp

Tiffany lamps are decorative and original because of their appearance. The size of a bedside lamp should be balanced with that of the table. The larger the furniture, the larger the bedside lamp will have dimensions.

The size of a Tiffany luminaire is translated into diameter when the lamp equipped with lampshade appears with a vertical appearance. In contrast, lamps that have flattened shapes are expressed in length and width.

As for the diameters, the models oscillate between 41 and 48 cm. The versions with length and width show measurements (L x L) of 22 and 14 cm. Height is also taken into account in the selection phase.

At the base, the lamp should not exceed the head or align with the eyes. It will be the equivalent of the height of the table, but you will add nearly 10 cm more. With a table 60 cm high, you can opt for a lamp raised to 71 cm.

The colors of stained glass

The glass stained glass windows are cut before the pieces of glass are assembled. Then, a tin weld is responsible for hanging all the pieces of the collection. Colors are one of the key features of Tiffany lamps.

As a rule, each part of the lampshade is composed of a specific color. Sometimes the colors are presented randomly. It is also thanks to these same nuances that images are highlighted. A lampshade in white can easily display a dragonfly in red. Of course, it is still possible to opt for solid colors instead of multi-coloring prototypes.

The colors of the stained glass window condition the atmosphere in the bedroom. A soft shade is recommended if you want to bring a warm and relaxing effect into the room. The atmosphere will be caressed with a soft air. For example, you can adopt models with white hues. A cozy look is on the other hand infused by using taupe colors or burgundy reds. The existence of a pattern will help dim the lighting for a romantic aura.

This manufacturing applies to a Tiffany living room lamp than to a bedside lamp, the assemblies are identical for an equal quality on each model.


Tiffany lamps are suitable for most decorative styles. They fit in a vintage or contemporary room. They are available in art deco style or art nouveau are real works of art that provides a warm atmosphere with colored glasses assembled by hand on each lampshade.

The Tiffany Art Nouveau bedside lamp

Art Nouveau is an artistic movement born at the time of the rise of Tiffany-style lamps. The characteristics of the style were also taken up on the first generations of the lamps designed by Driscoll. It is inspired by nature.

They are recognizable with their curved lines and controlled shapes. The base also takes the appearance of an element of nature like a tree or a liana. The glasses were made by hand through a process called Favrile.

The Tiffany Art Deco Bedside Lamp

The art deco bedside lamp is also another choice within your reach. The artistic current won the hearts of interior decorators from 1910. It comes in with its sleek shapes. You will still notice symmetry. The style exploits dark or even cold colors. In particular, it is possible to cross a model in green or blue. The product has a base. 

The luminaires are available as a table lamp, Tiffany floor lamp or wall lamp, our store, offers a wide choice of models in a range of different styles.