The swan-necked empire gondola armchair is a period piece of furniture that combines elegance and aesthetics. Having become popular in the 1800s, it evolved through empire style and restoration style.

This piece of furniture is inspired by the Napoleonic era, which ranks it among the symbols inseparable from France, demonstrating in particular the French style of decoration. Today, much in demand on social networks, these elegant and period armchairs are all the rage among interior decorators.

What is the swan-necked armchair?

The swan-necked empire gondola armchair belongs to the Directoire style. Its rounded structure and shoulder-height and enveloping back distinguish it from other furniture. It is also categorized by its side and curved studs that insulate the upper and lower part of the chair.

Fauteuil empire gondole col de cygne bleu

The footing reflects the style of this period, slightly arched and outward. At first, the majority of the feet and ties of this type of seat are designed with cashew wood, but, over the years, designers are increasingly turning to fruit wood, painted white wood...

Its evolution over time

The swan-necked empire gondola armchair adopts a more streamlined design under the empire style. Its multiple frills and arabesques embroidered on gilded wood give way to a structure with more clean and less complex lines.

In addition, the continental blockade imposed on maritime transport, taking place in the 1806s, made it difficult to make it difficult to access exotic woods. In these terms, the designers of the time were forced to use local woods instead of mahogany.

As a result, Empire armchairs with gondola swan collar are made on a large scale from walnut, maple, beech, elm, platane, olive, lime or ash wood.

The period of restoration follows the empire style and slightly influences the design of the swan-necked empire gondola armchair. Furniture from the period is on the armrests of the swan collar seats and trays. It was precisely at this time that the empire gondola armchair acquired this special characteristic: the swan-neck armrest. The period also incorporated bronzes into the furnishings.

This antique piece of furniture is making a meteoric return to the decoration scene due to the soft plush padding of its back, the royal elegance of its structure, and the high comfort that this blend of style and functionality confers.

The Empire gondola armchair with a red swan collar

Like the blue swan-necked Empire gondola armchair, the large empire red swan-necked gondola has been a favourite of families.

Stores no longer need to advertise on social networks; customers love the depth and comfort of this period armchair with elaborate finishes and high quality. Very functional, the robust frame of this model attests to its solidity and its lifespan.

Its main features:

  • A robust structure designed with local wood: pine, beech, olive tree...
  • High-density backrest and seat padding for comfort.
  • Slightly curved and resistant encroachments, capable of carrying heavy loads and capable of being golden, beige, black, silver, or other.
  • High-performance, high-quality fabric

Fauteuil Empire gondole à col de cygne rouge

Indeed, the red coating of the chair gives it a lot of elegance and character. This tone is easy to pair with other colors. So you won't have any trouble installing two pairs of swan-necked empire gondola armchairs in the heart of your living room. These period furniture, which can be perfectly reproduced or slightly improved, bring pep and vivacity to your interior decoration.

Other than the color of its coating, the quality of the fabric used is of a superior nature: durable, easy to clean, resistant. The general construction of this furniture slightly evokes the Louis XVI style, the return to royalty. The history of past centuries continues to live on through the work and finish in swan collar on the wooden armrests.

Auctioned on social media or at boutiques specializing in period furniture, the swan-necked empire gondola armchair is in high demand online and in physical stores. Their price starts from 259 euros, 300 euros or 400 euros to reach 1000 euros and more.

For a glimpse of the real charm of the swan-necked empire gondola armchair, the Jacob Desmalter auction is waiting for you. Photos from the auction, which can be accessed online, show mahogany furniture stamped, which includes a pair of armchairs and four chairs.