The Louis XV chest of drawers has not lost its strengths. With its sober and sophisticated style, it easily adapts to all the decorations of a room. To highlight this piece of furniture in its space, it is imperative to revamp it to the taste of the day. How to proceed with the operation? What are the criteria to take into account. Focus on the modalities of a rather delicate process.

The characteristics of the Louis XV style

As the Louis Philippe style is a fairly rare piece of furniture nowadays. This chest of drawers is one of the objects whose price estimate is not given. The style of a Louis XV piece of furniture is quite typical, with its Gothic design and rather remarkable color. This feature applies to the object and chest of drawers of that time. The web is a very well stocked database where novices will find a complete description of the style of the Louis Philippe chest of drawners.

Louis XV furniture is also distinguished by these graceful motifs. These period decorations are found on any object such as the door or the chest of drawers. The color white is quite widespread for this model of furniture. The painting of the louis 15 chest of drawers is induced over its entire height. Nevertheless, each model of chest of drawners is unique. According to the available data, the difference in style lies in the details of Louis Philippe's motifs. Solid wood and gilded bronze are used to make the furniture, while marquetry is made of fruit and exotic wood. The size varies depending on its craftsman and the furniture.

For those who want to buy a piece of furniture with good value for money, the reproductions of Louis XV chest of drawners are ideal, for a good price we buy a piece of furniture that looks like an antique.

Commode Louis XV en marqueterie

Brings an old chest of drawers back to life: the solutions

To give a boost to an old transition style chest of drawers, or a half-moon rosewood chest of drawers, it is recommended to start by protecting important elements such as locks and pattern details. Subsequently, the old paint is stripped and sanded with delicacy, preferably by hand using sandpaper and a stripping gel for antique furniture. Before laying out the coating, clean with a brush to measure.

Once dried, it is possible to paint the whole with a paint, preferably based on casein. After refurbishing the wood, copper processing is carried out. To revive this material, simply wash the whole with a deoxidizing shampoo or a copper raviveur cleaner. Some furniture is waxed. In this case, it is essential to use a deciner and remove the detritus with a ceruser brush. We can then arrange the wood plaster and paint or wax everything.

Louis XV furniture and their painting

The Louis Philippe style chest of drawers must be painted with a special paint to avoid damaging the wood in the long term. Special products for antique furniture are recommended. Most of the time, they are made on the basis of casein. They can be found in any brand, however, it is imperative to ensure quality before using it.

We choose the color according to his aspirations and especially by combining it with the decoration of the room. Most of the choices are white, which is a all-rounder and provides brightness to a room. Black is also very popular. This tone underlines the beauty of the copper motifs and details of Louis Philippe furniture. Currently, we notice more and more a chest of drawers or a piece of furniture in old style, painted with flashy colors, quite showy, such as candy pink, duck green or petroleum blue. These remarkable shades refine the trendy side of the article.

Commode louis 15 peinte

A video to understand the concept of Louis XIV furniture

Watching a video is recommended to understand the specifics of a Louis XVI chest of drawners in precious wood of the eighteenth century or an object in the Louis Philippe style. In addition to the choice of the color of the furniture, there is the wise advice of professionals to restyle it in the best conditions.

It is important to ensure that the video is produced by experts in chest of drawners and especially Louis Philippe furniture. It provides a concrete example to help hobbyists make the right choice about the product to use and the color to adopt. The process is clearer when viewed.

Savvy diyers can thus take care of the makeover of his furniture, his chest of drawers and any object in the Louis Philippe style. The height of the furniture and its size are easier to understand in a video. In this case, it is easier to make quotes on the amount of products needed for a carefully restyled Louis Philippe furniture.

An estimate of the price of a Louis XVI chest of drawers is not given. However, with a filmed explanation, everyone is able to appropriate details and characteristics of a period piece of furniture.