Louis XVI sofa, console, buffet, etc. it would seem that the Baroque style has made its comeback in force, for a few years now. If the most daring do not hesitate to opt for the total look, the followers of interior decoration play with contrast by marrying modernity and traditional.

In both cases, sofas are a centerpiece of decoration. And besides, you are entitled to a multiple choice when it comes to antique furniture. What if you let yourself be charmed by the odd beauty of a Louis XVI style basket sofa?

What is the Louis XVI style basket sofa?

An oval sofa in basket, also called Ottoman is a typical piece of furniture that marked the time of Louis XVI. It is quite special because of its design and perfectly neat finishes. You will easily recognize it with its side arms of semicircle shape extending in particular at the level of the backrest and decorated with a beautiful rounded curve that has precisely marked the style of this time. Its enveloping curve is also added to the charms of this piece of furniture.

The Louis XVI basket sofa is distinguished by these features:

  • Fluted and tapered straight feet
  • Straight lines that contrast with the Louis XV style
  • The docks are full unlike the classic sofa
  • The folders are flat or medallion style

Canapé Louis XVI dossier médaillon

Fans of traditional decoration and those who advocate the authenticity of antique furniture will love the back of the sofa that curves from its middle. This one also comes to fall back on the sides to form ultra stylish armrests. The louis xvi basket sofa derives from the daybed. It is for this reason that it is trimmed with two cushions superbly nestled in its accentuated curved ends. A sofa of this type is in the majority of cases without apparent wood. Which is the little pep's that makes all the difference.

Although the seat is rather feminine in style, it remains number one among the homes of the followers of this type of decoration. Moreover, no one will be able to remain indifferent in front of a seat that is both design and comfortable. Having seen the light of day during the time of the Louis XV style, it is placed mainly in the boudoirs or sometimes near the fireplaces of the salons of prestigious castles in the middle of the eighteenth century. As for the name ottoman attributed to the basket sofa, it was borrowed from the Orient. It was indeed the ancient Byzantine Empire adept of voluptuous comfort that gave this name.

Now that the Louis XVI style and old gilded wood furniture are new trends in modern homes nowadays, we find the famous Louis XVI style basket sofa proudly enthroned in the middle of furniture with clean and minimalist lines. And we must admit that the effect of contrast is not bad at all.

How much does a trash sofa cost?

The Modern louis XVI style sofa basket refers to a large fluffy seat with a large backrest and huge armrests that can accommodate several people at once. There was a time when this sofa had almost disappeared to such an extent that only the bride and groom wishing to mark the occasion on their wedding day used it. But this is no longer the case, because you yourself will be able to see that the basket sofas are found in the living room.

This is because the ancient styles have regained their place of autan in the homes. From now on, you can find in the trade basket sofas inspired by the Louis XVI style, made with different textiles or leather. You will also find straight or angled models.

With a profitability approach, it is possible to consider an investment in art much like you do in the stock market or in real estate. For this, you need to buy a real basket sofa made in the time of Louis XVI, straight out of a castle of the time. The purchase will be made from an antique dealer then and you must plan several thousand euros on its acquisition.

But if you want to buy a baroque-style furniture to decorate your interior in style, there is no need to shell out a small fortune in the purchase of expensive furniture. Head online to find Louis XVI-style basket sofas at a low price. A hundred euros would be enough.