The Baroque style appeared in the 16th century in Italy. These are classic and comfortable baroque sofas with rounded contours with prominent decoration. It is well present in the chic lounges of the noble class or serving as reception sofas at social evenings.

It is an object of decoration par excellence that marked an era and has now become a timeless style sofa that inspires several interior fittings. Where does the baroque sofa come from and why does it coexist with contemporary style?

Baroque-style living room furniture

Baroque style furniture is easily recognizable with the presence of rounded sculptures on the side, with grandiose and rich details. This art originated in Italy, with the promotion of its use by the Catholic Church.

History review

Baroque art was born in Italy in the mid-16th century, in the works of Michelangelo. Although the term Baroque comes from the Portuguese word "barroco," which means an irregularly shaped stone. The creation of Baroque art began in Italy, before spreading throughout Europe.

The presence of this art is clearly visible in the architecture of churches, sculptures, painting, even musical instruments and then there are the classical furniture of the time that follows the trend.

The Baroque style is omnipresent in architecture with an appeal on the presence of large pillar adorned with style and more assertive details. Since then, the buildings built at that time, baroque is used by sculptors and decorators. It was a great success in Germany and took over in the Rococo style in the 18th century.

Recognized by the conservation of the arts and crafts

Although there are variations of the Baroque, the style was still adopted by the French Academy as being marked an artistic trend. Since then, it has been used in all aspects of art, adding sparkling and whimsical colors, and grandiose and noted finishes on the sides. This can be seen in all decorative objects in a house (lights, candlesticks, paintings, mirrors, etc.).

Until today, as soon as the stylists adopt the classical style, there is always a baroque trait, with grandiose aspects, loving to display more details, bright colors or gold, which will be seen from the first moment. Even if the noble materials for the design of the object have disappeared, the style remains present, and will find variants in a thousand ways.

The well-known designers of Baroque art

There are renowned artists who have left their signature in Baroque art. Names like Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders, Arné Quinze or Patricia Urquiola who like to sneak in a grandiose style with a waste of materials. There are also trademarks that swear on the strength of this art such as Duffy London, Moooi, Ibride, etc. Classical furniture has been marked by baroque such as the louis armchairs, the sofas and its very assertive contours, the chairs or the chair of Barcelona.

Today, Baroque art is not completely gone, but still finds followers and new designers who use style in their own way. It enjoys absolute notoriety. The only enemy of the Baroque is mass production, furniture without any finishes and since production to the chain of the industrial era.

The features of a baroque sofa from the 16th to the 18th century

The advantage of the Baroque style is that objects carved with this artistic current lend themselves to all forms of decoration. Speaking of furniture, the baroque style is recognizable with these contours, curved shapes, exaggerated patterns and the presence of overload on anything that can be decorated. Just as the color will be more assertive, with the presence of gold.

The textile and padded will also be adorned with lace, gold or simple, provided to give more styles on the seats, hand rests and back, while remaining comfortable. If it is an entire piece of furniture, the style will be present on armchairs, chairs, pouffes, two- or three-seater sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, etc.

Canapé baroque de style ancien en bois doré

Other accessories that complete the decoration

The other characteristic of the Baroque style is the borrowing of chic in all areas. If it is a decoration for an interior design, the contrast will be affirmed in detail such as the presence of green ornamental chandeliers, a greyish chesterfield sofa and cushions of different colors (mauves, indigo, fuchsia, etc.) and different fabrics.

In addition, decorative objects will be endlessly detailed. Whatever objects are added in a home, door handle, shower faucet, wallpaper or plaster ceiling, the application of baroque will be as a priority with everyone has their own way of doing it.

The colours and raw materials used

Speaking of colour, it adopts warm, shimmering colors, bright red, mauve, purple or indigo. Indeed, there is no rule established in advance, but the preference for bright colors, gold, glittering, silver, metallic, etc. are the most popular.

On the other hand, the materials play on the contrast, those that even make the personality of the Baroque. In this infinitesimal universe, we find all the fabrics of the period sewn into the furniture such as silk, velvet, muslin, taffeta, satin, added with lace to mark the outline.

The objects that complete the decoration follow the trend, and can be seen on chair covers, cushions, tablecloths, curtains. Speaking of fabric, Jouy's canvas has also left its mark in the Baroque style and has become popular and sought after by decorators.

Finally, the materials used can be wood, metal, plastic, or sometimes a mixture with an addition of stickers, rivet, to produce even more effects.

What is the price of an old baroque sofa?

The price of an old baroque sofa depending on the condition of the product. They may vary depending on the origin, product classification and mode of restoration used. A collection baroque sofa can be purchased from 200 euros up to 6,000 euros.

Make no mistake, because the way to restore such a masterpiece required hours of work, cleaning products and damaged parts that required their replacement. The cost of effort and passion for collectibles always have a price that is not available to the general public.

In addition, rare furniture is often accessible in the auction network. However, some parts remain available on online stores, if we dig a little research. However, be careful not to buy a reproduction of an old model at a high price, if you want to buy a cheap baroque sofa check out our top four.

reproduction d'un canapé baroque antique bleu

What is the price of a modern baroque sofa?

Modern baroque sofas are cheaper, as there is a combination of style and technology. The style used remains the same unlike the material which is going to be harder to find, sometimes adding other materials is welcome for stylists.

Their prices range from 600 to 900 euros. If there are more styles and materials, their price can rise mainly in terms of the finish and quality of the fabric used. You can find a whole collection on Baroque Sofa.