The leather and aluminum sofa is a must in the interior decorations of houses around the 1950s.

The craftsmen bring together in one piece the comfort and symbolism of the assembled aluminum plates: ease and design on the same furniture.

Discover in this article everything you need to know about the aviator-style sofa: its history, its manufacture, its diversification, the models still available, as well as the sales rooms where it is still possible to meet such furniture today.

Design seats made with airplane parts

This type of seat will give a touch of vintage style in your interior décor a unique place. Whether you choose it as a sofa or armchair, style will always be reflected. You have a wide range of seat coverings: fabric, real or faux leather, and its brown or vintage grey leather colour.

Made under different models, you could choose the sofa that suits you best. Especially since its design is intended to give you optimal comfort. Furniture manufacturers were inspired by the art deco style that marked its territory after the decline in popularity of art nouveau. They included in the aviator sofa almost all the features of Art Deco.

The overall structure of the sofas is made of wood, often covered with vintage brown leather and aluminum plate. Its construction combines design and refinement, while guaranteeing solidity and comfort. The design of the seat is intended for a wide range of use: in the living room, in a passive room or in an office. This book is also made for professional premises such as hairdressing rooms or a waiting room.

Apart from the contribution to the robustness of this furniture, the small touch of riveted aluminium attributes to the whole work more wonder and originality. Indeed, the presence of this kind of sofa in your home is immediately noticeable. It is well stuffed with microfiber matter so that your comfort is at the rendezvous.

There are also Chesterfield sofas with an armrest so that everyone in your body enjoys unparalleled rest. The entire part of the seat gives a well-presented shape with its leather combination such as coating, wood and aluminum for its structure.

Design and performance will make your home a world of its own. It doesn't matter what style or look your interior design is. Whether the ornamentation is heterogeneous or even modern, the aviator sofa will perfectly fit your room.

This type of seat is available on different models from 1 to 3 seats. These will not affect the quality of the part that is the foundation. The quality and performance of the seat and the back will be assured and will guarantee its lifespan.

What leather to choose for a sofa and an aviator club chair?

The famous club chair is made entirely of leather. It is part of the family of Aviator Canapés aged and patinated. He made his first appearance in France towards the end of the 19th century, and then he began to conquer more and more the French and the English. This material is the key element that makes all the quality of this seat. The choice of the latter is thus a very important phase, since your comfort is assured by this element.

 Canapé aviateur en aluminium et simili cuirFauteuil club aviateur en cuir style vintage 

The different leathers

Generally, there are three kinds of leather for the club chair. These materials can go very well with the other sofas.

Aged leather: This type of leather will give your leather aviator chair a vintage and chic style. The older the leather, the more confirmed its quality. As a result, its value is becoming more and more priceless. This is why this kind of sofa was only accessible by the wealthy.

Full-flower leather: This kind of material ensures that you feel perfectly well while sitting on your chair. It is rather at the touch that comfort you will be guaranteed. However, maintenance is required for this material.

Corrected full-flower leather: specific treatments were needed for the design of this type of leather.

This chair has many advantages, such as resistance. Leather is a resistant element, even if your cat or dog tries to scratch them, it will resist, and even their bad smell is not absorbed by this material.

Canapé cuir et aluminium aviateur

What vintage aviator chair for your sofa?

This couch is the perfect part of adding a touch of vintage to your home. Its choice is based on different criteria: comfort, seating, colour and design. These are the main essential points to consider before buying your sofa with riveted aluminum plates.

Always fashionable, vintage, modern or classic, the criteria of choice of this chair were revealed to you.

Determine the color of the aviator chair is an essential point as it will determine the objects that will accompany it, such as the coffee table. So if you choose a black leather aviator chair, you will choose a sofa of the same color.

Some people appreciate the comfort of velvet more than leather. While others will only buy PVC coatings that mimic animal skin for ethical reasons. It is true that leather imitations are now very successful and perfectly take the touch and comfort of the patinated brown leather as the patinated grey leather.

Where to buy an aviator sofa?

This type of furniture is still available on the market at the moment. Indeed, thanks to the high-quality materials with which manufacturers have designed it, today's generations consider its value.

For an old aviator sofa, you will have to turn to antique dealers specialized in the sale of aeronautical furniture, but there are also designers who use these materials in their creations, in these two choices, you will usually have to pay several thousand euros.

That's why many distributors still present this product. There are sales rooms that include the aviator sofa in these sales products, there are also merchants who sell them online.

The choice to buy a new living room set that takes this inspiration by imitating the riveted plates of aircraft and arguably the best choice, so for a price of 200 to 1000 euros you can buy a sofa and very comfortable and new aviator chairs.