The Chesterfield sofa is a piece of furniture of great elegance that won the hearts of many families. Available in different models, they will refresh your interior. Which model to turn to? This little guide will give you all the information you need.

The English style sported by the chesterfield sofa

The Chesterfield sofa was strongly influenced by the retro English style dating back to the 17th century. This piece of furniture takes its name from the Chesterfield account which had the idea to create a new range of Chesterfield sofas custom made for all interior styles.

So far, this seat is the benchmark in terms of vintage furniture. Similar to the décor of the old classical baroque salon, it can be covered with luxury materials such as velvet and leather. They will add value to your home.

To provide incredible comfort, vintage Chesterfield sofas are padded with hair, silk stuffing, polyester foam or goose feathers. Thanks to its extraordinary charm, it will add a touch of elegance to your interior. In addition, unique decorations will allow you to create a warm atmosphere.

Be aware that English-style sofas come in many forms. A wide range is available. Give your home a stamp with an old sofa.

How do you recognize an authentic old Chesterfield sofa? Its armrest, arms, seat and curves are much more neat than counterfeits. Indeed, you must pay attention to its finish.

The different models of Chesterfield sofa

Chesterfield chairs are trendy pieces that have marked 18th century history. They can be installed in your living room or in your offices. It's a chic and classy addition to your apartment.

2 or 3 places

Chesterfield 2 or 3 three-seater sofas are a must-have in terms of comfort furniture. Its perfectly neat curves will seduce you.

In general, this model is designed with a unique design. Indeed, it has a noble fabric coating such as velvet, linen and silk. The classic British style of Chesterfield 2 or 3-seat furniture has been revisited over the years.

They are available in several dimensions, but the 80 cm high and 220 cm is the most coveted. Their 57 cm high seating will give you unparalleled comfort. Let yourself be lulled by the elegance and finesse of the shape of vintage furniture.

Also be aware that British Chesterfield 2 or 3-seater furniture embodies simplicity. Manufacturers often use neutral colours such as white, case white, grey and taupe. As a result, they easily adapt to your decorating style.

This model is available in shops and online stores. Remember that some shops offer a guaranteed period.


It's a décor recommended for lovers of high-end sofas. Indeed, they are padded with very good quality materials such as polyurethane, polyester, cotton and faux leather. This is the benchmark when it comes to corner sofa.

In addition, the faux leather is an easy-to-maintain component. To do this, you only have to apply cleaning products such as beeswax. This is the perfect living room if you have young children. Moreover, leather is a material that does not risk deteriorating over time. You'll be quiet for a few years.

These types of sofas can be installed in your living room as well as in a living room. When shopping, you can choose from a brown leather Chesterfield sofa and a black model. With their unique designs, you'll get a glimpse of an elegant décor.

In order to ensure buyer satisfaction, some stores offer a delivery service.


It is a model of a sofa in padded velvet in noble fabric (lin and silk). The velvet padded will add a majestic touch to your home. The model has a long size: 220 cm, for example, is among the best sales of the year. It can sit there for up to 6 people. Its arms and padded seats with polyurethane will give you a better experience. Nothing beats a well-decorated and comfortable home. Moreover, there is a range of velvet corner sofas that will bring your home to life.

However, velvet is a coating that retains dust. As a result, it requires regular specific maintenance. In case of neglect, cleaning can lead to indelible stains.

If you have young children in your home, we advise you to direct your choice to the corner sofas in faux leather in grey, black or brown color. Be aware that leather is an easy material to maintain. The stains take off easily without leaving any scars to your furniture. To do this, use specific cleaning products for leather.

Thanks to its unique and original design, you will have something to innovate within your apartment.

Chesterfield sofas made of fabric

This model has marked the history of Chesterfield sofas and armchairs. They are easy to maintain and are not likely to deteriorate anytime soon. Very trendy, it is an essential element that will illuminate your apartment. It can also be placed in your office as well as in your living room.

You will have the opportunity to create a world dating back to the 18th century. Its delicate curves will arouse the curiosity of your guests. This furniture will contribute to the addition of personality to your home.

In addition, the Chesterfield chair and chair are the benchmark in terms of microfiber seats.

The Chesterfield convertible sofa

The Breton convertible chesterfield sofa is a special piece of furniture. The 207 x 80 x 70 cm model, for example, is equipped with a RENATOSINI opening and closing system. To give it more robustness, manufacturers design it using noble wood (pine, rosewood) and iron plates.

Indeed, the convertible padded sofa can carry a load of 185 kilos or more. Some studios offer a variety of forms. You can choose between 2 or 3-seater convertible sofas.

To provide more comfort, the seller offers a polyurethane foam seat with a density of 35 kg/m3. You will have the opportunity to enjoy your weekend on luxury furniture. In fact, it has a mattress that is 16 cm thick.

Before activating the RENATOSINI opening and closing system, we advise you to remove your duvet. Then apply a little pressure to both sides of the mattress. In order to reduce the mechanical noise that can emanate from the sofa, you must apply a lubricating bomb monthly.

The Baroque Chesterfield Sofa

It is an old British sofa model inspired by the Baroque current. It is marked by the simplicity of its finish. Indeed, baroque furniture is devoid of ornament.

Recognized for their neutral colours such as brown, taupe, beige, white and off-white, they easily adapt to the colours of your walls. In general, they are coated with faux padded leather and luxury fabric such as linen and silk. They will give a sophisticated look to your interior.

How much is the price of Chesterfield corner sofas?

Estimating the price of an antique piece of furniture is not an easy task. It can vary depending on the quality, colour and number of seats. Do you want a more accurate estimate? Check out the comparison sites. On the face of it, they offer prices according to your requirements. You will have the opportunity to consider your budget. Htdeco offers a wide range of Chesterfield armchairs aviator style.

Currently, some shops offer discount offers of up to 20 per cent that can benefit you.

The Chesterfield aviation sofa

It is a model inspired by the siege of airmen during the Second World War.

How do I recognize a Chesterfiel aviator sofa?

Be aware that the aviation chairs are slightly rounded like a cocoon. It will keep your spine straight. Besides, it will add a touch of vintage to your decoration. Thanks to its padded seat in brown or black leather, it will see perfectly to your decorative style.

So far, there are two categories of aviator sofa:

Leather and wood air sofas and armchairs as well as metal and leather sofas and armchairs. The latter is the most resistant, because it can withstand a load of several people seated. The foam that makes up its base can have a density of 35 kg/m3. You will have time to rest in a comfortable and soothing seat.

For 2 seats, we recommend the purchase of Chesterfield aviation 2-seater sofas of L157 x P80 x H72 cm and whose seat thickness is 35 kg/m3. It can be installed in both an office and your modern-style living rooms.