Baroque sofa in solid wood carved Italian style

When looking to add a beautiful baroque italian solid wood sofa to your home, you may want to consider a Turri, Lacca Povera or Queen Anne room. These pieces are known for their intricate and brilliant designs and are often found in beautiful homes around the world.

Baroque sofa in Italian solid wood

This baroque sofa set in Italian solid wood consists of a luxury sofa, a living room with a coffee table and two side baroque armchairs. Each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen. This sofa set is made of solid wood and is carved with ethnic designs. It is ideal for large living rooms.

This sumptuous sofa was carved in Italy about 60 years ago. It still has its original crackling paint and burnished gold finish. The sofa has recently been upholstered with zippered seat cushions. The richly carved frame features elegant baroque motifs and deep carved shells. It is about six feet tall, 10 inches wide and 41 inches tall.

Canapé baroque Italien en bois doré

Gilded wood

This baroque sofa made of carved Italian solid wood is a wonderful addition to any living room. This set includes a 3-seater sofa, a lounge chair and a rectangular coffee table. Each piece is made of solid wood and is adorned with gold leaf for an elegant look. This set is a perfect choice for a large living room.

The rich and elaborate baroque sofa was carved in Italy about 60 years ago. It features an original crackling paint and a burnished gold finish. The new upholstered sofa cushions feature zipped seat cushions. The frame is carved with flexible patterns and deep carved shells, and it measures 6 10 wide, 40 deep and 41 high. The seat cushions are 18 high.

Furniture in the Baroque style is often elaborate, with ornamentation based on oval shapes and intricate wood carving. At the end of the seventeenth century, Italian craftsmen began to move away from this style in favor of more basic and simple designs, and rationalized the lines and shapes of furniture. Baroque furniture featured delicately carved and painted wooden surfaces, finely cut velvet, and marble table slabs adorned with mosaic motifs.

The Butterfly collection offers a full range of classic Italian furniture in various styles and designs. The sofas are a three-seater, a two-seater and a sofa bed. These products can be ordered in different furnishing materials, such as real leather. They are customizable in finishes, including deep buttons on the backrest.

Lacquered wood

The Lacca Povera process was developed as a cheaper alternative to Chinese makeup artists. This process produced items with a slightly rustic feel, artisans and artisans, unlike the more formal chinoiseries. His unique process was to apply the lacquer not to a piece of paper but to the prepared surface of the object. Often this process was done by hand by a craftsman.

Lacca Povera's process incorporated several methods, including engraving and cutting hands, as well as painting. The result was a rich, hand-painted surface that was covered with layers of varnish to protect the design. Moreover, this process is known as Lacca Contrafatta in England.

Although it is not as expensive as Chinese lacquer, this technique is very decorative and is ideal for a home. Pieces of this style do not have the formality of Chinese decorative work, but still possess the elegance of their inspiration. What's more, they also tend to be more stable and durable, making them a valuable investment.

The Queen's furniture

If you want to give your living room a distinctly European feel, you should look at a solid wood sofa, with a baroque design. Made by Italian manufacturers, these pieces feature intricate details in the form of deaf relief sculptures. The solid wood used for the sofas is decorated with gold leaf, which is an extra touch. It's a beautiful set that would look fantastic in any living room.

The magnificent baroque style of this Italian sofa is characterized by its dramatic and theatrical quality. It has an upper section with glass doors and flared sides. It also features a bearded atlas on top, which shows Gianlorenzo Bernini's influence on the decorative arts of the time. Other features of the Baroque style include the putti gambade and the contrasting walnut and gilded surfaces.

After the Renaissance, the Baroque style was popular in Italy, where it became an important part of Italian art. However, it was not until the middle of the seventeenth century that furniture manufacturers in Italy began to integrate style into their rooms. In the 1700s, Italian craftsmen began to break away from the rest of Europe. French craftsmen were already embarking on their Rococo phase, while Italian furniture manufacturers began to simplify the design process. Often, elaborate scrolling and intricate carvings were exchanged for geometric designs and fine cut velvet. The addition of marble table tops is also characteristic, as is the use of mosaic-type techniques like Pietra Dura.

The original owner of this sofa bought it in the late 1700s. It was made in Piemont, Italy. It is a fine example of the Baroque style, and is decorated with floral emblems and leaves of Acanthus. It is padded in the brocade of blue silk. Its distinctive design is reminiscent of the furniture found in Floridas Audubon House and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

This piece is highly customizable, making it one corner baroque sofa for a large room. You can choose to add your personal touch by choosing from a range of materials and upholstery fabrics. This sofa is also available as a sofa bed. This versatile room is ideal for a family room or living room.