For a luxurious and chic interior, the baroque sofa will be your best ally. With their very old design, but is no less trendy, this piece of furniture from the last century is as successful today.

Just take a look at the photos that adorn the homes of interior design enthusiasts to know that the style has reached its peak. If the followers of total look dare to bet on antique furniture to highlight the cozy cocoon, the most daring do not hesitate to mix modernity and tradition to play a little with the contrast. It remains to choose the baroque louis XV style sofa that suits you the most.

An old sofa, but with comfort

While the Scandinavian and industrial style is beginning to be popular in recent years, the Baroque decorative style has always been. Indeed, it has its roots around the 17th century in Italy first, then gradually spread throughout Europe.

At present, its popularity is increasing more and more and the enthusiasm of households for this style is gaining momentum. This concerns the bed, side tables, sideboards, dressers, but especially baroque two- or three-seater sofas. The style is easily recognizable by furniture with sinuous lines, accentuated by curves and volutes. Thanks to this very singular design, the sofa does not fail to add a little cachet in your living room.

The Baroque style is therefore very old, but far from being less comfortable. The truth is that it allows great comfort whether because of the well-thought-out backrest or because of its wide seats. This comfort is also played out in the choice of the covering material which can be in red or black velvet fabric, imitation leather or cotton. Leather is without context the noble coating par excellence, but it also has a negligible advantage in terms of comfort. Nothing like a big one antique baroque sofa leather to let yourself be cuddled by the leather after a long day. To this are added other qualities such as elegance, resistance, warmth, etc. The fact that the sofa is soft while being firm is perfect for this comfort.

But this does not mean in any way that the baroque sofa made of black velvet fabric and solid wood is less comfortable. Made of wool, mohairs, synthetic fibers, or microfiber, this coating solution offers you a touch that is both soft and soft. In any case, cotton and linen are no less interesting either.

The luxury baroque sofa Italian style

Since the revival of baroque-style gilded wooden sofas, they can be found everywhere online and in physical stores. We are talking here about a baroque sofa proper, but also a classic luxury corner sofa that allows a contemporary baroque interior design. These sofas do not fail to add a little pep's in your interior by inviting the luxury and refined Italian style reminiscent of the prestigious castles in the time of Louis XVI at the best price.

Italian Baroque furniture has always been a must to create an elegant decoration in your home with its well-thought-out upholstery and custom covers. This peculiarity allows the sofa to better adapt to the trend of classic luxury decoration as well as to the baroque but modern interior design. Note that it is also the baroque style of furniture prized by luxury hotels. Just trust an expert shopkeeper or cabinetmaker who will accentuate the sinuosity of the antique sofa to create a baroque style furniture, but embellished with a modern touch. With a mastered know-how, you will have a magnificent corner sofa, two-seater sofa or three that will not fail to attract the attention of your guests with elegance. After all, the baroque sofa remains a number one when it comes to bringing a glamorous touch to its interior.

A hand-carved wooden sofa for a chic décor

If the baroque sofa is so singular, it is above all thanks to its perfectly worked woods. These carved woods are most often covered with gilding. Thus, you will be able to vary the patterns and characteristics of the baroque sofa to match your personality and desires. In any case, volute and asymmetrical curves are the most common, although shredded leaf or flower patterns are also very trendy. The same goes for the raised foot pattern.

Typical of the pure Rococo style, these sofas are made with solid wood that the cabinetmaker later decorated with hand carving. With such a manufacturing process, the chair becomes a work of art in its own right. Moreover, what makes the baroque chair special is that it is upholstered on a structure, especially solid wood, with a very old but elegant style. Thus, you have every chance of coming across furniture with solid beech frames, elegantly assembled in the traditional way. You will have a sofa with the signatures of a professional sculptor and a master upholsterer. In addition to the question of design and aesthetics, the furniture with old-fashioned solid wood frames guarantees great strength, a very acceptable longevity as well as durable seats.

At the moment, we find the old baroque sofa, that is to say the authentic straight out of italian castles only among antique dealers and collectors of antique objects. It becomes rarer then and this is not without impact on the price. On the other hand, you can find models inspired by the baroque style everywhere and at a clearly affordable price. The good news is that this allows you a wide choice in colors, in material for the coating, but especially in wood. You are thus entitled to enter a solid piece of furniture made of mahogany wood, rosewood, ebony wood, etc. In short, a piece of furniture that looks more like you to give a new life to your decoration.

How many seats for your rococo sofa?

Among the criteria that you need to take into account when choosing your baroque sofa is its size. To avoid choosing a model that is too large or too small, start by evaluating this detail. Logically, the space intended to accommodate the sofa is to be defined in the first place before going in search of his favorite online or in physical shops. But then, what place do you have at home? And above all, how is the configuration of your living room?

If you have a small living room, a small white baroque sofa and carved wood is in order to preserve visual harmony. But if you have a large room, anything goes. However, no official rule exists in terms of dimensions. Everyone is free to integrate any baroque sofa into their home, if that is their wish. On the other hand, it is important to dwell on the number of seats in order to increase the impression of conviviality at home. Sofa 2 places? 3 seats? Or more? It's up to you to see if you should opt for a baroque corner sofa in imitation leather. It is the best choice moreover if you are used to welcoming a lot of people at home, you can complete it with a coffee table.

Anyway, we must admit that the emblematic baroque sofa has 2 seats. This is the right choice if you are very demanding when it comes to authenticity. It is also perfect for stylishly complementing a living room set with matching models.