A Tiffany lamp is a really beautiful object. Dating back to the Art Nouveau movement at the beginning of the 20th century.

These lamps and fixtures with extraordinary decorations are today pieces of art of great value. They are the creation of Louis Comfort Tiffany jrons of the founder of Tiffany and Co., Charles Lewis Tiffany. Who had strayed from the family business to become one of the most important artists and designers of the Art Nouveau movement.

What materials are used to assemble a quality Tiffany lamp?

Tiffany vintage Lys flower lamp

The blue Tiffany lamp

Tiffany woman lamp

The vintage lights of the Glasgow series

Where to buy a beautiful Tiffany lamp online ?

It is not always easy to buy a Tiffany lamp, to buy a quality light, it is important to know the materials it is made of and the method of assembling the stained glass.

Materials and manufacture of vintage Tiffany lamps?

Born in New York into a family of great luxury jewellers, Tiffany had the opportunity to travel from an early age. His first moment of inspiration was a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 1865, where he discovered bright colours obtained through the glassworks of antiquity.

Twenty years later, he opened Tiffany Studios, a glass workshop that quickly became known through a series of high-profile works, notably for the Lyceum Theater in New York and the White House in Washington.

Thanks to his early exposure to decorative arts from around the world, his creations have been inspired by global sources such as the design of Persian glass, the stained glass windows of the Gothic movement and other elements of Asian and European crafts.

Tiffany lamp materials

Tiffany lamps contained coiled bronze threads and blown glass (a term Tiffany himself coined) that "reflected the cultural fascination with exoticism. From the late 1890s to the 1920s, Tiffany Studios produced mosaic glass lampshades (some of which are classified as slag glass), which had geometric and floral motifs.

  • The geometric patterns evoked the vast "Arts and Crafts" movement that defined the turn of the 20th century.
  • Nature-inspired motifs were aligned with the Art Nouveau movement, a style that punctuated the art, architecture, advertising and design of the turn of the century.

Handmade by Tiffany and Co in the style of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the iconic stained glass windows, lampshades, lamps and window panels have been created by welding small pieces of coloured glass to produce individual and enchanting objects.

Louis Comfort Tiffany was not only an artist, he was also a wise businessman and a visionary, he took advantage of new technologies and quickly understood the usefulness of the light bulb, he was convinced of it after meeting Thomas Edison in 1884.

A Tiffany stained glass blind

Tiffany has hired some of the best craftsmen in the United States to realize its aesthetic vision in leaded blinds. The manufacturing process was laborious. Any section of glass, no matter how small, was carefully selected from the thousands of sheets made available to the men and women who worked in the cutting services. The most aesthetic shades have a perfect harmony of the variety of colors and present quite subtle tones, even in complex patterns.

Collectors now agree that the artists and designers who developed Tiffany's iconic lampshades have created a design work in lighting that is second to none in the modern era.

The value of the original Tiffany lamps

The real Tiffany lamps were manufactured between 1890 and 1930 and their value can range from 4,000 to more than one million euros. The most expensive Tiffany lamps sell for more than one million euros.

The highest price to date for a Tiffany lamp was reached at Christie's auction in the United States in 1997 at $2.8 million.

Replicas of authentic Tiffany lamps

A hundred years after their creation, replicas of Tiffany lamps are mass produced in countries such as China, India and Vietnam. Modern production methods use industrial water-jet machines to cut pieces of glass into large stained glass sheets. The shards are then hand-made by workers trained in the design of factory decorations. But the assembly of the stained glass cannot be done by machines, so the glasses are assembled by hand as in the past according to the technique of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Because the production of reproductions is of high quality, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a "real" Tiffany lamp and the much more recent "false" lamps, which can give fans of authentic Tiffany lamps a real headache.---

If you are an investor in the field of old lighting, it is therefore necessary to be particularly vigilant and attentive in order to spot a false lamp. Keep in mind a few useful points:

  • If that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • You get what you're worth.

If you want to get an authentic Tiffany lamp for your home or art collection, you need to know it. Learn as much as you can about the time, lamps, manufacturers and production methods. Read the information on the subject and learn about the main features of the original Tiffany lamps and how to buy one.

Below is our selection of the best reproductions of vintage Tiffany lamps.

Tiffany lily flower lamp

Vintage lily flower Tiffany lamp

This table lamp, which retails for 45 euros in the shape of a lily flower, is a great way to enhance your décor. The lamp's lampshade enjoys the beauty of the blue stained glass window. It's perfect for a bedside, dining room, living room or sophisticated seating area.

You will notice that each piece of glass is very well welded when you look closely at the blind. There are many types of beautiful glass jewelry on the shade, which gives it an incredible appearance when the light beam passes through.

  • The base of the lamp, with its leaf pad and flower stem, makes it very elegant.
  • The base of the lamp has a very smooth and durable finish.
  • By day, this lamp is a beautiful work of art in your home, even if it is not lit during. At night, you will notice the difference in color between the lamp on and off. You will certainly receive many compliments when you get it.

Each piece of glass is cut by hand, then the edge is polished before wrapping the copper sheet. Pieces of glass of different shapes are assembled according to the model. The edges of the glass piece are then welded together to ensure a good hold.

Blue Tiffany table lamp

blue Tiffany lamp

This vintage table lamp with double blue iris lighting will embellish any home with its pretty hues. Two traction chains and a rotating cord switch allow the use of one or more main bulbs or the baselight. The lampshade made of artistic glass is assembled according to the Copperfoil technique.

This gorgeous 69-plus Tiffany lamp with a dark blue and yellow design is perfect for anywhere in the house and adds real elegance and style.

You'll find a wide selection of Tiffany table lamps, many of which are matched with Tiffany fixtures, for every room in your home. You'll also find Tiffany lamps in traditional styles inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany's original works, as well as many new favorites and stained glass lamp themes.

Traditional Tiffany table lamps include Dragonfly lamps, Mission - Arts and Crafts lamps, Fish Scale lamps, Victorian lamps and more.

All these Tiffany table lamps will illuminate your living space with a beautiful range of colors and warmth.

Tiffany lamp woman

Vintage Tiffany woman lamp

The Tiffany lamp for sale 108 euros with a woman holding a torch is a European classic and an excellent accessory for the office or home. Its unique decoration and design make it an ideal object of conversation.

This unique brushed brass table lamp is made in the liberty style with the stem representing a woman. The upper part is multicolored Tiffany glass, rich in orange and purple primroses with green leaves on a white base.

  • It is an object of considerable value and know-how, entirely handmade.
  • It is an elegant and at the same time colorful and imaginative addition to enrich your environment with colors.
  • It is an object of priceless value and of great craftsmanship that is inevitably noticeable.

The lamp is equipped with an electrical system compliant with EC standards with a large E27 connection of up to 60 watts. The effect of light is surprising and will leave your guests speechless.

The Tiffany women's lamp can be used as a lamp to be placed on the bedside tables to give a touch of class to the room, but it can also be placed on any piece of furniture or shelf in your home, restaurant, office, hotel.

This lamp has a very large presence. It can therefore be used to decorate and furnish in style a space (the bedroom, the living room, the office, etc.).

Vintage Tiffany fixtures from the Glasgow collection

Vintage Tiffany lights

If you are looking for a unique room to incorporate into your living room or bedroom, the best solution is certainly one that will allow you to have a particular lighting. The Galsgow collection of Tiffany fixtures is composed of geometric lines, assembled with white glasses, including cloud ochres, yellow glasses and metallic decoration in the Art Deco style.

An Art Deco-style fixture is distinguished by its distinctive appearance, which is revealed over the seasons and years depending on the brightness. The design of the stained glass lamps was designed by designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, in collaboration with Clara Driscoll, its artistic director. Current belief attributes the origin of the stained glass windows on Tiffany lights to this one.

Today, Tiffany lights can be found in homes, offices and hotels. If you're looking for an elegant yet trendy fixture, the refined design of the Tiffany fixtures in the Galsgow collection makes them an excellent choice.

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