To perfect an interior decoration, one must pay special attention to the brightness. For this, you can choose between several types of lamps, whether it is attached to the ceiling or placed on the table.

As for the second category, the Tiffany table lamp is one of the best for interior decoration because of its style and structure. It is available in its old and modern form. The choice of one or the other will depend on your decorating style and your tastes. Learn more about the table lamp in the rest of this article.

What are Tiffany stained glass lamps?

The Tiffany lamp is easily recognizable by its stained glass lampshade, colorful style and lead join. It is a lamp to be installed that presents itself as a real work of art that is the basis of the American artist and glassmaker of the 1930s, Louis Comfort Tiffany.

This lamp is today one of the most beautiful lamps to be installed thanks to its colorful virals. It is equipped with LED lighting in daylight, a technology that brings something new to this lamp. It should also be noted that the appearance of the Tiffany lamp is in part thanks to the inventor of the E27 bulb, Thomas Edison.

For the record, the Tiffany lamp was made by a craftsman with multicolored stained glass and hand. The effect of the lampshade assembled with pieces of glass adds a sublime touch to the lamp. The base of the lamp is not also left without care. Precisely sculpted, it can take different forms of elements of nature such as trees, branches, birds, etc. The former designers of this type of lamp had understood very early on the importance of the reproduction of the elements of nature and the message that this could convey.

Over time, Tiffany's fixtures evolve and begin with dual lighting. Some models of this lamp have lighting at the base and lighting under the shade. This dual lighting model showcases the style of the lighting. It is also one of the most used Tiffany-style lamp models.

What's the difference between an old and modern Tiffany table lamp?

In general, the lamps that are marketed on the internet today are copies, perfect reproductions of the original Tiffany lamp.

The reproduction is a legal copy of the lamp created by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Indeed, the different models created by the manufacturer can be reproduced following the same principle and style. However, you have the opportunity to distinguish the true from the copy through the details of the lamp.

The copy of the Tiffany lamp is usually assembled in glass. It is therefore difficult to differentiate the old model from the modern on this basis. However, if you can't tell if it's glass or plastic, you can use a needle by heating it with a red flame. Then place the needle on the stained glass window and check if it manages to pass through it. If so, it is plastic, otherwise you are dealing with glass.

This could be a good technique to check the type of lamp if you find for example a Tiffany lamp in your father's attic.

To check if the Tiffany lamp is an old lamp, you can check the following checklist:

  • Does the lamp have plastic or textile wires?
  • Is the base made of resin or metal?
  • Is the socket made of plastic or ceramic?

A modern lamp has wires, a resin or metal base and a plastic socket. In other cases, you are in front of a real treasure and have in your possession the famous original Tiffany lamp.

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What price for a new Tiffany lamp?

The purchase of an original Tiffany lamp can cost several thousand euros, as no model of this lamp is available for less than 10,000 euros. But Tiffany produces almost no more lamps and the old models available are now more than 100 years old. Most of these lamps are no longer on the market, but are exhibited in museums in the United States.

However, you have the option to buy a reproduction of this lamp at a price within everyone's reach. The price depends on the site on which you want to make the purchase, as most of the Tiffany lamps that are marketed are sold online. It should also be noted that several other factors influence the cost of the lamp, be it its size, its model, its style and the amount of glass it has.

Moreover, it is possible to set a minimum price below which it is not easy to find a new Tiffany lamp, so it is necessary to provide about 100 euros or more. You can buy directly on our website which makes you benefit from the best rates, you can also buy your Tiffany lamp on amazon where we are present.

To pay even less, you can buy your used Tiffany lamp, however please check the condition of the stained glass window on site before purchase.

The old lamps

ancient lamps are antiques, they are rare so expensive. To buy a consult a specialized antique dealer, can provide you with a certificate of authenticity. Auctions are a good solution, it is possible to make good deals, but often the original lamps are expensive and prices can soar, so it is important to control your budget.

For purists, antique lamps generally have sentimental value. Very often used for vintage decoration, it is invited as lighting and decorative objects in its own right.

They are available in different forms, but you always have to be careful to distinguish the old from the copy. The original Tiffany lamps are of great value and can sell for several thousand euros. For this, do not hesitate to take the advice of an expert of ancient objects.