For their particularly imposing style, the old baroque consoles of the 1500s to 1700s continue to make a name for themselves. They come in many forms, made of different materials and are now superb decorative elements. But that's not all there is to know about these masterpieces

17th century solid wooden console

Old consoles have an iron reputation in the history of furniture. Solid wood ones with particular designs, are available in different forms and depending on the configuration, can be used for several purposes.

For this purpose, one distinguishes baroque consoles of entry, those used as table or adapted for the rooms. These different possible arrangements of the console, give a special interior decoration to the house.

Shapes and sculptures

As for the shape and sculpture of an old console, the list is exhaustive. However, one can allude to:

  • The baroque wall console in the shape of a circle arch: since the 1600s, this shape existed and could be arranged in the bedroom, at the entrance or in the living room. They could be footless, or have only one, two or three depending on its configuration. The sculpture, which is equally special, also differs depending on the artist. We can find those that bear in finish, designs in the shape of a leaf and oak.
  • The solid wood console in rectangular shape. This guy also made a name for himself before the 1500s. Since the 16th century it is a fairly well-known structure. It can be used in both the bedroom and the living room. Often equipped with a mirror, it sometimes serves as a bedside table. This type allows storage thanks to the drawers that some shapes have.
  • The hectic-shaped consoles: This shape is often very much spotted in the sculpture of ancient Rome. Its designers made it majestically and decoratively for various spaces. Thus, you can find consoles that date back to the 17th century both for the walls, as well as to simply pose in a corner or in the center of the room that will host it.

The gilded wooden console

With a charm and a very bright color, the golden wood consoles dating from the 17th century are numerous. If you want to have one, you can opt for:

  • Louis XIV's Circa console, made of gilded wood dating back to the 17th century. It has an eventful shape, and is made of an imposing sculpture involving plant leaves. Its wooden tray is painted in Italian style in imitation of marble, which gives it a very original appearance.
  • The pair of applique console: This one appeared at the end of the 17th century and is still relevant. Built of gilded wood, it has oak leaves on its finishes. And has wide volutes.
  • The mask-shaped wall console: made of gilded wood like all the others, it is 40 cm high and 43 wide. It is on the list of consoles from the time of Louis XVI. At the bottom, the console wears a mask and has a de-twisted cross-section.

The silver wooden console

This type is known to bring a more vintage look to its installation location. It is highly recommended for old houses, as it is a complementary element to the interior decoration. Some examples:

  • The Naples console: it is of Italian origin and dates from the end of the 17th century. With its good sculptural resolution, it is particularly sumptuous and serves as a decorative element. In its time, between the 17th and 18th centuries, it was one of the most sought-after royal furniture. It was a sign of prestige and nobility for its owners.
  • The baroque silver wood console with mirror: This is a console suitable for antique decorations, which is recommended to be placed in the rooms. Despite being made of wood, its bright silver frame makes its space shine.
  • The Louis XV silver baroque dresser: It's a wall console that fits on two feet. Since its appearance in the 1500s, it is highly appreciated by its users and is still relevant.

What is the price of an old baroque console?

As with many other vintage items, prices are very variable in the market of old consoles. So, to make a purchase, the amount to be paid will depend on the choice you make.

And given that collectibles are always more expensive than their modern counterparts, it is clear that you will always pay a little more to have a console from the 1500s to 1700s.

For example, for the Italian baroque snail, you will pay nearly 2600 euros. While you would need much less for a large modern console.

But you can find out which will cost you less between 700 and 6500 euros. So it all depends on your budget and your choice, on the origin, the time and the work done on the console.

Where to buy an old baroque console?

Today, everything is done online. Why not also a console purchase? There are platforms on the web that collect from old baroque consoles, which are responsible for marketing them.

To buy one, just go to the site that suits you, browse the offers and choose the item that interests you. Once the choice is made, place your order and you will receive it after a certain period of time depending on the availability of the product in your area.

On some sites like "EBay" there are used consoles that you can buy directly online. The "good corner" is also an alternative to buy vintage dressers.

Ancient baroque console

old baroque consoles are very attractive and when making the purchase, the multiplicity of designs they present can lead to confusion and make a bad choice. So not to regret your purchase, there are tips to put into practice to succeed in making a good choice.

What to consider when choosing a vintage console

To successfully select the vintage you need, you need:

  • Give your choice to the decorative aspect of your reception area: Vintages are in high demand, but difficult to harmonize. So, if you have an old house, you can easily select a type according to your preference. Otherwise, if you have no skills in interior design, you must seek the help of a professional. The latter will advise you according to the structure, size and style of your home.
  • Identify what the console will be used for and how often it will be used. If it will serve you to arrange a number of things, take one that will have the necessary space to make it. If you use it from time to time, select the appropriate height and size.
  • Consider the space reserved for it: Before focusing your interest on a dresser, make sure it is in tune with the space in which it will be placed. The size of the room, the quality of the linen and other furniture also count.
  • Assess the price: Vintages are by nature, expensive. So, even though you have set aside a good fortune to acquire it, you don't have to indulge in a risky choice at risk of paying more. Use your budget to determine the ideal price for the console you need, without forgetting the previous aspects. Once all these elements are taken into account, you will easily be able to choose the dresser that will suit you best.

The different uses of a baroque console

Depending on their layout, size and shape, baroque consoles can have several uses. They can be used as a tablet in a corner of the house. They are usually arranged in a hallway or at the entrance of the house, as they are very small and do not occupy much space.

They are therefore very useful in small houses. Often equipped with mirrors, they give an extra touch of decoration to its use space. Baroque dressers are also very useful in the rooms and can be used as a bedside table. In the bedroom the console is often used as a Baroque hairdresser.

Console and command

The baroque console is delicate furniture, often robust. When you plan to buy one, you should first think about the delivery process. Depending on where you buy your product, you can adjust all the parameters related to moving and installing your dresser.

For example, if it's a wall console, you should consider asking a professional to install it. Here are some directions on the steps to follow from ordering to installing your equipment.

  • Order your product: based on certain indications, choose the baroque console that fits your need. If you are on an e-commerce site, click add to the shopping cart and place the order. In the case of a physical purchase, order directly from the seller and take the next step.
  • Once the order is placed, you need to think about moving the dresser to your home. Generally, sellers take care of delivering you home, and charge these transportation costs on the total cost of the console. But when you take care of the purchase yourself, you can either carry the property with your vehicle, or seek the help of a professional carrier. It all depends on its volume and weight.
  • Unloading and installation: This item often does not charge a fee, because the carrier or delivery driver sent by the structure where you ordered, is in the 90% of cases, a professional, will deliver you at the foot of your home. Then you just have to install it yourself in the space reserved for this purpose. But if you're also a good handyman, you can do it yourself. Just be careful not to damage it. If the previous two cases are not possible, call a specialist. Only at this level will you need extra fees for installation.

Vintage consoles are luxury goods, available on different surfaces. Its acquisition can be easy or complex depending on the method you choose. But, whatever the case, take the trouble to study your need before choosing a particular type.